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  1. This file documents some of the problems you may encounter when upgrading
  2. your ports. We try our best to minimize these disruptions, but sometimes
  3. they are unavoidable.
  4. You should get into the habit of checking this file for changes each time
  5. you update your ports collection, before attempting any port upgrades.
  6. 20200930:
  7. AFFECTS: users of sysutils/syslog-ng32[789]
  8. AUTHOR:
  9. rc.conf variables syslog_ng_config and syslog_ng_pid have been replaced
  10. by syslog_ng_flags and syslog_ng_pidfile respecively, making them
  11. consistent with the rest of the ports tree. syslog_ng_config and
  12. syslog_ng_pid will continue to work until syslog-ng331 has been
  13. released and imported into ports.
  14. 20200924:
  15. AFFECTS: users of net/freeradius3, who need python support
  16. AUTHOR:
  17. FreeRADIUS 3.x currently uses python 2.7 for rlm_python support, which has
  18. been deprecated and will be removed from the tree at the end of this year.
  19. Starting in 3.0.21_2, the PYTHON option has been converted to use python 3.x.
  20. Users should verify their python scripts are 3.x compatible and upgrade to
  21. 3.0.21_2 (or higher) to bring in python 3.x support.
  22. 20200921:
  23. AFFECTS: users of databases/postgresql* and other software using PostgreSQL to run
  24. AUTHOR:
  25. The default version of PostgreSQL has been switched from 11 to 12.
  26. The upgrade procedure can use up twice the space the databases
  27. currently needs. If you have a big amount of stored data take a
  28. closer look at the manpage of pg_upgrade for avoidance and/or
  29. speedup of the upgrade.
  30. The upgrade instructions consider a basic usage and do not match
  31. complex scenarios like replication, sharding, or similar.
  32. Upgrade instructions:
  33. First stop your PostgreSQL, create PostgreSQL-binaries and backup your data.
  34. If you have another Version of PostgreSQL installed, for example 11.9, your
  35. files are named according to this.
  36. # service postgresql stop
  37. # pkg create postgresql11-server postgresql11-contrib
  38. # mkdir /tmp/pg-upgrade
  39. # tar xf postgresql11-server-11.9.txz -C /tmp/pg-upgrade
  40. # tar xf postgresql11-contrib-11.9.txz -C /tmp/pg-upgrade
  41. # pkg delete -f databases/postgresql11-server databases/postgresql11-contrib databases/postgresql11-client
  42. Now update PostgreSQL:
  43. pkg user:
  44. # pkg install databases/postgresql12-server databases/postgresql12-contrib
  45. # pkg upgrade
  46. Portmaster users:
  47. # portmaster databases/postgresql12-server databases/postgresql12-contrib
  48. # portmaster -a
  49. Portupgrade users:
  50. # portinstall databases/postgresql12-server databases/postgresql12-contrib
  51. # portupgrade -a
  52. After installing the new PostgreSQL version you need to convert
  53. all your databases to new version:
  54. # su -l postgres -c "/usr/local/bin/initdb --encoding=utf-8 --lc-collate=C -D /var/db/postgres/data12 -U postgres"
  55. # su -l postgres -c "pg_upgrade -b /tmp/pg-upgrade/usr/local/bin/ -d /var/db/postgres/data11/ -B /usr/local/bin/ -D /var/db/postgres/data12/ -U postgres "
  56. Now the migration is finished. You can start PostgreSQL again with:
  57. # service postgresql start
  59. 1) The default user changed from "pgsql" to "postgres" in 11. The migration steps above now assume
  60. the "postgres" database user and FreeBSD user.
  61. 2) See the updating entry 20190829 if you are updating from a release prior to 11.
  62. 3) If you use non-default initdb options, you have to adjust the initdb-command accordingly
  63. 20200918:
  64. AFFECTS: users of mail/thunderbird
  65. AUTHOR:
  66. Thunderbird has been updated to the 78esr series. Thunderbird will
  67. try to convert old profiles on first start, but conversion may fail
  68. especially on old profiles. Also, older versions of Thunderbird will
  69. not be able to use a profile once it has been converted. It is
  70. strongly recommended to move any ~/.thunderbird folder away before
  71. starting Thunderbird 78 for the first time, thus creating a new and
  72. empty profile.
  73. Also note that OpenPGP functionality has been integrated into Thunderbird,
  74. obsoleting the Enigmail extension.
  75. Check for details, and
  76. especially
  77. if your private key lives on a smartcard.
  78. 20200914:
  79. AFFECTS: users of lang/php72
  80. AUTHOR:
  81. The default version of PHP has been switched from 7.2 to 7.4.
  82. If you use binary packages you should make a list of php packages
  83. before running 'pkg upgrade':
  84. # pkg info php7\* > ~/installed-php-ports-list
  85. After the upgrade, check with such list if all your php extensions
  86. are still installed, and reinstall them if needed.
  87. If you use mod_php72 you need to deinstall it and install mod_php74.
  88. 20200811:
  89. AFFECTS: users of *-emacs26-* packages
  90. AUTHOR:
  91. With the release of Emacs version 27.1, the major version of editors/emacs has
  92. changed from 26 to 27. This means the names of some dependent packages have
  93. also changed, so simply running `pkg upgrade` will not upgrade foo-emacs26-x
  94. to foo-emacs27-x. To update these packages, run these commands with superuser
  95. privileges.
  96. Binary package users:
  97. # sh
  98. # for i in $(pkg query -g %n '*-emacs26*'); do \
  99. nn=$(echo "$i" | sed -e 's/emacs26/emacs27/'); \
  100. pkg set -yn "$i":"$nn"; \
  101. done;
  102. # pkg upgrade
  103. portmaster users:
  104. # portmaster -r emacs
  105. 20200803:
  106. AFFECTS: users of lang/perl5*
  107. AUTHOR:
  108. The default Perl version has been switched to Perl 5.32. If you are using
  109. binary packages to upgrade your system, you do not have anything to do, pkg
  110. upgrade will do the right thing. For the other people, follow the
  111. instructions in entry 20161103, it should still be the same.
  112. 20200726:
  113. AFFECTS: users of net-mgmt/librenms
  114. AUTHOR:
  115. The %%WWWDIR%%%/logs directory has been relocated to /var/log/librenms/
  116. via the APP_LOG directive in %%WWWDIR%%%/.env.example - this won't affect
  117. existing installs, but you are strongly encouraged to update your .env file
  118. settings and relocate your logs.
  119. Logs which were going to /var/log/messages and /var/log/librenms/ now only go
  120. to /var/log/librenms/
  121. 20200720:
  122. AFFECTS: users of net-mgmt/librenms
  123. AUTHOR:
  124. As mentioned previously in 20200503 polling via cronjob has been removed as of
  125. release 1.63 - see
  127. A database upgrade is required:
  128. cd /usr/local/www/librenms
  129. sudo ./lnms migrate
  130. You must migrate to the Dispatch Service:
  132. You may need to add LIBRENMS_USER to .env (see .env.example).
  133. These steps should get you running:
  134. * comment out the crontab entries listed above under PYPOLLER
  135. * populate %%WWWDIR%%/.env with:
  136. * APP_KEY - see farther below for how to create
  137. * NODE_ID - see just below for how to create
  138. * DB_HOST
  139. * DB_DATABASE
  140. * DB_USERNAME
  141. * DB_PASSWORD
  142. * you can create a NODE_ID with: php -r 'echo uniqid() . "\n";'
  143. * sysrc librenms_enable="YES"
  144. * service librenms start
  145. 20200719:
  146. AFFECTS: users of emulators/qemu
  147. AUTHOR:
  148. emulators/qemu has been updated to 4.2.1. Previous 4.1.X branch has
  149. been repocopied to emulators/qemu41. If someone wants to stick with 4.1.X
  150. branch please use one of the following command:
  151. # pkg install emulators/qemu41
  152. or
  153. # portmaster -o emulators/qemu41 emulators/qemu
  154. or
  155. # portupgrade -o emulators/qemu41 emulators/qemu
  156. 20200716:
  157. AFFECTS: users of shells/bash, shells/bash-static
  158. AUTHOR:
  159. In order to cleanly decouple bash from base, bash now reads `profile` from
  160. LOCALBASE/etc insead of from /etc. If you are using system wide bash
  161. configuration in /etc/profile please migrate to LOCALBASE/etc/profile
  162. # cp /etc/profile /usr/local/etc/profile
  163. or create a symlink
  164. # ln -s /etc/profile /usr/local/etc/
  165. If you encounter the following error, you may have the obsolete
  166. /lib/ lying around after an incomplete base update:
  167. Undefined symbol "rl_signal_event_hook" referenced from COPY relocation in /usr/local/bin/bash
  168. Please refer to to ( in the FreeBSD Handbook on how to
  169. safely check for outdated files and libraries:
  171. 20200713:
  172. AFFECTS: users of mail/php7[2-4]-imap
  173. AUTHOR:
  174. The imap module of PHP was compiled against cclient till now. But this lib is
  175. unmaintained for over 7 years. When combined with modern OpenSSL there are
  176. various crashes reported.
  177. Switching to the fork panda-cclient fixes these issues. Therefore we make the
  178. usage of Panda cclient the new default. If you want to use the old cclient,
  179. you need to enable it now!
  180. 20200616:
  181. AFFECTS: users of www/baikal
  182. AUTHOR:
  183. The www/baikal has been upated to 0.7.1. With the 0.7.0 release, our
  184. configuration format was updated to use YAML files. You need to go through
  185. the installer again but we pre-fill most values with the ones from your old
  186. installation. We recommend that you make a full backup of your data, as a
  187. safety measure. Starting with 0.7.0, Baikal stores data in both the Specific
  188. and the config folders. Keep this in mind when upgrading!
  189. Known issue:: Upgrading from versions older than 0.6.1 does not work.
  190. 20200613:
  191. AFFECTS: users of editors/libreoffice
  192. AUTHOR:
  193. LibreOffice was updated to 6.4 branch with some critical changes:
  194. - GTK2 option is obsolete by upstream
  195. - GTK3 option is not more set by default because of unstable yet and have visual glitches
  196. - QT5 option is set by default to provide comfy visual style for every user
  197. - KDE option was renamed to KF5 follows upstream
  198. Please re-run "make config" to pick up the new defaults
  199. 20200610:
  200. AFFECTS: users of www/node
  201. AUTHOR:
  202. The www/node port has been updated to Node.js v14.0.0, the latest
  203. upstream release. This is a major release, including many significant
  204. changes. Users are encouraged to read the release announcements before
  205. upgrading:
  207. 20200602:
  208. AFFECTS: users of www/radicale
  209. AUTHOR:
  210. Migration from radicale 1.x to 2.x requires that you export the storage
  211. with radicale 1.1.6 before updating.
  212. Migration instructions are available at:
  214. 20200602:
  215. AFFECTS: users of sysutils/py-salt
  216. AUTHOR:
  217. This port is moved to sysutils/py-salt-2019 and sysutils/py-salt was
  218. updated to version 3000.
  219. If you wish to use pysalt-2019 in the future, you might run the
  220. following command:
  221. # pkg set -o sysutils/py-salt:sysutils/py-salt-2019
  222. # pkg upgrade
  223. 20200531:
  224. AFFECTS: users of mail/postfix-policyd-spf-python
  225. AUTHOR:
  226. This port is now deprecated because upstream project is superseded by its
  227. successor. So uninstall this port and install mail/py-spf-engine instead.
  228. Keep in mind that the path of configuration file is changed from
  229. ${PREFIX}/etc/postfix-policyd-spf-python/policyd-spf.conf to
  230. ${PREFIX}/etc/python-policyd-spf/policyd-spf.conf. So you need to move
  231. it to new location unless you use the default one without changing.
  232. 20200526:
  233. AFFECTS: users of databases/mariadb104-client, databases/mariadb104-server
  234. AUTHOR:
  235. The ports now add sample configuration files to /usr/local/etc/mysql. You
  236. must merge your client configation with the conf.d/client.cnf and your
  237. server configuration with conf.d/server.cnf.
  238. 20200518:
  239. AFFECTS: users of converters/libiconv
  240. AUTHOR:
  241. Support for the Japanese specific patches have been discontinued.
  242. These were previously added in a nondefault ports options, for people who
  243. needed them.
  244. If you still need them, it might be possible to create a port of libiconv 1.14
  245. which includes those patches.
  246. 20200517:
  247. AFFECTS: users of x11/sddm
  248. AUTHOR:
  249. The home directory of sddm user has been moved to /var/lib/sddm. It is advised
  250. to run following commands as root after updating the package:
  251. # pw usermod -n sddm -d /var/lib/sddm
  252. # pwd_mkdb /etc/master.passwd
  253. # mv /usr/local/etc/sddm/home/state.conf /var/lib/sddm/state.conf
  254. # rm -rf /usr/local/etc/sddm/home
  255. Otherwise, SDDM will keep using /usr/local/etc/sddm/home/ as its HOME.
  256. 20200515:
  257. AFFECTS: users of devel/libphutil, devel/arcanist-lib, devel/phabricator
  258. AUTHOR:
  259. Upstream fully deprecated devel/libphutil and merged its functionality
  260. into devel/arcanist-lib and devel/phabricator. As a result, the
  261. devel/libphutil port will be removed from the ports tree.
  262. After upgrading devel/(arcanist-lib|phabricator) to version 20200514, it is
  263. recommended to remove the orphaned libphutil package by running:
  264. # pkg delete php\*-libphutil
  265. Alternatively, 'pkg autoremove' will also work as expected, but might
  266. remove orphaned packages unrelated to this update.
  267. 20200505:
  268. AFFECTS: users of net-im/pidgin-rocketchat
  269. AUTHOR:
  270. This port has been turned into a libpurple plugin (net-im/purple-rocketchat)
  271. to support other libpurple clients than pidgin.
  272. This also changes some dependencies and you should run the following command
  273. to prevent pidgin from being autoremoved.
  274. # mark pidgin as being not automatically installed
  275. pkg set -A 0 pidgin
  276. 20200504:
  277. AFFECTS: users of x11-wm/hs-xmonad
  278. AUTHOR:
  279. From now, it is recommended to use "build script" method to compile XMonad
  280. config. See for general info and
  281. port's pkg-message for concrete steps.
  282. 20200503:
  283. AFFECTS: users of net-mgmt/librenms
  284. AUTHOR:
  285. Polling via cronjob is deprecated as of release 1.63
  286. Please see
  287. Please migrate to the Dispatch Service:
  289. These steps should get you running:
  290. * comment out the crontab entries listed above under PYPOLLER
  291. * populate %%WWWDIR%%/.env with:
  292. * APP_KEY - see farther below for how to create
  293. * NODE_ID - see just below for how to create
  294. * DB_HOST
  295. * DB_DATABASE
  296. * DB_USERNAME
  297. * DB_PASSWORD
  298. * you can create a NODE_ID with: php -r 'echo uniqid() . "\n";'
  299. * sysrc librenms_enable="YES"
  300. * service librenms start
  301. 20200501:
  302. AFFECTS: users of www/phpmyfaq
  303. AUTHOR:
  304. phpMyFAQ has been updated to 3.0.2, old templates are not compatible with
  305. this new version. Please see:
  307. 20200428:
  308. AFFECTS: users of sysutils/ansible
  309. AUTHOR:
  310. Ansible has been updated to 2.9.7. Please follow the porting guide
  311. to update the rulesets:
  313. If you wish to stay with 2.8 version, you can switch
  314. to new sysutils/ansible28 port, which tracks stable 2.8 branch:
  315. # pkg set -n ansible:ansible28
  316. 20200428:
  317. AFFECTS: x11-servers/xwayland-devel
  318. AUTHOR:
  319. DRI3 is enabled by default since mesa-libs-18.3.2_4, so you no
  320. longer need to define LIBGL_DRI3_ENABLE in ~/.profile or ~/.login.
  321. See 20200308 entry for more details.
  322. 20200422:
  323. AFFECTS: users of devel/kyua
  324. AUTHOR:
  325. A tests group has been added and the tests user should be a member
  326. of it by default rather than nobody. You should update your password
  327. database to match (change the group from 65534 to 977 after updating).
  328. Please use the following command to do so:
  329. pw usermod -n tests -g tests
  330. 20200408:
  331. AFFECTS: users of security/openssh-portable
  332. AUTHOR:
  333. OpenSSH was upgraded to 8.2p1 on 2020-03-23.
  334. A restart of sshd is required after upgrade due to an incompatibility
  335. introduced in 8.2.
  336. Please see for upcoming
  337. deprecation notices.
  338. 20200408
  339. AFFECTS: users of net/irrd
  340. AUTHOR:
  341. Legacy version of net/irrd has been moved to net/irrd-legacy.
  342. net/irrd has been upgraded to 4.X branch. If someone wants to stick with
  343. legacy version then pkg users have to do something like
  344. # pkg set -o net/irrd:net/irrd-legacy
  345. For portmaster users
  346. # portmaster -o net/irrd-legacy net/irrd
  347. Both of the version can be installed and used concurrently in case there is
  348. a need for migration
  349. 20200403:
  350. AFFECTS: users of x11-fonts/fontconfig
  351. AUTHOR:
  352. Fontconfig 2.13.1 generated .uuid files in the fonts directory which where
  353. not properly registered to the packages. To clean them up, please execute the
  354. following command:
  355. find /usr/local/share/fonts -type f -name .uuid -delete
  356. 20200326:
  357. AFFECTS: users of devel/sonarqube and devel/sonar-ant-task
  358. AUTHOR:
  359. The outdated port devel/sonarqube has moved to
  360. devel/sonarqube-community to make it clear that it is the community
  361. edition. The log and DB files are still stored in the same location.
  362. The devel/sonar-ant-task port has moved to devel/sonarqube-ant-task
  363. to match the upstream-name. The install location is renamed
  364. accordingly.
  365. At the same time the user/group of the sonarqube port changed from
  366. www:www to sonarqube:sonarqube.
  367. It is expected that nobody was using the 6.2 version from 2016
  368. anymore and no change needs to be done. No analysis was done to check
  369. if the old 6.2 version can be updated in-place to the 8.2 version.
  370. As such if there is still someone using the old 6.2 version, you may
  371. have to delete /var/log/sonarqube and /var/db/sonarqube before
  372. installing the new version.
  373. 20200320
  374. AFFECTS: users of devel/qca
  375. AUTHOR:
  376. New versions of devel/qca stopped supporting OpenSSL < 1.1.
  377. For this reason devel/qca-legacy has been added, which is
  378. held back at an older version until FreeBSD 11 goes EOL.
  379. Ports depending on devel/qca should stop adding direct LIB_DEPENDS
  380. and switch to depending on it via USES=qca.
  381. FreeBSD 11 users might want to run something like
  382. pkg set -o devel/qca:devel/qca-legacy
  383. 20200320:
  384. AFFECTS: users of x11/libxkbcommon
  385. AUTHOR:
  386. The libxkbcommon library (x11/libxkbcommon), used to handle keyboards
  387. in some applications, most notably kde and wayland, have been switched
  388. to use evdev rules by default on FreeBSD 12 and later. Some keys, most
  389. notably arrow keys, may not work in applications using libxkbcommon if
  390. you are using xf86-input-keyboard rather than xf86-input-libinput.
  391. If you have trouble with the keyboard keys, and if /var/log/Xorg.*.log
  392. shows that the "kbd" or "keyboard" driver is being used, you need to
  393. switch to legacy rules by setting the environment variable
  394. XKB_DEFAULT_RULES to xorg.
  395. This switch is made to match the default configuration on FreeBSD 12.1 and
  396. later, the default configuration on FreeBSD 11.3 still uses the legacy
  397. rules.
  398. 20200316:
  399. AFFECTS: users of net-im/slack-term
  400. AUTHOR:
  401. The config file location was changed from ~/.slack-term to
  402. ~/.config/slack-term/config, please move your existing config file
  403. accordingly.
  404. 20200308
  405. AFFECTS: users of graphics/mesa-libs and legacy graphics drivers
  406. AUTHOR:
  407. The mesa OpenGL library (graphics/mesa-libs) has been switched to use DRI3
  408. by default, instead of the older DRI2 interface. This might cause regressions
  409. when using the legacy graphics drivers, either through
  410. graphics/drm-legacy-kmod or the graphics drivers in base.
  411. If you experience issues when running OpenGL applications it is possible
  412. to force the use of DRI2 by setting the LIBGL_DRI3_DISABLE environment
  413. variable to 1 before starting any OpenGL application. The easiest way to
  414. do this is by adding it to either your shell startup files or .xinitrc.
  415. 20200306
  416. AFFECTS: users of databases/mysql80-server
  417. AUTHOR:
  418. As of MySQL 8.0.16, the MySQL server performs the upgrade tasks previously
  419. handled by mysql_upgrade. Consequently, mysql_upgrade is unneeded and is
  420. deprecated as of that version, and will be removed in a future MySQL version.
  421. Because mysql_upgrade no longer performs upgrade tasks,
  422. it exits with status 0 unconditionally.
  423. 20200303:
  424. AFFECTS: users of net-mgmt/librenms
  425. AUTHOR:
  426. 1. Apache / mod_php options removed
  427. The APACHEMOD option has been removed. LibreNMS can be used
  428. with other webservers, not just Apache. In order to simplify
  429. the port, the option was removed.
  430. Now you manually install the webserver of your preference.
  431. If upgrading from LibreNMS < 1.61, you can do this to
  432. prevent 'pkg autoremove' from uninstalling Apache / mod_php:
  433. $ sudo pkg set -A 0 apache24 mod_php74
  434. Mark apache24-2.4.41 as not automatically installed? [y/N]: y
  435. Mark mod_php74-7.4.3 as not automatically installed? [y/N]: y
  436. Adjust mod_php74 to suit the version of mod_php you have.
  437. 2. include/ is gone
  438. The file include/ is no longer distributed by
  439. the upstream project. The FreeBSD port patched this file to
  440. correct the paths to common tools such as ping, snmpwalk, etc.
  441. These values previously adjusted by the port must now be specified
  442. in config.php. New installs will have this automatically, but existing
  443. installs must be updated manually. These are the entries you should
  444. add if upgrading from LibreNMS < 1.61:
  445. $config['snmpwalk'] = '/usr/local/bin/snmpwalk';
  446. $config['snmpget'] = '/usr/local/bin/snmpget';
  447. $config['snmpbulkwalk'] = '/usr/local/bin/snmpbulkwalk';
  448. $config['snmptranslate'] = '/usr/local/bin/snmptranslate';
  449. $config['ping'] = '/sbin/ping';
  450. $config['mtr'] = '/usr/local/bin/mtr';
  451. $config['nmap'] = '/usr/local/bin/nmap';
  452. $config['nagios_plugins'] = '/usr/local/libexec/nagios';
  453. $config['ipmitool'] = '/usr/local/bin/ipmitool';
  454. $config['virsh'] = '/usr/local/bin/virsh';
  455. $config['dot'] = '/usr/local/bin/dot';
  456. $config['sfdp'] = '/usr/local/bin/sfdp';
  457. $config['nfdump'] = '/usr/local/bin/nfdump';
  458. 20200229:
  459. AFFECTS: users of textproc/apache-solr
  460. AUTHOR:
  461. Apache-solr switched to the supported java LTS version 11.
  462. Make sure you update the following files accordingly:
  463. /usr/local/etc/ (see /usr/local/etc/
  464. /usr/local/etc/javavm_opts.conf (JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/openjdk11/)
  465. 20200225:
  466. AFFECTS: users of net-mgmt/netbox
  467. AUTHOR:
  468. 1. Removal of the Topology Maps feature
  469. The deprecated topology maps feature has been removed. Please replicate
  470. any required data to another source before upgrading NetBox to v2.7.7, as
  471. any existing topology maps will be deleted.
  472. 2. Changed REDIS database configuration settings
  473. The REDIS database configuration parameters were splitted up in two
  474. discrete subsections named "webhooks" and "caching" with the 2.7 release.
  475. This requires modification of the REDIS parameter in as
  476. follows:
  477. Old Redis sample configuration:
  478. REDIS = {
  479. 'HOST': 'localhost',
  480. 'PORT': 6379,
  481. 'PASSWORD': '',
  482. 'DATABASE': 0,
  483. 'CACHE_DATABASE': 1,
  484. 'DEFAULT_TIMEOUT': 300,
  485. 'SSL': False,
  486. }
  487. New Redis sample configuration:
  488. REDIS = {
  489. 'webhooks': {
  490. 'HOST': '',
  491. 'PORT': 1234,
  492. 'PASSWORD': 'foobar',
  493. 'DATABASE': 0,
  494. 'DEFAULT_TIMEOUT': 300,
  495. 'SSL': False,
  496. },
  497. 'caching': {
  498. 'HOST': 'localhost',
  499. 'PORT': 6379,
  500. 'PASSWORD': '',
  501. 'DATABASE': 1,
  502. 'DEFAULT_TIMEOUT': 300,
  503. 'SSL': False,
  504. }
  505. }
  506. Note that the CACHE_DATABASE parameter has been removed and the connection
  507. settings have been duplicated for both webhooks and caching. This allows
  508. one to make use of separate Redis instances if desired. It is fine to use
  509. the same Redis service for both functions, although the database
  510. identifiers should be different.
  511. Please also check the pkg-message and the changelogs for further info.
  512. 20200223:
  513. AFFECTS: users of security/gsasl
  514. AUTHOR:
  515. The library part of security/gsasl has been split into security/libgsasl.
  516. The security/gsasl now depends on security/libgsasl. Due to this change,
  517. old security/gsasl conflicts with the new security/libgsasl and it can
  518. prevent the installed security/gsasl from upgrading. Please remove the
  519. installed security/gsasl before upgrading if a conflict error occurs.
  520. 20200220:
  521. AFFECTS: users of x11-servers/xorg-server
  522. AUTHOR:
  523. x11-servers/xorg-server has been updated to 1.20.7.
  524. With this update, xorg-server has switched from using the devd backend to
  525. the udev backend for device configuration on FreeBSD 12 and 13. If you have
  526. issues with input devices, please see the install message for details.
  527. The HAL backend option has been completely removed, as it was deprecated.
  528. If you have problems with input devices, ensure that both x11/libinput and
  529. x11-drivers/xf86-input-libinput are installed. They are installed in the
  530. default configuration, but if you have a custom configuration, they might not
  531. be.
  532. 20200210:
  533. AFFECTS: users of net-im/prosody
  534. AUTHOR:
  535. Prosody's pid file and data directory have moved to a new location.
  536. If you are upgrading from a version with the pid file and data
  537. directory in /usr/local/var/lib/prosody please perform these steps:
  538. # stop Prosody
  539. pkill -F /usr/local/var/lib/prosody/
  540. # copy the data directory
  541. cp -a /usr/local/var/lib/prosody /var/db/prosody
  542. rm -f /var/db/prosody/
  543. Make sure your prosody config has the following option set:
  544. pidfile = "/var/run/prosody/"
  545. Then start Prosody again. Everything should be working as before and
  546. the /usr/local/var/lib/prosody directory can now be removed.
  547. 20200207:
  548. AFFECTS: users of security/nss
  549. AUTHOR:
  550. NSS header files and libraries have been moved from ${PREFIX}/include/nss/nss
  551. and ${PREFIX}/lib/nss to ${PREFIX}/include/nss and ${PREFIX}/lib
  552. 20200204:
  553. AFFECTS: users of editors/vim
  554. AUTHOR:
  555. The PYTHON2 and PYTHON3 options have been turned into a single PYTHON
  556. option that uses whichever python you've set as default. However,
  557. this means that you cannot have both python2 and python3 support at
  558. the same time.
  559. 20200126:
  560. AFFECTS: users of multimedia/gstreamer1-plugins[-bad]
  561. AUTHOR:
  562. In GStreamer 1.16 some files moved from the gstreamer1-plugins-bad package
  563. to the gstreamer1-plugins package.
  564. If your using a tool like portmaster or portupgrade delete the old -bad
  565. port and then follow the normal upgrade method.
  566. # pkg delete -f gstreamer1-plugins-bad
  567. 20200126:
  568. AFFECTS: users of sysutils/helm
  569. AUTHOR:
  570. The Helm project have deprecated the Tiller utility in Helm 3. If you are using
  571. Helm 2 you will need to migrate the configuration to be compatible with Helm 3.
  572. Please, refer to the following documentation for more information about the
  573. migration process:
  575. Note that the 2to3 plugin binary is not available for FreeBSD and you will need
  576. to compile it yourself.
  577. 20200113:
  578. AFFECTS: users of python and net/samba410, devel/talloc, devel/tevent, databases/tdb, databases/ldb*
  579. AUTHOR:
  580. In the entry 20191216 for the Python update the filtering constrains
  581. are too limiting and omit the Samba supplimentary libraries, which do
  582. have Python bindings to the default Python 3.x version. With the update
  583. of the default Python3 version you also need to rebuild all the
  584. supplimentary Samba libraries and samba410 itself.
  585. For portmaster users it would be enough to run:
  586. # portmaster devel/talloc devel/tevent databases/tdb databases/ldb15 net/samba410
  587. 20200109:
  588. AFFECTS: www/firefox
  589. AUTHOR:
  590. Firefox requires Capsicum since r522464 for IPC and in future will
  591. require Capsicum for process sandboxing. If you use a custom kernel
  592. make sure to copy the following lines from GENERIC kernel:
  593. options CAPABILITY_MODE # Capsicum capability mode
  594. options CAPABILITIES # Capsicum capabilities
  595. 20200107:
  596. AFFECTS: Users of *-emacs27-* packages
  597. AUTHOR:
  598. There is a major version bump in 28.0.50, therefore to upgrade all the
  599. packages dependent on editors/emacs-devel, please use the following commands:
  600. # sh
  601. # for i in $(pkg query -g %n '*-emacs27*'); do \
  602. nn=$(echo "$i" | sed -e 's/emacs27/emacs28/'); \
  603. pkg set -yn "$i":"$nn"; done;
  604. # pkg upgrade
  605. 20200106:
  606. AFFECTS: users of net/gnatsd
  607. AUTHOR:
  608. net/gnatsd has been replaced by net/nats-server to reflect the
  609. new naming upstream.
  610. All options in rc.conf should be renamed by replacing 'gnats'
  611. with 'nats' (nats_enable, nats_user, nats_options).
  612. 20200101:
  613. AFFECTS: users of security/openssl and security/openssl111
  614. AUTHOR:
  615. The openssl port was removed on 2019-12-31, subsequently the openssl111
  616. port was renamed to openssl on 2020-01-01.
  617. The shared library version of OpenSSL has been bumped.
  618. Users of DEFAULT_VERSIONS= ssl=openssl111 must update this to
  619. ssl=openssl.
  620. You must rebuild all ports that depend on OpenSSL if you use OpenSSL
  621. from ports.
  622. 20191226:
  623. AFFECTS: users of sysutils/dsbmd
  624. AUTHOR:
  625. With version 1.10 dsbmd now uses sysutils/fusefs-jmtpfs for mounting
  626. MTP devices. Please adjust your dsbmd.conf or recreate it from the new
  627. dsbmd.conf.sample.
  628. 20191225:
  629. AFFECTS: multimedia/libva-intel-media-driver
  630. AUTHOR:
  631. As of libva 2.6.0 iHD driver is automatically enabled, so you no
  632. longer need to adjust LIBVA_DRIVER_NAME in ~/.profile or ~/.login.
  633. 20191221:
  634. AFFECTS: users of misc/openhab2
  635. AUTHOR:
  636. If you upgrade from a pevious version, make a backup of
  637. /var/db/openhab2
  638. read about the breaking changes in the release notes at
  640. and run
  641. %%PREFIX%%/libexec/openhab2/runtime/bin/update.freebsd
  642. which takes care about changes for:
  643. - Textual Configuration
  644. - Next Generation Rule Engine
  645. 20191216:
  646. AFFECTS: users of python
  647. AUTHOR:
  648. Default version of python3 and python was switched to 3.7.
  649. For ports users wanting to keep version 3.6 as default,
  650. add DEFAULT_VERSIONS+= python=3.6 python3=3.6 to make.conf
  651. This may ease the upgrade for users of pre-build packages:
  652. # sh
  653. # for i in $(pkg query -g %n 'py36-*'); do pkg set -yn ${i}:py37-${i#py36-}; done
  654. # pkg upgrade
  655. For portmaster users:
  656. # sh
  657. # portmaster -o lang/python37 python36
  658. # REINSTALL="$(pkg info -o py36-\* | awk '{printf "%s ", $2}')"
  659. # pkg delete -f py36-\*
  660. # portmaster $REINSTALL
  661. # REBUILD=$(pkg query -g "%n:%dn" '*' | grep py3 | grep -v py37 | cut -d : -f 1 | sort -u)
  662. # portmaster $REBUILD
  663. # REBUILD2=$(pkg list | grep python-36 | xargs pkg which | awk '{print $6}' | sort -u)
  664. # portmaster $REBUILD2
  665. 20191204
  666. AFFECTS: users of mail/nextcloud-mail
  667. AUTHOR:
  668. Version 0.20.0 removed the default mail configuration via config.php.
  669. All users will be prompted to enter account and SMTP- and IMAP-server
  670. details for sending and reading email.
  671. 20191126:
  672. AFFECTS: consumers of net/py-urllib3
  673. AUTHOR:
  674. Since version 1.25 HTTPS connections are now verified by default which is
  675. done via "cert_reqs = 'CERT_REQUIRED'". While certificate verification
  676. can be disabled via "cert_reqs = 'CERT_NONE'", it's highly recommended to
  677. leave it on.
  678. Various consumers of net/py-urllib3 already have implemented routines that
  679. either explicitly enable or disable HTTPS certificate verification (e.g.
  680. via configuration settings, CLI arguments, etc.).
  681. Yet it may happen that there are still some consumers which don't
  682. explicitly enable/disable certificate verification for HTTPS connections
  683. which could then lead to errors (as is often the case with self-signed
  684. certificates).
  685. In case of an error one should try first to temporarily disable
  686. certificate verification of the problematic urllib3 consumer to see if
  687. this approach will remedy the issue.
  688. 20191125:
  689. AFFECTS: users of emulators/qemu
  690. AUTHOR:
  691. emulators/qemu31 has been updated to 4.1.1. Previous 3.1.X branch has
  692. been repocopied to emulators/qemu31. If someone wants to stick with 3.1.X
  693. branch please use one of the following command:
  694. # pkg install emulators/qemu31
  695. or
  696. # portmaster -o emulators/qemu31 emulators/qemu
  697. or
  698. # portupgrade -o emulators/qemu31 emulators/qemu
  699. 20191124:
  700. AFFECTS: users of irc/eggdrop
  701. AUTHOR:
  702. The irc/eggdrop port has been updated to 1.8.4 and its config is not
  703. backward compatible with 1.6.21. A new port was created to keep 1.6.21
  704. version available at irc/eggdrop16 and it will be available for 3 months
  705. until users have time to upgrade their configuration.
  706. More information at:
  708. If you would like to keep using 1.6.21, please run the following command
  709. to update pkg database:
  710. pkg set -n eggdrop:eggdrop16
  711. pkg set -o irc/eggdrop:irc/eggdrop16
  712. 20191108:
  713. AFFECTS: users of databases/redis[-devel]
  714. AUTHOR:
  715. The databases/redis port has been updated to the recent stable release.
  716. Users wanting to stay on v4.x can replace databases/redis with
  717. databases/redis4 with one of the following commands:
  718. # pkg install databases/redis4
  719. or
  720. # portmaster -o databases/redis4 databases/redis
  721. or
  722. # portupgrade -o databases/redis4 databases/redis
  723. 20191103:
  724. AFFECTS: users of www/node
  725. AUTHOR:
  726. The www/node port has been updated to Node.js v13.0.0, the latest
  727. upstream release. A new port, www/node12, has been created for the
  728. v12.x LTS branch. Users wanting to stay on v12.x can replace www/node
  729. with www/node12 with one of the following commands:
  730. # pkg install www/node12
  731. or
  732. # portmaster -o www/node12 www/node
  733. or
  734. # portupgrade -o www/node12 www/node
  735. 20191029:
  736. AFFECTS: users of emulators/open-vm-tools[-nox11]
  737. AUTHOR:
  738. open-vm-tools 11.0.1 has removed the vmxnet driver. This driver has been
  739. in tree for quite some time and hopefully everyone is using the in tree
  740. version, however if you had removed device vmx from your kernel, or are
  741. running an unsupported version of FreeBSD which didn't have the driver
  742. included in the base system, updating your open-vm-tools version will
  743. leave you without networking.
  744. 20191026:
  745. AFFECTS: users of www/qt5-webengine
  746. AUTHOR:
  747. Users that upgrade www/qt5-webengine without using pkg/poudriere might
  748. experience failures due to conflicts with the installed version of 5.12.2.
  749. In that case, pkg delete -f the qt5-webengine package before building
  750. the updated version.
  751. 20191025:
  752. AFFECTS: users of x11/nvidia-driver (and slave ports)
  753. AUTHOR:
  754. x11/nvidia-driver* ports no longer install Linux programs and libraries,
  755. which had been moved to their own ports (x11/linux-nvidia-libs*). When
  756. updating the driver package next time, remember to install them manually
  757. if you need to run Linux OpenGL programs.
  758. 20191016:
  759. AFFECTS: users of KDE Plasma Desktop (x11/plasma5*)
  760. AUTHOR:
  761. With Plasma 5.17 the startup script has been renamed. People who use the
  762. .xinitrc method to start Plasma have to call the new binary.
  763. Previously:
  764. exec ck-launch-session startkde
  765. Change to:
  766. exec ck-launch-session startplasma-x11
  767. 20191014:
  768. AFFECTS: users of mail/rspamd, mail/rspamd-devel
  769. AUTHOR:
  770. Sample configuration files has been removed as default configuration files
  771. are NOT intended for modification by users and SHOULD be overwritten on
  772. port upgrade.
  773. Make sure the default configuration files are unmodified and migrate all
  774. configuration changes to the proper places, before you continue.
  775. 20191002:
  776. AFFECTS: users of textproc/groff
  777. AUTHOR:
  778. with groff 1.2.4_3, groff does not depend anymore on ghostscript and
  779. netpbm. In order to be able to properly use the html backend the user
  780. can install ghostscript and netpbm from ports without the need of
  781. reinstalling the package.
  782. Also note that the X11 option has been removed.
  783. 20190930:
  784. AFFECTS: users of net-mgmt/netbox
  785. AUTHOR:
  786. Since the 2.6 release a running Redis server instance is required for
  787. caching objects to run. Also the following settings like below need to be
  788. added (or modified) in the existing
  789. REDIS = {
  790. 'HOST': 'localhost',
  791. 'PORT': 6397,
  792. 'PASSWORD': ''
  793. 'DATABASE': 0,
  794. 'CACHE_DATABASE': 1,
  795. 'DEFAULT_TIMEOUT': 300,
  796. 'SSL': False,
  797. }
  798. Note that if you were using these settings in a prior release with
  799. webhooks, the DATABASE setting remains the same but an additional
  800. CACHE_DATABASE settings has been added with a default value of 1 to
  801. support the caching backend.
  802. The DATABASE setting will be renamed in a future release of NetBox to
  803. better relay the meaning of the setting. It is highly recommended to keep
  804. the webhook and cache databases separate. Using the same database number
  805. for both may result in webhook processing data being lost during cache
  806. flushing events.
  807. Please also check the pkg-message and the changelogs for further info.
  808. 20190927:
  809. AFFECTS: users of emulators/qemu-devel
  810. AUTHOR:
  811. qemu-devel has been updated to 4.1.0 and 4.0.0 has been merged into a new port
  812. emulators/qemu40. If you want to stick with 4.0.X branch, simply use:
  813. # portmaster -o emulators/qemu-devel emulators/qemu40
  814. 20190927:
  815. AFFECTS: users of XFCE desktop (x11-wm/xfce4)
  816. AUTHOR:
  817. Due to changes in the XFCE 4.14 metaport, systems could end up with
  818. both xscreensaver and xfce4-screensaver installed and enabled
  819. simultaneously.
  820. This can cause conflicts and problems unlocking the screen.
  821. To avoid problems, please make sure to have only one enabled by
  822. going to the Application Autostart tab of the Session and Startup
  823. settings applet and enable only one Screensaver there.
  824. Some further information can be found in the xfce4-session
  825. pkg-message displayed on installation and upgrade.
  826. 20190920:
  827. AFFECTS: users of net-mgmt/pushgateway
  828. AUTHOR:
  829. The persistent storage format used by pushgateway in the latest version
  830. is not backwards compatible. See the pushgateway changelogs for details.
  831. 20190911:
  832. AFFECTS: users of security/bastillion
  833. AUTHOR:
  834. The datastore of bastillion needs to be updated:
  835. java -jar $PREFIX/jetty_bastillion/upgrade/bastillion-upgrade-3.08.00.jar \
  836. $PREFIX/jetty_bastillion/bastillion/WEB-INF/classes/
  837. 20190909:
  838. AFFECTS: users of lang/ruby25
  839. AUTHOR:
  840. The default ruby version has been updated from 2.5 to 2.6.
  841. If you compile your own ports you may keep 2.5 as the default version by
  842. adding the following lines to your /etc/make.conf file:
  843. #
  844. # Keep ruby 2.5 as default version
  845. #
  846. DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ruby=2.5
  847. If you wish to update to the new default version, you need to first stop any
  848. software that uses ruby. Then, you will need to follow these steps, depending
  849. upon how you manage your system.
  850. If you use pkgng, simply upgrade:
  851. # pkg upgrade
  852. If you do not use pkg, please check entry 20190420.
  853. The description there should also work for this version.
  854. 20190906:
  855. AFFECTS: users of devel/py-fabric
  856. AUTHOR:
  857. Fabric (devel/py-fabric) was upgraded to 2.5.0, Fabric (2+) represents
  858. a near-total reimplementation and reorganization of the software.
  859. Fabric 2 is not at 100% feature parity with 1.x! Some features have been
  860. explicitly dropped, but others simply have not been ported over yet,
  861. either due to time constraints or because said features need to be
  862. re-examined in a modern context.
  863. More information at:
  866. If you would like to keep using 1.x, please run the following command to
  867. update pkg database:
  868. pkg set -n py27-fabric:py27-fabric1
  869. pkg set -o devel/py-fabric:devel/py-fabric1
  870. 20190830:
  871. AFFECTS: users of www/gitlab-ce
  872. AUTHOR:
  873. Make sure you upgrade your PostgreSQL to version 11 as described in 20190829,
  874. before you upgrade your gitlab-ce version.
  875. Gitlab-ce 12.1 needs at least PostgreSQL version 9.6.
  876. After this you can follow the usual upgrade guide:
  878. 20190829:
  879. AFFECTS: users of databases/postgresql* and other software using PostgreSQL to run
  880. AUTHOR:
  881. The default version of PostgreSQL has been switched from 9.5 to 11.
  882. The upgrade procedure can use up twice the space the databases
  883. currently needs. If you have a big amount of stored data take a
  884. closer look at the manpage of pg_upgrade for avoidance and/or
  885. speedup of the upgrade.
  886. The upgrade instructions consider a basic usage and do not match
  887. complex scenarios like replication, sharding, or similar.
  888. Upgrade instructions:
  889. First stop your PostgreSQL, create PostgreSQL-binaries and backup your data.
  890. If you have another Version of PostgreSQL installed, for example 9.5.19, your
  891. files are named according to this.
  892. # service postgresql stop
  893. # pkg create postgresql95-server postgresql95-contrib
  894. # mkdir /tmp/pg-upgrade
  895. # tar xf postgresql95-server-9.5.19.txz -C /tmp/pg-upgrade
  896. # tar xf postgresql95-contrib-9.5.19.txz -C /tmp/pg-upgrade
  897. # pkg delete -f databases/postgresql95-server databases/postgresql95-contrib databases/postgresql95-client
  898. Now update PostgreSQL:
  899. pkg user:
  900. # pkg install databases/postgresql11-server databases/postgresql11-contrib
  901. # pkg upgrade
  902. Portmaster users:
  903. # portmaster databases/postgresql11-server databases/postgresql11-contrib
  904. # portmaster -a
  905. Portupgrade users:
  906. # portinstall databases/postgresql11-server databases/postgresql11-contrib
  907. # portupgrade -a
  908. After installing the new PostgreSQL version you need to convert
  909. all your databases to new version:
  910. # su -l postgres -c "/usr/local/bin/initdb --encoding=utf-8 --lc-collate=C -D /var/db/postgres/data11 -U pgsql"
  911. # chown -R postgres /usr/local/pgsql/data/
  912. # su -l postgres -c "pg_upgrade -b /tmp/pg-upgrade/usr/local/bin/ -d /usr/local/pgsql/data/ -B /usr/local/bin/ -D /var/db/postgres/data11/ -U pgsql "
  913. Now the migration is finished. You can start PostgreSQL again with:
  914. # service postgresql start
  916. 1) The default user changed from "pgsql" to "postgres". The migration steps above preserve
  917. the "pgsql" database user while the database daemon is now executed as the "postgres" FreeBSD user.
  918. 2) The default data dir changed from "/usr/local/pgsql/data/" to "/var/db/postgres/data11/"
  919. 3) If you use non-default initdb options, you have to adjust the initdb-command accordingly
  920. 20190816:
  921. AFFECTS: users of net-im/ejabberd
  922. AUTHOR:
  923. Riak support has been removed by upstream. For update instructions from
  924. 19.05, please refer to:
  926. 20190812:
  927. AFFECTS: users of lang/perl5*
  928. AUTHOR:
  929. The default Perl version has been switched to Perl 5.30. If you are using
  930. binary packages to upgrade your system, you do not have anything to do, pkg
  931. upgrade will do the right thing. For the other people, follow the
  932. instructions in entry 20161103, it should still be the same.
  933. 20190801:
  934. AFFECTS: users of www/ot-recorder
  935. AUTHOR:
  936. The data directory has moved from /var/spool/owntracks to
  937. /var/db/owntracks
  938. Be sure to stop otrecorder, move the directory, and start otrecorder.
  939. service ot-recorder stop
  940. cd /var/spool
  941. mv owntracks /var/db
  942. service ot-recorder start
  943. 20190728:
  944. AFFECTS: users of net-im/py-matrix-synapse
  945. AUTHOR:
  946. The support for Python 2.7 has been dropped with the 1.1.0 release of
  947. net/py-matrix-synapse.
  948. Users that still use the Python 2.7 version of net-im/py-matrix-synapse
  949. should switch to a newer Python version, e.g. 3.6, which is the default
  950. Python version since April 2019.
  951. 20190717:
  952. AFFECTS: users of net-p2p/zetacoin and net-p2p/zetacoin-nox11
  953. AUTHOR:
  954. Zetacoin will default to using modern versions of BDB (5.x or 6.x) when
  955. the WALLET option is selected. See pkg-help for explanation.
  956. The zetacoin-nox11 slave port was renamed to zetacoin-daemon to align
  957. with the net-p2p/bitcoin format.
  958. The zetacoin-cli and zetacoin-tx utilities have been re-packaged into
  959. a separate port. If you require these programs, or use the zetacoin-cli
  960. program to access the daemon or the GUI, install net-p2p/zetacoin-utils
  961. to reinstall them.
  962. 20190717:
  963. AFFECTS: users of sysutils/py-borgmatic
  964. AUTHOR:
  965. The default location for borgmatic's configurations changed. We moved it
  966. from '/etc/borgmatic' to '/usr/local/etc/borgmatic' in order to follow
  967. recommended standards used on FreeBSD.
  968. 20190710:
  969. AFFECTS: users with DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=linux=c6 or c6_64 in /etc/make.conf
  970. AUTHOR:
  971. On amd64 adding DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=linux=c6 to /etc/make.conf made Linux
  972. infrastructure ports (linux_base-c6 and linux-c6*) install i386 CentOS 6
  973. packages. Using c6_64 instead of c6 made them install mixed amd64/i386
  974. CentOS 6 packages and allowed Linux application ports to install amd64
  975. binaries when available. The i386-only configuration was only useful for
  976. users of x11/nvidia-driver* which didn't provide Linux amd64 emulation
  977. until recently.
  978. With x11/nvidia-driver* now supporting Linux amd64 there's no longer a
  979. need for i386-only Linux on amd64 so DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=linux=c6 has been
  980. changed to make Linux infrastructure ports install mixed amd64/i386
  981. CentOS 6 packages, like c6_64 before, and support for c6_64 has been
  982. removed.
  983. Users with DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=linux=c6 should reinstall linux_base-c6 and
  984. all packages that depend on it. A list of dependent packages can be
  985. obtained with the following command:
  986. pkg info -r linux_base-c6
  987. Users with DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=linux=c6_64 only need to replace c6_64 with
  988. c6 in /etc/make.conf.
  989. Users of x11/nvidia-driver* should upgrade to FreeBSD 11.3 or 12.0 if
  990. they want to run Linux amd64 OpenGL programs. If you are running an
  991. older version you may want to postpone installing or updating Linux
  992. application ports until you find the time to upgrade because application
  993. ports may install amd64 binaries now. Infrastructure ports are safe to
  994. reinstall, and so is x11/nvidia-driver*.
  995. On i386 nothing has changed.
  996. 20190707:
  997. AFFECTS: users of www/gitlab-ce
  998. AUTHOR:
  999. You must at first upgrade to version 11.11.5 before you can upgrade
  1000. to version 12.
  1001. Support for MySQL will be dropped with next version.
  1002. Make sure you use at least PostgreSQL version 9.6.
  1003. Follow the normal upgrade manual that can be found here:
  1005. 20190705:
  1006. AFFECTS: users of net/serviio which bought a license for the non-free features
  1007. AUTHOR:
  1008. Version 2 of serviio needs a new license file. Updating without a new license
  1009. file will disable the non-free features.
  1010. 20190701:
  1011. AFFECTS: users of databases/mysql56-(server|client)
  1012. AUTHOR:
  1013. The default MySQL version has been updated from 5.6 to 5.7.
  1014. If you compile your own ports you may keep 5.6 as the default version by
  1015. adding the following lines to your /etc/make.conf file:
  1016. #
  1017. # Keep MySQL 5.6 as default version
  1018. #
  1019. DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=mysql=5.6
  1020. If you wish to update to the new default version, you need to first stop any
  1021. running server instance. Then, you will need to follow these steps, depending
  1022. on installed packages.
  1023. # pkg set -o databases/mysql56-client:databases/mysql57-client
  1024. # pkg set -o databases/mysql56-server:databases/mysql57-server
  1025. # pkg upgrade
  1026. 20190630:
  1027. AFFECTS: users of net/samba410
  1028. AUTHOR:
  1029. If you used Samba in AD/DC mode with the previous versions of the port on UFS2
  1030. backed storage you have to add usage of vfs_freebsd VFS module for at least
  1031. SYSVOL share and configure it to use 'legacy' mode(see manpage).
  1032. The reason behind this is that previous versions Samba port used a hack to
  1033. workaround broken mapping of Linux security and trusted extended attributes
  1034. into FreeBSD namespace. In particular, essential security.NTACL attribute
  1035. was replaced with the user.NTACL and placed in a insecure USER namespace.
  1036. This port dropped this hack in favor of vfs_freebsd module, which should
  1037. provide more controlled way of such a mapping.
  1038. To maintain the compatibility with the previous installations on UFS2 storage
  1039. (as ZFS uses it's own way of mapping SYSVOL, thanks to the iXsystems patches)
  1040. the vfs_freebsd module provides 'legacy' mode that implements old functionality.
  1041. For the fresh installations it is recommended to use 'secure' mode of operations
  1042. for this module and use it as a global vfs objects.
  1043. Caution: The given module is still considered EXPERIMENTAL.
  1044. 20190630:
  1045. AFFECTS: users of net/samba410, net/samba4[6-8] and devel/talloc?, devel/tevent?, databases/tdb?, databases/ldb*
  1046. AUTHOR:
  1047. The port of the new version of Samba 4.10 is introduced. Due necessarily
  1048. to keep backwards compatibility for the legacy samba4[6-8] ports the
  1049. upgrade procedure is a bit convoluted.
  1050. You are safe to perform fresh new install of samba410 port. In case you
  1051. are upgrading from the previous versions of Samba, please use the
  1052. following procedure:
  1053. 0. Take backups of all the relevant files, in particular PREFIX/etc/smb4.conf
  1054. and /var/db/samba4/ subdirectory. Keep in mind that files there (may)
  1055. have extended attributes, so use appropriate tools to preserve them.
  1056. 1a. If you haven't updated Samba between 20190619 and 20190630 then next
  1057. step should be as simple as:
  1058. portmaster -o net/samba410 net/samba48
  1059. 1b. If you have been affected by the archiving legacy versions of
  1060. Samba-related libraries for legacy versions of Samba, which happened
  1061. in the given time frame, then you need to reverse operation from the
  1062. 20190619 entry:
  1063. for users of portmaster:
  1064. portmaster -o devel/talloc devel/talloc1
  1065. portmaster -o devel/tevent devel/tevent1
  1066. portmaster -o databases/tdb databases/tdb1
  1067. portmaster -o net/samba410 net/samba48
  1068. for users of portupgrade:
  1069. portupgrade -o devel/talloc devel/talloc1
  1070. portupgrade -o devel/tevent devel/tevent1
  1071. portupgrade -o databases/tdb databases/tdb1
  1072. portupgrade -o net/samba410 net/samba48
  1073. 20190619:
  1074. AFFECTS: users of samba4[6-8] and devel/talloc, devel/tevent, databases/tdb, databases/ldb*
  1075. AUTHOR:
  1076. To introduce samba410(we deliberately skip samba49 due the complexity of handling)
  1077. and to drop dependency on deprecated Python 2.7, Samba supplementary libraries
  1078. talloc, tevent and tdb were split into current Python 3 compatible versions
  1079. and legacy ones, with the suffix "1".
  1080. Old versions of Samba were changed to depend on the legacy supplementary libraries,
  1081. so if you need to install samba46, samba47 or samba48 over previous Samba
  1082. installations you need to downgrade supplementary libs with the following commands:
  1083. for users of portmaster:
  1084. portmaster -o devel/talloc1 devel/talloc
  1085. portmaster -o devel/tevent1 devel/tevent
  1086. portmaster -o databases/tdb1 databases/tdb
  1087. portmaster -r talloc1
  1088. for users of portupgrade:
  1089. portupgrade -o devel/talloc1 devel/talloc
  1090. portupgrade -o devel/tevent1 devel/tevent
  1091. portupgrade -o databases/tdb1 databases/tdb
  1092. portupgrade -fr devel/talloc1
  1093. 20190613:
  1094. AFFECTS: users of www/qt5-webengine
  1095. AUTHOR:
  1096. Users that upgrade www/qt5-webengine without using pkg/poudriere might
  1097. experience failures due to conflicts with the installed version of 5.12.2.
  1098. In that case, pkg delete -f the qt5-webengine package before building
  1099. the updated version.
  1100. 20190611:
  1101. AFFECTS: users of net/routinator
  1102. AUTHOR:
  1103. Release 0.4.0 fundamentally changes the command line options for
  1104. running the server and introduces a new way to initialize the local RPKI
  1105. repository used by Routinator.
  1106. If you have been using previous releases, you will likely have to adjust
  1107. your tooling. We apologize for this, but we also feel that the new commands
  1108. are more intuitive and logical.
  1109. 20190604:
  1110. AFFECTS: users of net/samba47
  1111. AUTHOR:
  1112. The default version of samba has been switched from 4.7 to 4.8.
  1113. Upgrade instructions:
  1114. For package users having samba47 installed indirectly (as a dependency):
  1115. # pkg upgrade
  1116. For package users having samba47 installed directly (leaf port):
  1117. # pkg upgrade
  1118. # pkg install samba48
  1119. For ports users:
  1120. If you want to keep samba47, add DEFAULT_VERSIONS+= samba=4.7 to make.conf
  1121. If you want to upgrade to samba48, remove samba47:
  1122. # pkg delete -f samba47
  1123. Portmaster users:
  1124. # portmaster net/samba48
  1125. # portmaster -a
  1126. Portupgrade users:
  1127. # portinstall net/samba48
  1128. # portupgrade -a
  1129. 20180601:
  1130. AFFECTS: www/tt-rss
  1131. AUTHOR:
  1132. tt-rss now uses php intl for extension; a web server reload
  1133. will be required if intl extension isn't already loaded.
  1134. 20190522:
  1135. AFFECTS: users of sysutils/graylog
  1136. AUTHOR:
  1137. The port has been updated to the latest stable version 3.0.2, which
  1138. includes more plugins by default, but also requires manual changes to
  1139. graylog's configuration files, possibly port and URL changes, such as
  1140. X-Graylog-Server-URL settings, and elasticsearch must be >= 5.
  1141. The location of configuration files has been amended to align with the
  1142. official distribution files and locations.
  1143. After upgrading, manually review and merge changes from your
  1144. /usr/local/etc/graylog/server/server.conf into
  1145. /usr/local/etc/graylog/graylog.conf
  1146. Consult for
  1147. further details.
  1148. 20190506:
  1149. AFFECTS: users of www/gitea
  1150. AUTHOR:
  1151. Gitea requires the addition of another secret to the config file in order
  1152. to start up. Either manually add JWT_SECRET to the
  1153. ${PREFIX}/etc/gitea/conf/app.ini config file (see app.ini.sample), or allow
  1154. Gitea to make the change for you by making the config file writable to the
  1155. git user.
  1156. 20190424:
  1157. AFFECTS: users of www/node
  1158. AUTHOR:
  1159. The www/node port has been updated to Node.js v12.0.0, the latest
  1160. upstream release. This is a major release, including many significant
  1161. changes. Users are encouraged to read the release announcements before
  1162. upgrading:
  1164. 20190423:
  1165. AFFECTS: users of www/gitlab-ce
  1166. AUTHOR:
  1167. The directory where all repositories and ssh permissions are stored
  1168. was changed from /usr/home/git back to /usr/local/git, to match again the
  1169. recommended standards on FreeBSD.
  1170. This will cause now some other git management packages to collide with
  1171. gitlab. Make sure you migrate all you git repositories to gitlab first,
  1172. before you continue.
  1173. Make sure /usr/local/git/repositories and /usr/local/git/.ssh are not
  1174. existing!
  1175. Otherwise the next commands can break your installation for managing
  1176. git repositories within gitlab and with your other gitlab management
  1177. software!
  1178. You must move the old files to the new location with:
  1179. # service gitlab stop
  1180. # mv /usr/home/git /usr/local/
  1181. # pkg upg
  1182. Make sure you update your config files, diff shows you what you maybe
  1183. must change:
  1184. # cd /usr/local/www/gitlab-ce
  1185. # git diff config/gitlab.yml.sample config/gitlab.yml
  1186. # cd /usr/local/share/gitlab-shell/
  1187. # git diff config.yml.sample config.yml
  1188. # cd /usr/local/share/gitaly
  1189. # git diff config.toml.sample config.toml
  1190. # Change home directory of user git back to /usr/local/git
  1191. # vipw
  1192. The line should now looks like:
  1193. git:*:211:211::0:0:gitosis user:/usr/local/git:/bin/sh
  1194. If you do an upgrade of gitlab follow the upgrade guide.
  1195. If not, just start gitlab again with:
  1196. # service gitlab start
  1197. 20190422:
  1198. AFFECTS: users of security/libressl
  1199. AUTHOR:
  1200. The port has been updated to the latest stable version 2.9 of LibreSSL.
  1201. The shared library versions of the libraries have been bumped.
  1202. After upgrading, manually update all packages that depend on any of the
  1203. libraries provided by LibreSSL (libssl, libcrypto and libtls) since the
  1204. versions of these libraries have changed. Normally, you can obtain the
  1205. list of dependent software by running the following command:
  1206. # pkg info -r libressl
  1207. Then you should rebuild all ports depending on libressl to avoid dangling
  1208. shared library dependencies. Poudriere and pkg handle this correctly,
  1209. portmaster and portupgrade users can use the following to rebuild all
  1210. dependent ports.
  1211. Portmaster users:
  1212. portmaster -r libressl
  1213. Portupgrade users:
  1214. portupgrade -fr security/libressl
  1215. 20190421:
  1216. AFFECTS: users of databases/cego
  1217. AUTHOR:
  1218. To upgrade from cego 2.39.16 to 2.44.1, you need to export to xml before
  1219. the upgrade and import from xml after the upgrade, because the internal
  1220. storage has changed for some types.
  1221. Use these steps:
  1222. - export your database while it runs, see
  1224. for details.
  1225. - stop the database
  1226. service cego stop
  1227. - upgrade the port/package
  1228. - re-create the database
  1229. cego --mode=create --tableset=<database> --dbxml=<database>.xml
  1230. - import the database
  1231. cego --mode=xmlimport --tableset=<database> \
  1232. --dbxml=<database>.xml --impfile=export.xml --doLogging
  1233. - modify /etc/rc.conf by adding
  1234. cego_<database>_cpdump="YES"
  1235. cego_<database>_cleanup="YES"
  1236. - start the database
  1237. service cego start
  1238. 20190420:
  1239. AFFECTS: users of lang/ruby24
  1240. AUTHOR:
  1241. The default ruby version has been updated from 2.4 to 2.5.
  1242. If you compile your own ports you may keep 2.4 as the default version by
  1243. adding the following lines to your /etc/make.conf file:
  1244. #
  1245. # Keep ruby 2.4 as default version
  1246. #
  1247. DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ruby=2.4
  1248. If you wish to update to the new default version, you need to first stop any
  1249. software that uses ruby. Then, you will need to follow these steps, depending
  1250. upon how you manage your system.
  1251. If you use pkgng, simply upgrade:
  1252. # pkg upgrade
  1253. If you use portmaster, install new ruby, then rebuild all ports that depend
  1254. on ruby:
  1255. # portmaster -o lang/ruby25 lang/ruby24
  1256. # portmaster -R -r ruby-2.5
  1257. If you use portupgrade, install new ruby, then rebuild all ports that depend
  1258. on ruby:
  1259. # pkg delete -f ruby portupgrade
  1260. # make -C /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portupgrade install clean
  1261. # pkg set -o lang/ruby24:lang/ruby25
  1262. # portupgrade -x ruby-2.5.\* -fr lang/ruby25
  1263. 20190419:
  1264. AFFECTS: users of emulators/qemu
  1265. AUTHOR:
  1266. qemu 2.X version has been moved to qemu2. If you would like to use
  1267. 2.X you should use qemu2. Otherwise you can use the new stable
  1268. upstream branch of 3.0.X.
  1269. Portmaster users will need to run this command:
  1270. portmaster -o emulators/qemu2 emulators/qemu
  1271. 20190410:
  1272. AFFECTS: users of python
  1273. AUTHOR:
  1274. Default version of python was switched to 3.6.
  1275. For ports users wanting to keep version 2.7 as default,
  1276. add DEFAULT_VERSIONS+= python=2.7 to make.conf
  1277. 20190328:
  1278. AFFECTS: www/firefox-i18n, www/firefox-esr-i18n, mail/thunderbird-i18n, www/seamonkey-i18n
  1279. AUTHOR:
  1280. Separate packages for localization packs are no longer supported.
  1281. Firefox 65+ has in-browser menu while Firefox ESR60, Thunderbird 60
  1282. or SeaMonkey 2.49 should download preferred .xpi manually. Refer to
  1283. the following article (including previous revisions) how to do this.
  1285. 20190328:
  1286. AFFECTS: users of www/qt5-webengine
  1287. AUTHOR:
  1288. Users that upgrade www/qt5-webengine without using pkg/poudriere might
  1289. experience failures due to conflicts with the installed version of 5.9.5.
  1290. In that case, pkg delete -f the qt5-webengine package before building
  1291. the updated version.
  1292. 20190314:
  1293. AFFECTS: users of mail/rspamd, mail/rspamd-devel
  1294. AUTHOR:
  1295. User and group that rspamd run as are changed from nobody:nobody to
  1296. rspamd:rspamd. Unless it is clean install you need to execute following
  1297. command.
  1298. # chown -R rspamd:rspamd /var/db/rspamd /var/log/rspamd /var/run/rspamd
  1299. 20190311:
  1300. AFFECTS: users of x11/xorg, x11-fonts/mkfontscale, x11-fonts/mkfontdir
  1301. AUTHOR:
  1302. The x11-fonts/mkfontdir port has been removed and the functionality
  1303. has been merged into x11-fonts/mkfontscale. This might cause issues
  1304. with upgrading. If you get conflicts between mkfontscale and mkfontdir
  1305. please remove mkfontdir before upgrading.
  1306. To do this, simply run the following:
  1307. pkg delete -f mkfontdir
  1308. 20190311:
  1309. AFFECTS: users of www/igal2
  1310. AUTHOR:
  1311. www/igal2 2.2-1 is now built with graphics/ImageMagick6-nox11
  1312. and don't install the ImageMagick X11 dependencies anymore.
  1313. A build option allows you to restore the previous behaviour.
  1314. 20190303:
  1315. AFFECTS: users of x11-fonts/noto*
  1316. AUTHOR:
  1317. Google Noto Fonts family has been converted to several ports. x11-fonts/noto
  1318. is a meta port which includes 1 old port and 5 new ports as follows:
  1319. - x11-fonts/noto-basic (was noto-lite): basic fonts set with emoji
  1320. - x11-fonts/noto-extra: extra fonts set
  1321. - x11-fonts/noto-jp: Japanese fonts set
  1322. - x11-fonts/noto-kr: Korean fonts set
  1323. - x11-fonts/noto-sc: Simplified Chinese fonts set
  1324. - x11-fonts/noto-tc: Traditional Chinese fonts set
  1325. 20190302:
  1326. AFFECTS: users of sysutils/paladin
  1327. AUTHOR: Ryan Westlund <>
  1328. The way paladin parses its config file has changed, please
  1329. check the provided sample config.
  1330. 20190227:
  1331. AFFECTS: users of security/softether, security/softether-devel
  1332. AUTHOR:
  1333. These ports' bridge, client, server daemon unintendedly had spit out
  1334. chain_certs (certificate chain) directory on libexec directory until
  1335. r494024.
  1336. If your ${PREFIX}/libexec/softether/chain_certs directory is empty, you
  1337. can remove the directory safely. If the directory is not empty, move it
  1338. to ${SE_DBDIR} when upgrading