263 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Oliver Pinter a92f903506 HBSD: move to lower priority and correct the origin 9 months ago
  Oliver Pinter 20c3b642e4 HBSD: add hardened/12.1-relenge/master 9 months ago
  Oliver Pinter ac59104bea HBSD: add FreeBSD's freebsd/12.1-releng/master 9 months ago
  Oliver Pinter dd41009a0b HBSD: use atomic pushes 1 year ago
  Oliver Pinter a1775fee18 HBSD: add notes handling too 1 year ago
  Oliver Pinter e481df72df HBSD: feed new line between authors 1 year ago
  Oliver Pinter 16674e67ce HBSD: unconditionally generate release notes input files 1 year ago
  Oliver Pinter 15ec043f26 HBSD: implement drupal formatter 1 year ago
  Oliver Pinter 3ec5116d17 HBSD: partially move shortlog generation to update_meta.py 1 year ago
  Oliver Pinter b09406e335 HBSD: add basic error handling 1 year ago
  Oliver Pinter cfa325402f HBSD: simplify the release process 1 year ago
  Oliver Pinter 509dc95dd7 HBSD: priorize 12-stable higher in sync 1 year ago
  Oliver Pinter ca0021e28f HBSD: prepare release conf for 12-STABLE release - part 3 1 year ago
  Oliver Pinter ae68b39b51 HBSD: HBSD: prepare release conf for 12-STABLE release - part 2 1 year ago
  Oliver Pinter 8cc85a0342 HBSD: prepare release conf for 12-STABLE release 1 year ago
  Oliver Pinter 082953687a HBSD: 12.0-releng related changes 1 year ago
  Oliver Pinter 2b0517af37 HBSD: welcome 12-STABLE part 2. - update release scripts too 1 year ago
  Oliver Pinter 410ea29229 HBSD: welcome 12-stable 1 year ago
  Oliver Pinter 84dd4e3602 HBSD: shift away from 11.1-RELENG to 11.2-RELENG 1 year ago
  Oliver Pinter 3966030ae9 HBSD: fix release_new_stable_repo.csh's output directory 2 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 00c80837d4 HBSD: stop to sync hardenedbsd-10-{libressl,unstable} 2 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 290576a06b HBSD: drop {Free,Hardened}BSD 10.3-RELENG updates 2 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 65706dfe81 HBSD: add atomic to git push 2 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 7eb652b14a HBSD: place the generated file into my home 2 years ago
  Oliver Pinter f8ed2bf8e3 HBSD: optimize hardenedBSD_update_and_push.csh 2 years ago
  Oliver Pinter baf9d49311 HBSD: drop 11.0 from autosync 2 years ago
  Oliver Pinter fdcc75e07c HBSD: append the shortlog of merged commits to merge commit message 2 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 732a364d69 HBSD: add hbsd control tests 2 years ago
  Oliver Pinter c4460db2e7 HBSD: send more details about the skipped branches 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 3a1e41cfa2 HBSD: handle lines starting with # as comments 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 03692fc955 HBSD: drop long time untouched branches from autosync 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 143f53fb74 HBSD: add 11.1 to robot 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 1d8cfb6b06 HBSD: fix __HardenedBSD_version detection after recent KBI related kernel change 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 9b0786fbd2 HBSD: FreeBSD 10.2 is no more supported by upstream, garbage collect them 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter df2a91195b HBSD: fix typo in release_new_stable_repo.csh 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 0de6f5f1cd HBSD: set mail's target address to valid user 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter dfcc3f0a64 HBSD: add support to sync git notes with FreeBSD's git repo 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter d1fbb9a18f HBSD: create www hooks only if the www dir exists 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter c512e5cb62 HBSD: use the full path in helper symlinks 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter a974639279 HBSD: clarify the meaning of variables and www hooks 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 8df22320f2 HBSD: correct the comments 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter d94c58f744 HBSD: fix the symlink creation 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 210d9474c9 HBSD: add new release-conf for normal builds 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 97ea745744 HBSD: don't use absolute paths in symlinks + added core@ to finished builds too 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 55a3766d63 HBSD: kill hardened/current/master-libressl as per Barnerd request 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter af682f75e4 HBSD: autogenerate drupal and github pages ;) 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter ef0f317c2a HBSD: wipe out nyi-01 related scripts from tools repo. 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 3b4e77c2df HBSD: print out the checksums at the end of build 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 7cf653fdda HBSD: drop unneeded hardened/10-stable/pie branch from autosync 3 years ago
  Oliver Pinter 5534246e73 HBSD: drm-next lives in different repo 4 years ago