278956 Commits (hardened/current/master)

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  Shawn Webb df74e562ce
HBSD: Resolve merge conflict 4 hours ago
  Shawn Webb 44d7974262
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master 4 hours ago
  emaste f653158156 elf_common.h: define DF_1_PIE 7 hours ago
  emaste 21e287138d binutils: build as with BINUTILS || BINUTILS_BOOTSTRAP 8 hours ago
  markj 806af30461 certctl.8: Correct the HISTORY section. 8 hours ago
  markj 24b9391706 ctld: Fix a memory leak in uclparse_conf(). 8 hours ago
  emaste 83ac41aa80 Makefile.inc1: remove BINUTILS_BOOTSTRAP linker support 11 hours ago
  emaste 439871be2f Add deprecation notice to WITH_BINUTILS option description 11 hours ago
  emaste f64d7a38d6 Add deprecation notice to WITH_BINUTILS option description 11 hours ago
  emaste 895439a39a Disable BINUTILS by default on amd64 11 hours ago
  jilles 9a1cd36331 sh: Allow more scripts without #! 11 hours ago
  HardenedBSD Sync Service b62b6acc9c Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master 23 hours ago
  karels 82b2ae11e9 genet: workaround for problem with ICMPv6 echo replies 1 day ago
  karels f9c09aa267 genet: fix issues with transmit checksum offload 1 day ago
  dougm fde7a5e933 RB_REMOVE invokes RB_REMOVE_COLOR either when child is red or child is 1 day ago
  jhb 9bcf4bd8b0 Only build ipsec modules if the kernel includes IPSEC_SUPPORT. 1 day ago
  adrian 3d62c5b191 [run] Don't add 11ng channels (2GHz) for RF2020 1 day ago
  adrian dbc51ef655 [run] Set ampdu rxmax same as linux; RF2020 isn't an 11n NIC 1 day ago
  HardenedBSD Sync Service 61c6a60c7e Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master 1 day ago
  cem 83e0af4c93 geom_part: Dispatch to partitions to create providers and aliases 1 day ago
  jhb b06a2ee5eb Add opt_ipsec.h to fix standalone builds after r361633. 1 day ago
  jhb 006ae8b667 Consistently include opt_ipsec.h for consumers of <netipsec/ipsec.h>. 1 day ago
  jhb 26a2748834 Honor opt_ipsec.h from kernel builds. 1 day ago
  mav e15f709b6a Remove session locking from cfiscsi_pdu_update_cmdsn(). 1 day ago
  emaste 3ee1319267 regen src.conf.5 after BINUTILS changes 1 day ago
  emaste a26fefc11d Disable BINUTILS by default on i386 1 day ago
  HardenedBSD Sync Service 1c8f1fe085 Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master 1 day ago
  adrian 4368eee384 [run] Add initial 802.11n support. 1 day ago
  mav 2639cfbc04 Report STATUS_QUEUED/SENT in `ctladm dumpooa` output. 1 day ago
  ae d7e9bff26b Fix O_IP_FLOW_LOOKUP opcode handling. 1 day ago
  lwhsu 9b299f7159 Revert r361497, these cases are fixed by r361617. 1 day ago
  HardenedBSD Sync Service 70856eeeda Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master 1 day ago
  mjg aff3de2fe9 uma: hide item_domain under ifdef NUMA 1 day ago
  avg 41c3b8a6ad do not enable pci bridge decoding on resume until I/O windows are restored 1 day ago
  avg c44d9a48fc corefile_open_last: don't keep a locked vnode while locking other ones 1 day ago
  jhb ff11fae515 Increment the correct pointer when a crypto buffer spans an mbuf or iovec. 1 day ago
  HardenedBSD Sync Service 3144400293 Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master 1 day ago
  mav 4a6b9f51b9 Move EXPDATASN/R2TSN from PDU to CTL_PRIV_FRONTEND. 2 days ago
  jhibbits dce069b7cc powerpc: Stop advertising that POWER8 and POWER9 support HTM 2 days ago
  rmacklem 16329690e9 Oops two, missed syscall.mk as well. 2 days ago
  jhb f1e7e362cb Permit SO_NO_DDP and SO_NO_OFFLOAD to be read via getsockopt(2). 2 days ago
  adrian 4844f3575c [mips] fix up the assembly generation of unaligned exception loads 2 days ago
  rmacklem 0689663717 Oops, missed syscall.h and sysproto.h for r361602. 2 days ago
  mav 29ad1d9d09 Remove PDU_TOTAL_TRANSFER_LEN() macro. 2 days ago
  HardenedBSD Sync Service 0c44c84566 Merge branch 'freebsd/current/master' into hardened/current/master 2 days ago
  emaste 0445cbd6a8 rename in-tree libevent v1 to libevent1 2 days ago
  vangyzen a7eeb54937 Add an UPDATING entry for r360964 2 days ago
  vangyzen 9929bb91c4 Revert part of r360964 2 days ago
  mav 1f913b7a3f Make struct ctl_be_lun first element of struct ctl_be_*_lun. 2 days ago
  rmacklem dfa392d95b Add an entry to Symbol.map for the rpctls_syscall added by r361599. 2 days ago