211 Commits (hardened/current/master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  wulf ae31772a2f iwmbtfw: Firmware loader for Intel Wireless 8260 based Bluetooth USB devices 11 months ago
  markj 9cea16db08 Remove cap_random(3). 11 months ago
  imp 0ea6c510f8 Remove NAND and NANDFS support 1 year ago
  delphij 82ddab3c34 Remove kgzip and kgzldr. 1 year ago
  emaste a783bd84b6 retire LINKER_FEATURES filter flag 1 year ago
  yuripv d641b0caff Add -b/-l options to localedef(1) to specify output endianness and use 1 year ago
  eadler fd9b0c98f8 send-pr: wave goodbye 1 year ago
  eadler 68e691b8b3 build: remove reference to some dead utilities 1 year ago
  imp cd812efb93 Remove special cases for armeb in the build. 2 years ago
  brooks 9fa168b01a Normalize the g(eom,cache,part,...) build. 2 years ago
  emaste f4adbc25a7 Remove obsolete asf(8) 2 years ago
  hselasky d1efa6e93f Add kernel and userspace code to dump the firmware state of supported 2 years ago
  bapt 2061b410c7 Remove libreadline from the source tree, all consumers but gdb 2 years ago
  bapt 50d352992c Remove gdbtui, it was already not installed on every arches 2 years ago
  eadler 017f633b70 Remove a reference to burncd 2 years ago
  bdrewery 02d50608ac Disconnect OFED after r326169 broke all DIRDEPS support for it. 2 years ago
  kib 768f1c3fe3 Remove xlint(1). 2 years ago
  imp 433bd38e3a Move sys/boot to stand. Fix all references to new location 2 years ago
  hselasky b909dfecb7 Remove no longer supported mthca driver. 2 years ago
  eadler 8a99a343ec Chase removal of pkg_* commands 2 years ago
  eadler 938f9362b7 badsect(8): case remaining element 2 years ago
  bdrewery 13d703bfa2 Fix nested MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX breaking various release/buildworld/toolchain targets. 2 years ago
  eadler 49b25a7eb2 chase removal of csup in r267863 from 2014.. 2 years ago
  bdrewery a633481633 Follow-up r325329: Store all WORLDTMP objects back in the same directory. 2 years ago
  bdrewery 99511af54a Reduce MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX path spam by specifying a direct objdir to use. 2 years ago
  bdrewery 4b29b42de0 Disconnect libpathconv tests since they require external perl and do not work with kyua. 2 years ago
  bdrewery a598c4b809 DIRDEPS_BUILD: Update dependencies. 2 years ago
  bdrewery a4164f0dcd DIRDEPS_BUILD: Connect new directories. 2 years ago
  bdrewery 153991f937 Properly connect tests. 2 years ago
  bdrewery 90862bcd3c Provide clang-rt for the clang toolchain as well. 2 years ago
  bdrewery 3b43566111 libdevdctl tests require an external port. 2 years ago
  bdrewery cce2993b16 Chase r315223: Disconnect ipftest/ipresend 2 years ago
  bdrewery 215c814ffa DIRDEPS_BUILD: libgcc now depends on MK_LLVM_LIBUNWIND 2 years ago
  bdrewery 33735863d8 Use more clear SRCTOP here. 2 years ago
  emaste 2a94b05200 clean up remnants of removed GPL software 2 years ago
  emaste aadab662b0 Remove additional groff leftovers (r319664) 2 years ago
  Shawn Webb fe4bb0104f
HBSD: Switch more utilities to the llvm toolchain 2 years ago
  mjg c8836df626 Whack procctl(8) 2 years ago
  gordon daef3d23e9 Deorbit catman. The tradeoff of disk for performance has long since tipped 2 years ago
  ngie 4f71bf034e Update targets/pseudo/tests/Makefile.depend after recent additions/subtractions 3 years ago
  kp 34cfc1e7ed pfctl parser tests 3 years ago
  bdrewery a1aacd79ff DIRDEPS_BUILD: Connect more libraries. 3 years ago
  bdrewery 5519b8ca7c Follow-up r318881: Disconnect groff documents. 3 years ago
  bdrewery ca54d3244c buildworld: Pass which world phase the build is in down to submakes. 3 years ago
  bdrewery 2e9b677df7 Enable llvm-objdump by default per r310775 3 years ago
  bdrewery a3c96a314a DIRDEPS_BUILD: Connect new directories. 3 years ago
  bdrewery c6a3dec42f Remove MK_MANDOCDB option missed in r315057 3 years ago
  ngie 3c80181803 META_MODE: add additional reachover relative paths to DIRDEPS_BUILD 3 years ago
  bdrewery 0dcf58d1d2 pwait: Add a -t flag to specify a timeout before exiting, and tests. 3 years ago
  np 8bbe5d5c15 Add cxgbetool(8) to the base system. 3 years ago