537982 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  HardenedBSD Sync Service 35ef91b41a Merge remote-tracking branch 'freebsd/master' 5 hours ago
  tota fa8a5109b5 - Update to 0.3.8 5 hours ago
  pkubaj 3c07f70cef deskutils/nautilus-sendto: fix build on GCC architectures 5 hours ago
  pkubaj 72dcf0d0b9 mail/claws-mail-litehtml_viewer: fix build on GCC architectures 5 hours ago
  dinoex fecf7d129a - update to 8.16.1 5 hours ago
  demon 7d9f10ca83 Add missing p5-Locale-Codes dependency. 6 hours ago
  madpilot b1850ef1d4 Extend expiration date. 7 hours ago
  linimon 2087d99fcb Add compiler:c++11-lang to USES to fix build on GCC-based systems: 7 hours ago
  linimon d204bc275a Add compiler:c++11-lang to USES to fix build on GCC-based systems: 7 hours ago
  pkubaj cd8b30e289 graphics/elementary-photos: fix build on GCC architectures 7 hours ago
  zeising 96e4f6c7ac add new port devel/libffi321 8 hours ago
  danfe 986a6373ff - Update `textproc/dikt' to version 2s4 8 hours ago
  se 966bf6a58f Add es_ES.ISO8859-15 message catalog. 9 hours ago
  se 849f345c63 Update to version 3.1.0 9 hours ago
  yuri 3d9a638395 cad/netgen-lvs: Update 1.5.148 -> 1.5.149 10 hours ago
  yuri a8173d9c98 deskutils/terminal-image-viewer: Update 1.0.0-50 -> 1.1.0 10 hours ago
  yuri 122247cf32 science/py-chempy: Update 0.7.11 -> 0.7.12 10 hours ago
  naddy f4d0f1fd1a Use the libtool script from devel/libtool. 10 hours ago
  lwhsu 0c1557b63e Update to 10 hours ago
  ehaupt c9eb4fbccf - Update to v0.4.3-11-g5e0e6ef 10 hours ago
  HardenedBSD Sync Service fcaa85d443 Merge remote-tracking branch 'freebsd/master' 11 hours ago
  fernape e34ba5ba89 misc/broot: Update to 0.18.3 11 hours ago
  jpaetzel e669945f26 Fix some regressions in the 1.18 reboot of development. 12 hours ago
  swills 34ec1e3343 sysutils/consul: update to 1.8.0 12 hours ago
  danfe fd3aae9e7f - Update to version 0.7 (fixes issue with Python 3.x) 13 hours ago
  tota 238b9d5e79 - Update to 3.99-0.4 13 hours ago
  nwhitehorn e4a3aef122 Now in Michigan. 13 hours ago
  brnrd 62d750aefb sysutils/py-rdiff-backup: Update to 2.0.3 13 hours ago
  brnrd e96c566c31 mail/nextcloud-mail: Update to 1.4.1 13 hours ago
  lwhsu 0c8043c0d4 Update to 0.22 14 hours ago
  danfe 6f65940eea - Remove defunct master site 15 hours ago
  danfe fd7481c499 Update NVidia Linux libraries to their latest versions (should've been 15 hours ago
  danfe 38901d4370 This Perl module provides string padding routines. 16 hours ago
  thierry e87a0123c6 Fix linkage on 11.3 i386. 16 hours ago
  mat 280dfd5c43 Fix overlays when using flavors. 16 hours ago
  blackend 8ad04c3956 Update to r54313 from the FreeBSD docset. 16 hours ago
  HardenedBSD Sync Service fadea73113 Merge remote-tracking branch 'freebsd/master' 17 hours ago
  lwhsu 639759626b Update to 0.14.0 17 hours ago
  lwhsu b3b91f4b79 Update to 0.26 17 hours ago
  danfe e56b66d9c5 - Update to version 3.3 17 hours ago
  lwhsu 8d40bd7935 Update to 0.9.82 17 hours ago
  amdmi3 d2fe35c8f7 - Add license 18 hours ago
  manu 86f03a3ee6 games/vvvvvv: Fix linking after sdl20 update 18 hours ago
  pkubaj 75970b4d65 lang/ecl: fix build on GCC architectures 18 hours ago
  gahr d1910a908e math/yacas: fix plist, pet portlint, bump PORTREVISION 18 hours ago
  gahr 04ebcbd36e math/yacas: update to 1.9.1 18 hours ago
  lwhsu 6a1909885c Update to 0.1.4 19 hours ago
  gerald 38d8b9dd4b Mark the STAGING option as broken - I reported this upstream and shared 19 hours ago
  netchild f157d81e4e - cleanup rc script 20 hours ago
  lwhsu f1989a681b Update to 0.7.4 20 hours ago