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  1. Updating Information for FreeBSD ports developers
  2. This file is maintained by and copyrighted by the
  3. FreeBSD Foundation.
  4. This file contains major changes to ports and the ports infrastructure.
  5. Intended audience are ports committers, maintainers and other
  6. developers. User oriented changes should be submitted for inclusion
  7. in the release notes and/or placed into UPDATING.
  8. All ports committers are allowed to commit to this file.
  9. 20200115:
  10. AUTHOR:
  11. ${PREFIX}/share/man is now a valid location for manpages ${PREFIX}/man being
  12. considered as deprecated.
  13. 20191009:
  14. AUTHOR:
  15. The ipv6 virtual category is gone, it does not make sense anymore in 2019
  16. where the norm in applications is to have support both ipv4 and ipv6.
  17. 20191001:
  18. AUTHOR:
  19. BINARY_WRAPPERS allow to push in front of the PATH wrappers for binaries.
  20. This is useful when 2 tools do provide the same feature, but the configure
  21. scripts do test for some variables which are not in one of the tool.
  22. 20190919:
  23. AUTHOR:
  24. USES=xfce now defaults to gtk3, so for ported applications requiring
  25. GTK2 XFCE support USES=xfce:gtk2 should be used.
  26. 20190903:
  27. AUTHOR:
  28. The ports tree now supports overlays
  29. overlays are a way to help users to integrate their own ports tree
  30. with the official ports tree without having to maintain clone of the
  31. official tree and remerge on regular basis.
  32. The ports tree will lookup in the overlays (in the order the are listed in
  33. OVERLAY variable) for the dependencies and the USES. It will use the first
  34. found.
  35. in order to use it the user have to declare his overlays that way in their
  36. make.conf:
  37. OVERLAYS= overlay1 overlay2 overlay3
  38. 20181225:
  39. AUTHOR:
  40. now defaults to out-of-sourcetree builds. The option 'outsource'
  41. has been removed. Ports that need an intree build now can pass 'insource'.
  42. 20181110:
  43. AUTHOR:
  44. texinfo files are now installed in ${PREFIX}/share/info
  45. 20180630:
  46. AUTHOR:
  47. has been replaced by This changes the way ports have to
  48. depend on Qt slightly.
  49. Previously one would have written
  50. USE_QT4=foo bar
  51. or
  52. USE_QT5=foo bar
  53. while now one has to write
  54. USES=qt:4
  55. USE_QT=foo bar
  56. respectively
  57. USES=qt:5
  58. USE_QT=foo bar
  59. Further no longer respects QT_NONSTANDARD. Ports that don't want to
  60. get the configure environment provided by should add the argument
  61. no_env, ports that don't want the configure target should specify no_configure.
  62. 20180506:
  63. AUTHOR:
  64. All USE_ and WANT_ variables for PHP have been removed and marked
  65. UNSUPPORTED. Use USES= php:<feature> as a replacement.
  68. 20180311:
  69. AUTHOR:
  70. USE_APACHE has been replaced by USES=apache.
  71. 20180308:
  72. AUTHOR:
  73. Ports using USES=php:phpize, php:ext, php:zend, and php:pecl are now
  74. flavored. They will automatically get flavors (php56, php70, php71, php72)
  75. depending of the versions they support (set with IGNORE_WITH_PHP). As a
  76. consequence, ports using USES=pear and USES=horde are also flavored.
  77. As all packages must have different package names, the following variables
  78. must be used in PKGNAMEPREFIX/SUFFIX:
  79. Variable + Values +
  80. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  81. PHP_PKGNAMEPREFIX | php56- php72- | PHP Extensions
  82. | | and modules
  83. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  84. PHP_PKGNAMESUFFIX | -php56 -php72 | PHP Applications
  85. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  86. PECL_PKGNAMEPREFIX | php56-pecl- | PECL extensions
  87. | | automatic
  88. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  89. PEAR_PKGNAMEPREFIX | php56-pear- | PEAR modules
  90. | | without PEAR_CHANNEL
  91. PEAR_<channel>_PKGNAMEPREFIX | php56-pear-channel- | with PEAR_CHANNEL
  92. | | automatic
  93. In all the ports with PHP dependencies, the *_DEPENDS entries MUST end with
  94. the flavor so that the framework knows which to build/use. This is done by
  95. appending '@${PHP_FLAVOR}' after the origin. For example:
  96. RUN_DEPENDS= ${PEAR_PKGNAMEPREFIX}Validate>=0.5.0:devel/pear-Validate@${PHP_FLAVOR} \
  97. ${PECL_PKGNAMEPREFIX}smbclient>=0.8.0:net/pecl-smbclient@${PHP_FLAVOR} \
  98. PHP applications (for example, www/wordpress) can also get flavors, add the
  99. flavors keyword to USES=php, for example: USES=php:flavors, and add
  101. 20180125:
  102. AUTHOR:
  103. Add support to passing directories to EXTRA_PATCHES.
  104. Instead of:
  105. EXTRA_PATCHES= ${PATCHDIR}/feat-foo-patch-file.c \
  106. ${PATCHDIR}/feat-foo-patch-file.h \
  107. ${PATCHDIR}/feat-foo-patch-file2.c
  108. Move those files to ${PATCHDIR}/feat-foo/, name them patch-*, and set:
  109. EXTRA_PATCHES= ${PATCHDIR}/feat-foo
  110. 20180116:
  111. AUTHOR:
  113. PYTHON3_DEFAULT_VERSION have been removed.
  114. 20180106:
  115. AUTHOR:
  116. USES=qmake now accepts a new variable, QMAKE_CONFIGURE_ARGS.
  117. Starting with Qt 5.8.0, qmake can use configure.json files to help define
  118. configuration options and configuration time checks. These options are
  119. generally in the form '-foo -no-bar', and must be passed after "--" at the
  120. end of qmake's command line.
  121. The QMAKE_CONFIGURE_ARGS variable allows one to set those options, and
  122. USES=qmake takes care of passing them at the right position when invoking
  123. qmake.
  124. 20180102:
  125. AUTHOR:
  126. There is a new USES=eigen to depend on math/eigen[23].
  127. Usage:
  128. USES=eigen:<version>[,<type>]
  129. version: 2 or 3 (required)
  130. type: build (default), run
  131. For example:
  132. USES=eigen:2,build,run
  133. will add a BUILD- and RUN_DEPENDS on math/eigen2, and
  134. USES=eigen:3
  135. will add a BUILD_DEPENDS on math/eigen3.
  136. 20171231:
  137. AUTHOR:
  138. USES=cmake now supports two additional list variables:
  139. * CMAKE_ON : List of variables to turn on
  140. * CMAKE_OFF : List of variables to turn off
  141. This can be used as a shortcut to append these to CMAKE_ARGS.
  142. For example ports that previously set
  144. can now set this as
  145. CMAKE_ON= VAR1 VAR2
  146. CMAKE_OFF= VAR3
  147. 20171130:
  148. AUTHOR:
  149. Ports using USE_PYTHON=distutils are now flavored. They will automatically
  150. get flavors (py27, py34, py35, py36) depending on what versions they support.
  151. There is also a USE_PYTHON=flavors for ports that do not use distutils but
  152. need FLAVORS to be set. A USE_PYTHON=noflavors can be set if the port is
  153. using distutils but flavors are not wanted.
  154. A new USE_PYTHON=optsuffix that will add PYTHON_PKGNAMESUFFIX has been added
  155. to cope with Python ports that did not have the Python PKGNAMEPREFIX but are
  156. flavored.
  157. USES=python now also exports a PY_FLAVOR variable that contains the current
  158. python flavor. It can be used in dependency lines when the port itself is
  159. not python flavored, for example, deskutils/calibre.
  160. By default it will only generate flavors for the versions in PYTHON2_DEFAULT
  161. and PYTHON3_DEFAULT. Define BUILD_ALL_PYTHON_FLAVORS in your make.conf to
  162. generate all possible flavors. A port can set USE_PYTHON=allflavors to have
  163. all the flavors and not simply the default ones.
  164. In all the ports with Python dependencies, the *_DEPENDS entries MUST end
  165. with the flavor so that the framework knows which to build/use. This is done
  166. by appending '@${PY_FLAVOR}' after the origin. For example:
  167. RUN_DEPENDS= ${PYTHON_PKGNAMEPREFIX}six>0:devel/py-six@${PY_FLAVOR}
  168. 20171130:
  169. AUTHOR:
  170. To help with flavored ports, helpers are available. In these, replace <*>
  171. with the flavor name.
  172. *_PKGNAMEPREFIX *_PKGNAMESUFFIX *_PLIST *_DESCR will overwrite the variable.
  175. *_LIB_DEPENDS *_RUN_DEPENDS *_TEST_DEPENDS will append to the variable.
  176. For example:
  177. flavor2_PKGNAMESUFFIX= -foo
  178. can replace:
  179. .if ${FLAVOR:U} == flavor2
  180. PKGNAMESUFFIX= -foo
  181. .endif
  182. 20171130:
  183. AUTHOR:
  184. Flavors are a way to have multiple variations of a port. The port is built
  185. multiple times, with the variations. To declare flavors, set the FLAVORS
  186. variable to the flavors you want defined. The first flavor will be the
  187. default:
  188. FLAVORS= flavor1 flavor2
  189. The flavors MUST be lowercase, and can contain [[:lower:][:digit:]_].
  190. Then, when building the port, pass the FLAVOR as an argument after make to
  191. select the flavor.
  192. $ make install FLAVOR=flavor2
  193. In the port, you can then change the behavior depending on the value of the
  194. FLAVOR variable. Note that the different flavors MUST have different
  195. PKGNAMEs. Be sure to guard against an empty FLAVOR variable by using
  196. ${FLAVOR:U}:
  197. .if ${FLAVOR:U} == flavor2
  198. PKGNAMESUFFIX= -foo
  200. .endif
  201. A tools guide is available at:
  203. A port migration guide is available at:
  205. 20171020:
  206. AUTHOR:
  207. The USES=fmake has been removed. It was created to help migration from
  208. old FreeBSD make (pmake) and there are no more users of it left in
  209. the ports tree.
  210. 20171012:
  211. AUTHOR:
  212. Remove WANT_GNOME and HAVE_GNOME, they were in disuse, and made useless by
  213. options.
  214. 20171011:
  215. AUTHOR:
  216. New BINARY_ALIAS variable has been added, when defined it will create symlinks
  217. of some given binaries in a directory which will be prepended to the PATH.
  218. The syntax is the following:
  219. BINARY_ALIAS= target1=source1 target2=source2
  220. For example to have a "swig" binary in the path which will be pointing at
  221. swig3.0 and a "sed" pointing at GNU sed: gsed
  222. BINARY_ALIAS= swig=swig3.0 sed=gsed
  223. 20170625:
  224. AUTHOR:
  225. The default generator for USES=cmake ports has been switched to ninja.
  226. Previously it was possible to opt-in to using ninja instead of make(1)
  227. by setting CMAKE_NINJA, now ports need to opt-out.
  228. Ports that do not build with ninja must switch from
  229. USES=cmake:<args>
  230. to
  231. USES=cmake:<args>,noninja
  232. 20170417:
  233. AUTHOR:
  234. New USES: meson, to handle properly the meson building system.
  235. 20170313:
  236. AUTHOR:
  237. HTTPS certificates are now verified when "make makesum" fetches distfiles.
  238. If this fails make sure you have a CA certificate bundle installed such as
  239. security/ca_root_nss. If it still fails and there are other HTTPS sites
  240. with a valid certificate consider removing the site from MASTER_SITES.
  241. If the site cannot be removed you can disable certificate verification by
  242. adding the following line to the port Makefile:
  244. 20170218:
  245. AUTHOR:
  246. * Qt 4's binaries have been moved to lib/qt4/bin to match what is already done
  247. to Qt 5's binaries. Since these binaries are no longer in ${LOCALBASE}/bin,
  248. they also do not have the -qt4 suffix in their names any more.
  249. * Consequently, there are no Qt 4 or Qt 5 binaries in the default $PATH, and
  250. misc/qtchooser is now used to select the actual Qt binaries. In other
  251. words, calling "qmake" or "moc" now goes through qtchooser, which prefers
  252. Qt 5 binaries by default.
  253. The ports framework handles this automatically. The UPDATING entry covers
  254. this in more detail.
  255. * Qt 5.7.1 requires a C++11-capable compiler to be used. qmake and CMake pass
  256. the appropriate flags to the compiler (such as -std=c++11) automatically,
  257. but if your port fetches Qt's build flags via pkg-config (which can be the
  258. case for autotools-based ports), you might need to take care of this
  259. manually by setting USE_CXXSTD in your Makefile:
  260. USE_CXXSTD= c++11
  261. 20160116:
  262. AUTHOR:
  263. A new EXTRA_PATCH_TREE has been added. Points to a directory hierarchy with
  264. the same layout as the ports tree, where local patches can be found. This
  265. allows a third party to keep their patches in some other source control
  266. system if needed.
  267. For example, if you have EXTRA_PATCH_TREE=/patches, when building
  268. lang/perl5.24, any file named patch-* in /patches/lang/perl5.24/ will be used
  269. to patch the Perl distribution.
  270. 20160116:
  271. AUTHOR:
  272. During extraction of the do-patch target into a separate script, the "-d
  273. PATCH_WRKSRC" had to be removed from the PATCH_ARGS and PATCH_DIST_ARGS
  274. variables. If using these variables directly, you will need to adapt the
  275. Makefile. For example:
  276. ${PATCH} ${PATCH_ARGS} < ${FILESDIR}/extra-patch
  277. needs to be changed to:
  278. ${PATCH} -d ${PATCH_WRKSRC} ${PATCH_ARGS} < ${FILESDIR}/extra-patch
  279. 20161218:
  280. AUTHOR:
  281. QT_PREFIX has been dropped, in favour of using PREFIX directly.
  282. 20160911:
  283. AUTHOR:
  284. Support has been added for complete set of Creative Commons licenses
  285. CC-(BY|BY-ND|BY-NC|BY-NC-ND|BY-NC-SA|BY-SA)-(1.0|2.0|2.5|3.0|4.0)
  286. 20160909:
  287. AUTHOR:
  288. Verbose build logs are now preferred and enabled by default for cmake,
  289. ninja and GNU configure. Ports which still produce quiet build logs
  290. (hiding actual commands) are strongly advised to switch to verbose logs.
  291. 20160908:
  292. AUTHOR:
  293. Support has been added for NONE license, use it when the port doesn't
  294. have cleanly defined licensing terms. Note that without clean license
  295. allowing you to use and distribute the code it would be be illegal to do
  296. so in many jurisdictions, so for ports with NONE license no distfiles or
  297. packages are distributed.
  298. 20160824:
  299. AUTHOR:
  300. To complete the USE_GITHUB framework, a GH_SUBDIR variable has been added.
  301. It automatically moves a secondary distfile to the right place inside WRKSRC.
  302. It also extends the GH_TUPLE variable to make it as easy to use as possible.
  303. Before:
  304. GH_TUPLE= Regaddi:Chart.js:f13f99b:chart_js \
  305. FVANCOP:ChartNew.js:77e7f87:chartnew_js
  306. post-extract:
  307. @${RMDIR} ${WRKSRC}/database ${WRKSRC}/3rd/Chart.js
  308. @${MV} ${WRKSRC_database} ${WRKSRC}/database
  309. @${MV} ${WRKSRC_chart_js} ${WRKSRC}/3rd/Chart.js
  310. After:
  311. GH_TUPLE= Regaddi:Chart.js:f13f99b:chart_js/3rd/Chart.js \
  312. FVANCOP:ChartNew.js:77e7f87:chartnew_js/3rd/ChartNew.js
  313. It also works if not using GH_TUPLE but the regular
  315. GH_SUBDIR= 3rd/Chart.js:chart_js 3rd/ChartNew.js:chartnew_js
  316. 20160824:
  317. AUTHOR:
  318. A new USES file has been introduced: USES=kde:4, which replaces the old
  319. file in preparation for upcoming KDE Frameworks and Plasma5
  320. ports.
  321. Ports depending on KDE4 have to switch from
  322. USE_KDE4=foo bar
  323. to
  324. USES=kde:4
  325. USE_KDE=foo bar
  326. and make sure to switch from using KDE4_PREFIX to the new name KDE_PREFIX
  327. in the Makefiles as well as plists.
  328. 20160821:
  329. AUTHOR:
  330. A new USES file has been introduced: USES=grantlee:[4,5], which introduces a
  331. LIB_DEPENDS on either devel/grantlee (Qt4) or devel/grantlee5 (Qt5).
  332. Uses/ also exports the GRANTLEE_VERSION variable to users, and the
  333. GRANTLEE_VERSION_FULL and GRANTLEE_VERSION_SHORT pkg-plist substitutions.
  334. 20160817:
  335. AUTHOR:
  336. This adds the possibility to use regular expressions for the makeplist stage
  337. of the PLIST_SUB life.
  338. From time to time, the values are too generic, and they get in the way of
  339. other stuff.
  340. This adds the possibility to have a VAR_regex=regex that will be used
  341. instead of the VAR=string to search for possible replacements.
  342. For example, in lang/perl5*, there is PERL_ARCH=mach, which will get replaced
  343. in paths if a file is called, say "machine", will end up being
  344. "%%PERL_ARCH%%ine". Adding PERL_ARCH_regex="\bmach\b" will ensure only full
  345. words are replaced, so machine will stay machine, but "lib/mach/foo "will
  346. still be replaced by "lib/%%PERL_ARCH%%/foo".
  347. 20160803:
  348. AUTHOR:
  349. Every PHP (or Zend) extension now installs its own .ini file in
  350. /usr/local/etc/php. A PHP extension will be automatically activated when
  351. installed. The order into which extensions are loaded is automatically
  352. guessed. In some very rare cases, the guess will be wrong, and PHP_MOD_PRIO
  353. will need to be set. Refer to the USES=php section of the Porter's Handbook
  354. for more information.
  355. 20160628:
  356. AUTHOR:
  357. USEify USES=php.
  358. The following variables have been folded into arguments:
  359. - USE_PHPIZE -> USES=php:phpize
  360. - USE_PHPEXT -> USES=php:ext
  361. - USE_ZENDEXT -> USES=php:zend
  362. - USE_PHP_BUILD -> USES=php:build
  363. - WANT_PHP_CLI -> USES=php:cli
  364. - WANT_PHP_CGI -> USES=php:cgi
  365. - WANT_PHP_MOD -> USES=php:mod
  366. - WANT_PHP_WEB -> USES=php:web
  367. - WANT_PHP_EMB -> USES=php:embed
  368. 20160627:
  369. AUTHOR:
  370. USE_OPENSSL has been replaced by USES=ssl.
  371. 20160625:
  372. AUTHOR:
  373. A new ${opt}_CMAKE_BOOL OPTIONS helper has been added. Instead of:
  376. you can use this shortcut:
  378. 20160525:
  379. AUTHOR:
  380. A new stage-qa test has been added, it reports all shared libraries
  381. dependencies that are not part of the port list of dependencies. It help
  382. finds what is called proxy dependencies.
  383. A is needed by B, and B is needed by C. If C also needs A, then it needs to
  384. be registered, and this check will tell you to do so.
  385. Right now, it is only reporting the problems, but if you add
  386. PROXYDEPS_FATAL=yes to your environment, it will give an error and will force
  387. you to fix the dependencies.
  388. 20160525:
  389. AUTHOR:
  390. New keyword @xmlcatmgr has been added, to handle the XML and SGML catalog
  391. maintainance, in order to improve consistency and correctness of the
  392. generation of the catalog.
  393. If the catalog file has an extension being '.xml' it will be automatically
  394. added to the XML catalog, otherwise it will be added to the SGML catalog
  395. 20160512:
  396. AUTHOR:
  397. "make makesum" now writes the current timestamp to distinfo when it is run.
  398. This is done to support development and prototyping efforts for reproducible
  399. package builds, which require some concept of a "last updated" time.
  400. The TIMESTAMP can currently be ignored for ports that have no distinfo, and
  401. for updates done without using "make makesum."
  402. 20160428
  403. AUTHOR:
  404. USE_RUBYGEMS has been replaced by USES=gem.
  405. 20160426:
  406. AUTHOR:
  407. USE_MYSQL and USE_BDB have been replaced by USES=mysql and USES=bdb.
  408. WANT_BDB_VER=XX should be replaced by USES=bdb:XX.
  409. 20160414:
  410. AUTHOR:
  411. USE_RC_SUBR=yes has not done anything for a long time, it will now give an error.
  412. 20160413:
  413. AUTHOR:
  415. by invoking configure, build and install stage outside of source tree e.g.,
  416. $ mkdir ../.build
  417. $ cd ../.build
  418. $ ${OLDPWD}/configure
  419. $ gmake
  420. $ gmake install
  421. 20160402:
  422. AUTHOR:
  423. Adding ${PORTSDIR} in dependency lines is no longer necessary meaning
  424. RUN_DEPENDS= foo:${PORTSDIR}/bar/foo
  425. can now be written
  426. RUN_DEPENDS= foo:bar/foo
  427. if the path after ':' is not absolute the framework will automatically
  428. prepend ${PORTSDIR}/
  429. 20160301:
  430. AUTHOR:
  431. Introduce GH_TUPLE.
  432. GH_TUPLE allows one to put all the GH_{ACCOUNT,PROJECT,TAGNAME} into one
  433. variable, in the form of account:project:tagname[:group]. It is helpful when
  434. there are many submodules.
  435. 20160207:
  436. AUTHOR:
  437. The GNOME and MATE framework activation changed. To use the frameworks
  438. now either gnome or mate needs to be added USES.
  439. The usage of USE_GNOME, USE_MATE, INSTALLS_ICONS and for example
  440. GLIB_SCHEMAS stays the same.
  441. Like with USES, the use of USE_GNOME and so after
  442. is now forbidden.
  443. 20160112:
  444. AUTHOR:
  445. Support has been added for "or later" variants of GNU licenses
  446. (e.g. LICENSE=GPLv2+) and for Public Domain (LICENSE=PD).
  447. Complete list of new LICENSE values:
  448. AGPLv3+ GPLv1+ GPLv2+ GPLv3+ GPLv3RLE+ LGPL20+ LGPL21+ LGPL3+ PD
  449. 20160110:
  450. AUTHOR:
  451. USE_FIREBIRD and USE_SQLITE has been replaced by USES=firebird and
  452. USES=sqlite
  453. 20151105:
  454. AUTHOR:
  455. Change the meaning of NO_WRKSUBDIR to force a WRKDIR != WRKSRC.
  456. Right now, NO_WRKSUBDIR means that the extraction does not produce a
  457. subdirectory, and that everything goes straight into WRKDIR. It is
  458. problematic, because during the build of a port, quite a few files
  459. are created in there, and then, a stage directory, where everything
  460. is installed, and then a pkg directory where the package is created,
  461. and those often conflict, or get in the way, of the building
  462. process.
  463. With this, NO_WRKSUBDIR will extract the distfiles directly into
  464. WRKSRC instead of WRKDIR. In this case, WRKSRC is artificial and is
  465. based on PKGNAME and not DISTNAME, mitigate conflicts with rc files.
  466. 20151022:
  467. AUTHOR:
  468. Improved support for USES=shebangfix
  469. - We now support multiple values for *_OLD_CMD
  470. - We replace more variants by default (/bin/${lang}, /usr/bin/${lang},
  471. /usr/bin/env ${lang}).
  472. - shebangfix now also supports lua if USES=lua is specified
  473. - Pattern matching has been improved: we now only match whole worlds,
  474. e.g. "/usr/bin/perl5.005" is no longer erroneously replaced with
  475. "${perl_CMD}5.005".
  476. Note that *_OLD_CMD entries which contain spaces must now be quoted.
  477. 20150928:
  478. AUTHOR:
  479. Implemented complete support for test target.
  480. You can now `make test' on any port to run test sequence, no-op by default.
  481. If a port defines TEST_TARGET, it'll run sub-make with specified target,
  482. usually `check' or `test', useful if upstream supports that. The port may
  483. instead define custom do-test target, as well as usual satellite targets:
  484. {pre,do,post}-test, {pre,do,post}-test-OPT, {pre,do,post}-test-OPT-off
  485. `make test' builds and stages port first, so test may use both WRKDIR and
  486. STAGEDIR, and both BUILD and RUN depends are available for test target.
  487. Additionally, TEST_DEPENDS is now properly supported and may be used to
  488. define additional depends specifically for testing.
  489. Framework may define default tests for specific cases. For instance,
  490. and provide default test target on their own.
  491. 20150926:
  492. AUTHOR:
  493. @sample now accept arguments, so it can now be used the following way:
  494. @sample afile.sample
  495. or
  496. @sample path/to/example etc/target
  497. 20150926:
  498. AUTHOR:
  499. New keywords are supported in pkg since 1.5.x:
  500. @preexec <command>: execute the <command> during pre-install scripts
  501. @postexec <command>: execute the <command> during post-install scripts
  502. @preunexec <command>: execute the <command> during pre-deinstall scripts
  503. @postunexec <command>: execute the <command> during post-deinstall scripts
  504. @exec does not specify when if should be executed and is now considered as
  505. deprecated.
  506. 20150914:
  507. AUTHOR:
  508. Introducing the %%PERL5_MAN1%% PLIST_SUB entry, as Perl now installs man1
  509. pages in the same prefix as man3 pages.
  510. 20150828:
  511. AUTHOR:
  512. <opt>_VARS and <opt>_VARS_OFF have been introduced to allow for a generic way
  513. to set/append to variables.
  514. OPT1_VARS= foo=bar baz+=bam
  515. will set FOO to bar and append bam to BAZ if OPT1 is enabled. <opt>_VARS_OFF
  516. works the same way, if the option is disabled.
  517. 20150818:
  518. AUTHOR:
  519. The CMAKE_ENV option has been deprecated. It no longer has any effect, and
  520. the CONFIGURE_ENV variable should be used instead.
  521. 20150818:
  522. AUTHOR:
  523. <opt>_IMPLIES and <opt>_PREVENTS have been introduced to register dependency,
  524. or conflicts between options.
  528. If the FOO option is selected, the BAR option will be enabled as well. If
  529. the BAZ and BAR options are both enabled, an error will be given.
  530. 20150817:
  531. AUTHOR:
  532. UNIQUENAME and LATEST_LINK have been removed. LATEST_LINK was only used by
  533. ports-mgmt/pkg{,-devel} and PKGBASE can be used in its stead. UNIQUENAME was
  534. used by USE_LDCONFIG where it was not unique enough, and as old compat shims
  535. with options.
  536. 20150716:
  537. AUTHOR:
  538. USE_GHOSTSCRIPT was replaced by USES=ghostscript. The ghostscript USES
  539. accepts version, build, run, nox11 and for version 9 the agpl argument.
  540. If no version is specified, the default 9 for GHOSTSCRIPT_DEFAULT is honored.
  541. 20150701:
  542. AUTHOR:
  543. Make option target helpers have been added, it allows replacing:
  544. .include <>
  545. post-patch:
  546. ${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|/usr/local|${LOCALBASE}|g' \
  547. ${WRKSRC}/Configure ${WRKSRC}/hints/
  549. ${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|%%PTHREAD_LIBS%%|-lpthread|g;' \
  550. ${WRKSRC}/hints/
  551. .else
  552. ${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|%%PTHREAD_LIBS%%||g;' \
  553. ${WRKSRC}/hints/
  554. .endif
  555. with:
  556. post-patch:
  557. ${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|/usr/local|${LOCALBASE}|g' \
  558. ${WRKSRC}/Configure ${WRKSRC}/hints/
  559. post-patch-PTHREAD-on:
  560. ${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|%%PTHREAD_LIBS%%|-lpthread|g;' \
  561. ${WRKSRC}/hints/
  562. post-patch-PTHREAD-off:
  563. ${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|%%PTHREAD_LIBS%%||g;' \
  564. ${WRKSRC}/hints/
  565. 20150622:
  566. AUTHOR:
  567. Remove USE_RCORDER, USE_RC_SUBR has been modified to support PREFIX=/usr
  568. automatically
  569. 20150529:
  570. AUTHOR:
  571. Extend the multiple distfiles USE_GITHUB framework by allowing it to fetch
  572. only additional distfiles, but not the main one. Set USE_GITHUB=nodefault
  573. and use the GH_* variables with groups as usual.
  574. 20150528:
  575. AUTHOR:
  576. USE_GITHUB can now fetch multiple distfiles. It uses a grouping feature
  577. similar to MASTER_SITES/PATCH_SITES.
  578. Some helpful variables are provided: WRKSRC_<group> for putting things in the
  579. right place in post-extract, and DISTNAME_<group>/DISTFILE_<group> for use
  580. with EXTRACT_ONLY.
  581. A simple example:
  582. PORTNAME= bar
  583. PORTVERSION= 1.0
  584. USE_GITHUB= yes
  585. GH_ACCOUNT= foo
  586. GH_PROJECT= ${PORTNAME}-images:images
  587. post-extract:
  588. @${MV} ${WRKSRC_images} ${WRKSRC}/images
  589. It will fetch those two distfiles:
  590. $ make fetch-urlall-list
  593. It will then extract them to ${WRKDIR} in their respectives directories.
  594. 20150526:
  595. AUTHOR:
  596. PYTHON_REL has been switched from a 3 digits number to a 4 digits number to
  597. handle python 2.7.10. Ports checking for python 2.7.9 should compare
  598. PYTHON_REL against 2709 and ports checking for python 2.7.10 should compare
  599. PYTHON_REL against 2710.
  600. 20150521:
  601. AUTHOR:
  602. GH_COMMIT support has been removed, see the 20150319 for more informations.
  603. 20150419:
  604. AUTHOR:
  605. USE_AUTOTOOLS has been deprecated. It can be replaced with USES=autoreconf
  606. and GNU_CONFIGURE=yes.
  607. Support for USE_AUTOTOOLS=libtoolize has been removed. It can be replaced
  608. with "USES=autoreconf libtool".
  609. 20150409:
  610. AUTHOR:
  611. Add a new USES=gnustep to handle the GNUstep ports. Now the dependencies on
  612. GNUstep libraries is done via the regular LIB_DEPENDS
  613. USE_GNUSTEP is now a macro that accept many arguments: back, build, gui, back
  614. Depending on the feature needed for a given port
  615. Reuse USES=objc to avoid duplicating code
  616. 20150408:
  617. AUTHOR:
  618. Add a new USES=waf to handle the waf building system, allowing to factorise
  619. code. Plug waf into MAKE_CMD and CONFIGURE_CMD so the regular defined targets
  620. can be reused.
  621. Always define _MAKE_JOBS so that when will stop overwritting
  622. _MAKE_JOBS when parallel jobs are disabled we can enforce -j1 (which is needed
  623. to really disable parallelisation with waf
  624. WAF_CMD has been created to allow one to override the location of the waf
  625. script relatively to WRKSRC
  626. CONFIGURE_TARGET is by default defined to "configure"
  627. ALL_TARGET is by default defined to "build"
  628. INSTALL_TARGET is by default defined to "install"
  629. USES=waf is by default stagedir safe
  630. 20150407:
  631. AUTHOR:
  632. USE_XZ and USE_BZIP2 are not supported anymore, they have been replaced by
  633. USES=tar:bzip2 and tar:xz
  634. 20150328:
  635. AUTHOR:
  636. New "metaport" USES to take care of predefining correctly the needed
  637. macros as expected by meta ports.
  638. 20150323:
  639. AUTHOR:
  640. Remove "@fc" and "@fontsdir". All fonts should always use @fcfontsdir which
  641. Properly takes care of the fonts.dir and fonts.scale cache files as well
  642. as ensure to properly update the fontconfig cache
  643. New "fonts" USES. It defines the default variables needed for fonts and also
  644. takes care of the run time dependencies
  645. 20150326:
  646. AUTHOR:
  647. PTHREAD_CFLAGS and PTHREAD_LIBS have been removed. Please see entry
  648. 20130207 for more information.
  649. 20150319:
  650. AUTHOR:
  651. MASTER_SITE GHR (GITHUB_RELEASE) has been removed. The same functionality
  652. can be achieved with just USE_GITHUB/GH_ACCOUNT/GH_PROJECT. GH_TAGNAME
  653. defaults to DISTVERSION. If the tag needs to be adjusted then change
  654. GH_TAGNAME. No GH_COMMIT is needed.
  655. 20150319:
  656. AUTHOR:
  657. USE_GITHUB has been updated to make GH_COMMIT optional. Using this new
  658. scheme allows only setting the _tag_ or _commit hash_ in GH_TAGNAME and
  659. not having to know the hash for a tag. This scheme will download a tarball
  660. that has a different checksum than before due to a changed directory name
  661. for extraction.
  662. GH_TAGNAME can now be any length of the hash as long as it is unique. There
  663. is no longer a 7-character requirement.
  664. The following MASTER_SITES are provided to retain the old checksum and
  665. directory structure (that require GH_COMMIT):
  666. GH -> GHL
  668. 20150305:
  669. AUTHOR:
  670. Dependencies on the Xfce ports have been migrated to USES. Instead
  671. of USE_XFCE= configenv, you should use USES= xfce.
  672. 20150224:
  673. AUTHOR:
  674. New USE_QT4 component has been introduced to reduce buildtime
  675. dependencies for Qt 4 ports that use localization support. Instead
  676. of USE_QT4=linguist you should now use USE_QT4=linguisttools_build.
  677. Conversion of existing ports may require USE_QT4 adjustment for
  678. missing components.
  679. 20141217:
  680. AFFECTS: users of lang/perl5.*
  681. AUTHOR:
  682. Perl now links with all .so it builds. The stage-qa checks have
  683. been extended to check that is in fact linked with .so in
  684. SITE_ARCH and errors out if none of the .so build by a port are linked with
  685. it. It also checks that the rpath and runpath elf attributes are present.
  686. 20141130:
  687. AUTHOR:
  688. The devel/gettext port has been split up in devel/gettext-runtime which
  689. contains runtime libraries such as libintl, and devel/gettext-tools which
  690. contains build tools such as msgfmt. You can use USES=gettext-runtime to
  691. set a LIB/BUILD/RUN_DEPENDS on devel/gettext-runtime and USES=gettext-tools
  692. to set a BUILD/RUN_DEPENDS on devel/gettext-tools.
  693. USES=gettext is now the same as "USES=gettext-runtime gettext-tools",
  694. meaning a LIB_DEPENDS on devel/gettext-runtime and a BUILD_DEPENDS on
  695. devel/gettext-tools.
  696. 20141126:
  697. AUTHOR:
  698. The way Perl modules are installed has changed. Before, we had
  699. site_perl : lib/perl5/site_perl/5.18
  700. site_perl/perl_arch : lib/perl5/site_perl/5.18/mach
  701. perl_man3 : lib/perl5/5.18/man/man3
  702. Now we have :
  703. site_perl : lib/perl5/site_perl
  704. site_arch : lib/perl5/site_perl/mach/5.18
  705. perl_man3 : lib/perl5/site_perl/man/man3
  706. Modules without any .so will be installed at the same place regardless of the
  707. Perl version, minimizing the upgrade when the major Perl version is changed.
  708. It uses a version dependent directory for modules with compiled bits.
  709. As PERL_ARCH is no longer needed in plists, it has been removed from
  710. PLIST_SUB.
  711. The USE_PERL5=fixpacklist keyword is removed, the .packlist file is now
  712. always removed, as is perllocal.pod.
  713. The old site_perl and site_perl/arch directories have been kept in the
  714. default Perl @INC for all Perl ports, and will be phased out as these old
  715. Perl versions expire.
  716. 20141122:
  717. AUTHOR:
  718. Dependencies on the PostgreSQL ports have been migrated
  719. to USES. Instead of USE_PGSQL, please use USES=pgsql instead.
  720. USE_PGSQL=yes becomes USES=pgsql
  721. WANT_PGSQL_VER=91+ becomes USES=pgsql:9.1+
  722. USE_PGSQL=server becomes USES=pgsql and WANT_PGSQL=server
  723. 20141118:
  724. AUTHOR:
  725. To ease future work, a new SITE_ARCH variable and PLIST_SUB replacement
  726. containing SITE_PERL/PERL_ARCH has been added.
  727. 20141102:
  728. AUTHOR:
  729. SSP is now default. This can be disabled with WITHOUT_SSP.
  730. SSP_CFLAGS defaults to -fstack-protector.
  731. SSP will be used on all amd64 releases. It will only be used on i386
  732. releases over 10.0.
  733. 20141007:
  734. AUTHOR:
  735. The @cwd [path] construct in plist files is deprecated. Instead of adding
  736. those lines to the plist:
  737. @cwd /
  738. etc/rc.d/foo
  739. var/db/bar
  740. @cwd /some
  741. @exec mkdir -p %D/nested/dir
  742. add this:
  743. /etc/rc.d/foo
  744. /var/db/bar
  745. @exec mkdir -p /some/nested/dir
  746. 20141002:
  747. AUTHOR:
  748. New BUNDLE_LIBS knobs to allow a port to tell pkg(8) not to compute provided
  749. libraries, this is to be used when a port bundles libraries it doesn't want
  750. to expose to other ports.
  751. 20141001:
  752. AUTHOR:
  753. Support for autoconf213, autoheader213, aclocal14 and automake14 has been
  754. removed from USE_AUTOTOOLS.
  755. 20140930:
  756. AUTHOR:
  757. Building ports in a chroot or jail have always required a particular
  758. environment be setup. This was not clear though and the ports framework
  759. did not enforce it. These requirements are:
  760. 1. Either a SRC_BASE/sys/sys/param.h, or /usr/include/sys/param.h be
  761. present with the __FreeBSD_version_ number of the target system,
  762. or OSVERSION be set in the environment. Lack of these would fallback
  763. on kern.osreldate before, which is no longer the case.
  764. 2. UNAME_r,UNAME_v,UNAME_s all must be set for the target system.
  765. Not having these values in sync will now cause the build to error until it is
  766. resolved.
  767. Setting these in the environment can be done via your own wrapper scripts,
  768. or /etc/login.conf (along with cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf) or
  769. via /etc/make.conf using appropriate values. Note that OSVERSION is redundant
  770. if a proper param.h is in the environment:
  771. OSVERSION+= 1100036
  773. UNAME_ENV+= UNAME_s=FreeBSD
  775. UNAME_ENV+= UNAME_v="${UNAME_s} ${UNAME_r}"
  777. MAKE_ENV+= ${UNAME_ENV}
  780. 20140922:
  781. AUTHOR:
  782. pkg(8) now handles the directories under PREFIX automatically,
  783. and will automatically remove them as needed.
  784. A new @dir keyword has been introduced to handle directories specially:
  785. - directories with special owner, group, or permissions (access mode)
  786. - empty directories
  787. - directories out of PREFIX
  788. As a consequence @dirrm and @dirrmtry are now considered deprecated.
  789. Credentials can now be passed in arguments to keywords
  790. (the empty keyword means "regular file"):
  791. @(user,group,mode) file1
  792. @dir(user,group,mode) directory_with_special_owner_or_mode
  793. PLIST_DIRSTRY is now considered deprecated, use PLIST_DIRS instead.
  794. 20140917:
  795. AUTHOR:
  796. Support for USE_AUTOTOOLS=libtool, USE_GNOME=ltasneededhack,
  797. USE_GNOME=lthack and USE_GNOME=ltverhack has been removed.
  798. Ports should use USES=libtool instead.
  799. Support for USE_AUTOTOOLS=libltdl has been removed.
  800. Ports should use${PORTSDIR}/devel/libltdl
  801. 20140916:
  802. AUTHOR:
  803. The installation of *.la files without some form of USES=libtool in the
  804. port Makefile will now result in a stage-qa error.
  805. Previously this would only cause a warning.
  806. The :keepla argument to USES=libtool is no longer special. It is now
  807. only needed if a port uses *.la files at run time and no longer to fix
  808. link problems in other ports.
  809. 20140901:
  810. AUTHOR:
  811. Support for pkg_install has been removed.
  812. Note that WITH_PKGNG is now called WITH_PKG (still used to define 'devel')
  813. WITH_PKGNG remains for compatibility
  814. @stopdaemon support has gone, pkg(8) has a generic mechanism to
  815. provide the same function, see HANDLE_RC_SCRIPTS in pkg.conf(5).
  816. 20140901:
  817. AUTHOR:
  818. Support for NO_STAGE has been removed.
  819. 20140825:
  820. AUTHOR:
  821. Support for NOPORTDATA has been removed.
  822. 20140809:
  823. AUTHOR:
  824. The Python language bits of the ports framework have been converted
  825. to USES. Instead of USE_PYTHON, please use USES=python instead.
  826. USE_PYTHON=yes becomes USES=python
  827. USE_PYTHON=2.7+ becomes USES=python:2.7+
  828. USE_PYTHON_BUILD=3.3 becomes USES=python:3.3,build
  829. ...
  830. Additionally, several Python specific features have been converted
  831. to USES-inspired USE_PYTHON=<featureA>,<featureB>.
  832. USE_PYDISTUTILS becomes USE_PYTHON=distutils
  834. ...
  835. Please read the header comments of Uses/ for more details
  836. about the new and changed bits and pieces. You will find a list of
  837. deprecated variables and how to replace them in your own ports at
  838. the end of the header comment.
  839. 20140715:
  840. AUTHOR:
  841. LIB_DEPENDS only supports one form: lib*.so
  842. 20140708:
  843. AUTHOR:
  844. Support for installations based on the easy_install target has
  845. been removed from the Ports framework for Python software. The
  846. PYEASYINSTALL_* knobs and support for USE_PYDISTUTILS=easy_install have
  847. been removed.
  848. 20140623:
  849. AUTHOR:
  850. IGNOREFILES is not supported anymore, it was an unsafe feature allowing to
  851. use unchecked files downloaded from untrusted places to be used in the ports
  852. tree.
  853. 20140607:
  854. AUTHOR:
  855. New PYTHON_CONCURRENT_INSTALL knob to support the parallel installation
  856. of ports for different python versions.
  857. If set to yes, the knob indicates that the port can be installed for
  858. different python versions at the same time. The port will use a unique
  859. prefix for certain directories using USES=uniquefiles:dirs (see the
  860. Uses for details about the directories). Binaries
  861. receive an additional suffix, based on ${PYTHON_VER}.
  862. The values for the uniquefiles USES are set as follows:
  865. If the port is installed for the current default python version, scripts and
  866. binaries in
  867. ${PREFIX}/bin
  868. ${PREFIX}/sbin
  869. ${PREFIX}/libexec
  870. are linked from the prefixed version to the prefix-less original name,
  871. e.g. bin/foo-2.7 --> bin/foo.
  872. 20140529:
  873. AUTHOR:
  874. USE_GMAKE is no longer supported, please use USES=gmake instead
  875. 20140526:
  876. AUTHOR:
  877. USE_DOS2UNIX is no longer supported, USES=dos2unix should be used instead
  878. 20140525:
  879. AUTHOR:
  880. Add a USE_PERL5=fixpacklist to account for ports creating a .packlist file
  881. referencing ${STAGEDIR} when not using USE_PERL5=configure or
  882. USE_PERL5=modbuildtiny.
  883. 20140505:
  884. AUTHOR:
  885. :U and :L syntax is not supported anymore in the ports tree, :tu and :tl
  886. should be used instead
  887. This makes the ports tree incompatible with make(1) version that does not
  888. support :tu and :tl (aka FreeBSD 8.3 and earlier)
  889. 20140428:
  890. AUTHOR:
  891. EXTRA_PATCHES has been extended to support a new syntax:
  892. EXTRA_PATCHES= file:-pX
  893. Where X is the pathname strip count passed to patch(1)
  894. 20140423:
  895. AUTHOR:
  896. The semantics of USES=libtool have changed. It now deletes .la libraries
  897. from the staging area to reduce overlinking. USES=libtool:keepla can be
  898. used in case they need to be kept. This form still modifies .la libraries
  899. to remove references to other libraries to reduce overlinking.
  900. Note that .la libraries have to kept around as long as there are .la
  901. libraries from other ports that refer to them. Those ports need to use
  902. some form of USES=libtool first such that those references are removed.
  903. 20140419:
  904. AUTHOR:
  905. check-orphans has been renamed to check-plist. It now checks:
  906. A. Files in STAGEDIR that are missing from plist.
  907. To make check-plist ignore a file *as an orphan* do one of the
  908. following:
  909. 1. Install it
  910. 2. post-install: ${RM} ${STAGEDIR}file
  911. 3. Put the file behind an OPTION with a PLIST_SUB: %%OPTION%%file
  912. 4. Add to plist as a @comment
  913. @comment file
  914. @comment @dirrmtry dir
  915. B. Files in plist missing from STAGEDIR
  916. C. Files in plist which are owned by dependencies/MTREEs
  917. 20140416:
  918. AUTHOR:
  919. The default target for 'make' now runs 'make stage' if the port supports
  920. it, otherwise 'make build' as before.
  921. 20140411:
  922. AUTHOR:
  923. A new plist keyword has been added, @sample. It accepts a file (must end in
  924. .sample):
  925. @sample file.conf.sample
  926. This will install file.conf.sample and copy it to file.conf. The file.conf
  927. will be removed if it matches file.conf.sample on deinstall.
  928. This replaces older patterns of:
  929. @unexec if cmp -s %D/etc/pkgtools.conf %D/etc/pkgtools.conf.sample; then rm -f %D/etc/pkgtools.conf; fi
  930. etc/pkgtools.conf.sample
  931. @exec [ -f %B/pkgtools.conf ] || cp %B/%f %B/pkgtools.conf
  932. 20140312:
  933. AUTHOR:
  934. Two new USES were added to finish handling distfiles formats a consistent way:
  935. USES=tar[:[xz|bzip2|Z|tgz]] handles distributions files in format:
  936. - plain tar
  937. - tar.xz
  938. - tar.bz2
  939. - tar.Z
  940. - tgz
  941. USES=lha handles distributions files info LHA format
  942. 20140307:
  943. AUTHOR:
  944. Two new USES were added by :
  945. USES=zip handles distribution files in Zip format. InfoZip files
  946. need USES=zip:infozip
  947. USES=makeself handles distribution files in makeself format.
  948. 20140303:
  949. AUTHOR:
  950. Add support for Qt 5 via USE_QT5. USE_QT5 is analogous to USE_QT4,
  951. the only difference is the list of available components
  952. (see Mk/ for details). USES=qmake supports Qt 5 as well.
  953. 20140224:
  954. AUTHOR:
  955. Deprecate support for KNOBS, the new option framework allows to express a
  956. more consistent, user friendly and visible way the same feature.
  957. 20140127:
  958. AUTHOR:
  959. Add two new options helpers:
  960. ${OPT}_${TYPE}_DEPENDS_OFF=<something> will automatically add:
  961. ${TYPE_DEPENDS}+=<something> in case OPT is 'off'
  962. ${OPT}_${FLAG}_OFF=<something> will automatically add:
  963. ${FLAG}+=<something> in case OPT is 'off'
  964. 20140111:
  965. AUTHOR:
  966. New USES=uniquefiles to make files or directories unique
  967. by adding a prefix or suffix to them.
  968. Files listed in UNIQUE_PREFIX_FILES will receive the prefix
  969. set via UNIQUE_PREFIX. The same applies to UNIQUE_SUFFIX_FILES,
  970. but with the chosen UNIQUE_SUFFIX. UNIQUE_PREFIX and
  972. default.
  973. The uniquefiles USES enables ports to name files in special
  974. ways, e.g. by outlining that the port does not support X11
  975. (-nox11). A binary named bin/foo thus can be easily renamed
  976. to bin/foo-featureA via
  977. USES= uniquefiles
  978. UNIQUE_SUFFIX= -featureA
  979. UNIQUE_SUFFIX_FILES= bin/foo
  980. The uniquefiles USES automatically adjusts the plist at
  981. installation time. There is no need to consider the prefix
  982. or suffix in the pkg-plist file itself. If the original name
  983. of the renamed file is bin/foo, this exact name should be put
  984. into pkg-plist.
  985. The dirs argument to USES=uniquefiles will cause certain
  986. standard directories, such as DOCSDIR or EXAMPLESDIR to be
  987. prepended with the UNIQUE_PREFIX. The change to the directories
  988. will hapen prior to configuring or building the port, so that
  989. the port Makefile as well as the port's build logic are aware
  990. of the changed name.
  991. Since the uniquefiles USES effectively manipulates the port's
  992. installation and file layout, it will only be available for
  993. stagedir-aware ports. Ports with NO_STAGE=yes will be unable
  994. to use the uniquefiles USES.
  995. 20131218:
  996. AUTHOR:
  997. lang/python (and as such the 'python' binary and accomplices)
  998. has been removed as default dependency for the USE_PYTHON,
  1000. Ports need to use a designated (default) python interpreter
  1001. to build and install and in most cases for execution in the user
  1002. environment. Ports that install python scripts, which are not
  1003. limited to a certain python version (or version range), can
  1004. include lang/python as build and/or run dependency.
  1005. USE_PYTHON=yes and similar knobs will only pull in the
  1006. default python version (e.g. lang/python27), but none
  1007. of the meta ports or lang/python itself.
  1008. Please use lang/python as build or run-time dependency only,
  1009. if there is no other way to get a port working properly, since
  1010. the usage of lang/python complicates package builds for different
  1011. python versions.
  1012. 20131213:
  1013. AUTHOR:
  1014. New USES=fortran to replace USE_FORTRAN.
  1015. USE_FORTRAN=yes can be replaced with USES=fortran or USES=fortran:gcc.
  1016. USE_FORTRAN=ifort can be replaced with USES=fortran:ifort.
  1017. USE_FORTRAN=f77 is deprecated and the version of gcc it depends
  1018. on (lang/gcc34) is scheduled to be removed.
  1019. Note that USE_FORTRAN=yes also makes GCC the C/C++ compiler while
  1020. USES=fortran only sets the Fortran compiler and can be used together
  1021. with Clang as C/C++ compiler.
  1022. 20131208:
  1023. AUTHOR:
  1024. New USES=twisted, to replace the old USE_TWISTED knob.
  1025. twisted can be configured with the arguments run or build to replace
  1026. the previous USE_TWISTED_RUN and USE_TWISTED_BUILD knobs. The twisted
  1027. components can be added as comma-separated arguments. If you previously
  1028. wrote
  1029. USE_TWISTED= yes
  1030. USE_TWISTED= conch names
  1031. USE_TWISTED_RUN= yes
  1032. you now would write
  1033. USES= twisted
  1034. USES= twisted:conch,names
  1035. USES= twisted:run
  1036. 20131119:
  1037. AUTHOR:
  1038. The USE_GNOME component ltverhack no longer has a hard dependancy on
  1039. libtool.
  1040. If USE_AUTOTOOLS=libtool isn't defined it will try to patch
  1041. and or libtool in ${WRKSRC}. If those files are located somewhere else
  1042. in ${WRKSRC} then it is possible to overwrite ltverhack_PATCH_FILES
  1043. with there new locations. configure script --distable-static will work also
  1044. after using the "new" ltverhack.
  1045. Please keep in mind that USE_AUTOTOOLS implies GNU_CONFIGURE so you might
  1046. need to add that back for the port to work.
  1047. 20131031:
  1048. AUTHOR:
  1049. Add a new USES for kernel module ports.
  1050. USES=kmod takes no arguments and:
  1051. - adds kld to CATEGORIES
  1052. - sets SSP_UNSAFE
  1053. - sets IGNORE if the kernel sources are not found
  1054. - defines KMODDIR to /boot/modules by default, add it to
  1055. PLIST_SUB and MAKE_ENV, and create it upon installation
  1056. - handles cross-referencing kernel modules upon installation and
  1057. deinstallation
  1058. 20131021:
  1059. AUTHOR:
  1060. share/applications directory was added to the mtree, meaning that
  1061. you no longer need to create or remove it in your ports.
  1062. 20131008:
  1063. AUTHOR:
  1064. New "compiler" USES to be able to select the compiler based on the
  1065. features it provides.
  1066. Supported arguments are:
  1067. - c++11-lang: the port needs a c++11 aware compiler what ever standard
  1068. library it uses, implies features
  1069. - c++11-lib: the port needs a c++11 standard library, implies features
  1070. - c11: the ports needs a c11 aware compiler implies features
  1071. - features: this will create a COMPILER_FEATURES variable which contains
  1072. the list of features ${CC} do support, implies env.
  1073. - env: the COMPILER_TYPE will be set to either gcc or clang.
  1074. By default the uses will try to use clang33 from ports when nothing in
  1075. base is relevant except if the user explicitly defines
  1076. FAVORITE_COMPILER=gcc in his make.conf
  1077. 20131008:
  1078. AUTHOR:
  1079. New USES: qmake, configure tool widely used among Qt based projects.
  1080. New framework is stage-friendly. To convert existing ports remove
  1081. custom configure target, adjust QMAKE_ENV, QMAKE_ARGS, QMAKE_PRO if
  1082. required (see Mk/Uses/ for details).
  1083. 20131005:
  1084. AUTHOR:
  1085. PATCHFILES now support an optional :-pX flag that notes which patch strip
  1086. level to use. This allows multiple patches in 1 port to use different
  1087. PATCH_DIST_STRIP values without changing PATCH_DIST_STRIP.
  1088. Syntax: PATCHFILES= patch[:-pX][:distgroup]
  1089. 20131003:
  1090. AUTHOR:
  1091. New USES: scons, to handle properly the scons building system, this
  1092. this also gives the scons packages user the ability to respect MAKE_JOBS.
  1093. 20130924:
  1094. AUTHOR:
  1095. Stage aware ports can now create package without the requirement from
  1096. being root.
  1097. If a port really needs root anyway it should add NEED_ROOT in its
  1098. Makefile.
  1099. For a port that needs special credential on files DO NOT RELY on
  1100. chown in post-install section but rely on @own, @group in pkg-plist
  1101. Be careful about rights on directories as pkg_install cannot store them
  1102. they needs to be done via @exec chown.
  1103. 20130923:
  1104. AUTHOR:
  1105. The ports tree is now staged by default. With pkgng the sequence hasn't
  1106. changed, the main difference is that creating package is now independent
  1107. from installing it. With pkg_install, the package is now created first
  1108. and make install, do install the package.
  1109. New macros:
  1110. - STAGEDIR: PATH to the directory where the port will be staged.
  1111. - NO_STAGE: Keep the old behaviour of the ports tree (aka no staging area)
  1112. Unsupported macro if NO_STAGE is not set:
  1113. - MAN* with staging man page compression and handling of hardlinks and
  1114. symlinks is automatically done in the stage. the manpages becomes then a
  1115. "normal" plist files and should be tracked in pkg-plist.
  1116. - MANCOMPRESSED the compress-man target is able to only compress when it
  1117. needed.
  1118. New target:
  1119. - stage: this installs everything into the stage directory
  1120. - makeplist: this will create a pkg-plist and print it to stdout. This is
  1121. a sample plist and it should always be _reviewed_ not directly used.
  1122. NOTE: with staging only what is in the plist will be installed, nothing more,
  1123. meaning a port staged cannot have leftovers except directories left. It is
  1124. really important to double check the pkg-plist to make sure all the files
  1125. the maintainer wants to package are in! make makeplist can help in that area.
  1126. 20130923:
  1127. AUTHOR:
  1128. * New USES: zope
  1129. This replaces the previous USE_ZOPE knob. All other zope related knobs
  1130. for port Makefiles still exist. See Mk/Uses/ for details.
  1131. 20130920:
  1132. AUTHOR:
  1133. SSP support has been added to ports with WITH_SSP_PORTS for i386 and amd64
  1134. on FreeBSD 10, and amd64 on earlier versions.
  1135. SSP_UNSAFE is added to disable in a port if it fails to build, but
  1136. this should only be used in rare circumstances such as kernel modules.
  1137. Otherwise, the port may just be failing due to lack of respecting
  1138. LDFLAGS.
  1139. On FreeBSD 10, this uses an ldscript in /usr/lib/ to pull in
  1140. libssp_nonshared.a to address issues linking on i386 [1].
  1141. On earlier FreeBSD versions the WITH_SSP_PORTS knob will add -lssp_nonshared
  1142. to LDFLAGS on i386. This is not needed on amd64. However, several hundred
  1143. ports do not currently respect LDFLAGS, so this support is disabled currently
  1144. as it causes build failures if a dependency is looking for the stack_chk
  1145. symbols.
  1146. [1]
  1147. 20130919:
  1148. AUTHOR:
  1149. * New USES: tcl, tk
  1150. This uses replaces all the previous USE_TCL, USE_TCL_BUILD, USE_TCL_RUN,
  1152. See the Mk/Uses/ and the commit message of r327607 for details.
  1153. Moreover, the default Tcl/Tk version is now specified in terms of
  1154. It is now possible to specify one's preferred Tcl/Tk
  1155. version using DEFAULT_VERSIONS+= tcltk=x.y in make.conf.
  1156. 20130918:
  1157. AUTHOR:
  1158. The perl framework is not included unconditionally and the old framework
  1159. is not recognized anymore, the following MACROS has been removed:
  1161. * USE_PERL5_RUN
  1162. * USE_PERL5_BUILD
  1164. 20130904:
  1165. AUTHOR:
  1166. To allow ports to work with the iconv implementation in 10-CURRENT after
  1167. commit r254273 the USES=iconv options now conditionally adds a dependency
  1168. depending on the FreeBSD version. It also defines a few utility variables
  1169. which can be used in the ports:
  1170. ICONV_CMD: location of the iconv binary.
  1171. after r254273: /usr/bin/iconv
  1172. before: ${LOCALBASE}/bin/iconv
  1173. ICONV_LIB: ld(1) flags to get the iconv DSO.
  1174. after r254273: empty
  1175. before: -liconv
  1176. ICONV_CONFIGURE_ARG: String that can be passed to configure
  1177. scripts to hint the location of the libiconv library.
  1178. after r254273: empty
  1179. before: --with-libiconv-prefix=${LOCALBASE}
  1180. 20130902:
  1181. AUTHOR:
  1182. USE_GNOME=pkgconfig is not supported anymore by the ports tree, please
  1183. uses: USES=pkgconfig
  1184. 20130831:
  1185. AUTHOR:
  1186. crees has added USE_PACKAGE_DEPENDS_ONLY which works like
  1187. USE_PACKAGE_DEPENDS but will not fallback on source if a
  1188. package is missing.
  1189. 20130731:
  1190. AUTHOR:
  1191. * New USES: perl5
  1192. This uses replaces all the previous perl macros. Here is how to migrate:
  1193. Always include perl5:
  1194. USES= perl5
  1195. If USE_PERL5 is undefined then perl5 will be a build and run dependency
  1196. Migrating to new USE_PERL5:
  1197. =======================================================
  1198. | BEFORE | AFTER |
  1199. =======================================================
  1200. | PERL_CONFIGURE=yes | USE_PERL5= configure |
  1201. -------------------------------------------------------
  1202. | USE_PERL5_RUN=yes | USE_PERL5=run |
  1203. -------------------------------------------------------
  1204. | USE_PERL5_BUILD=yes | USE_PERL5=build |
  1205. -------------------------------------------------------
  1206. | PERL_MODBUILD=yes | USE_PERL5=modbuild |
  1207. -------------------------------------------------------
  1208. | USE_PERL5=yes | |
  1209. -------------------------------------------------------
  1210. | USE_PERL5=5.14+ | USE_PERL5= 5.14+ |
  1211. -------------------------------------------------------
  1212. | PERL_CONFIGURE= 5.14+ | USE_PERL5=5.14+ configure |
  1213. -------------------------------------------------------
  1214. | PERL_MODBUILD= 5.14+ | USE_PERL5=5.14+ modbuild |
  1215. -------------------------------------------------------
  1216. 20130726:
  1217. AUTHOR:
  1218. * With the removal of QT 3/KDE 3, the following are no longer recognized:
  1221. - USE_QT_VER
  1222. Mk/ has been removed, it was only used for QT 3/KDE 3.
  1223. 20130628:
  1224. AUTHOR:
  1225. * New USES: imake
  1226. This uses replaces USE_IMAKE, it handles dependency on imake. Its only argument
  1227. is 'env', which prevent from defining the do-configure target.
  1229. This content of this new macro is appended to INSTALL_TARGET
  1230. 20130620:
  1231. AUTHOR:
  1232. * New USES: fmake
  1233. This uses will allow to build ports using the legacy FreeBSD make, for ports
  1234. not compatible with bmake
  1235. 20130614:
  1236. AUTHOR:
  1237. * New macros to help dealing with ports that have options:
  1238. OPTIONS_SUB=yes when set in a port, all the option names are automatically
  1239. added to the PLIST_SUB with "@comment " value in case the option is off and
  1240. empty value in case the options is on.
  1241. ${OPT}_CONFIGURE_ENABLE=<aname> will automatically add:
  1242. CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--enable-<aname> in case OPT is activated
  1243. CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--disable-<aname> in case OPT is deactivated
  1244. ${OPT}_CONFIGURE_ON=<something> will automatically add:
  1245. CONFIGURE_ARGS+=<something> in case OPT is activated
  1246. ${OPT}_CONFIGURE_OFF=<something> will automatically add:
  1247. CONFIGURE_ARGS+=<something> in case OPT is deactivated
  1248. ${OPT}_CFLAGS will append the specified new flags to CFLAGS if OPT is 'on'
  1249. ${OPT}_CXXFLAGS will append the specified new flags to CXXFLAGS if OPT is 'on'
  1250. ${OPT}_LDFLAGS will append the specified new flags to LDFLAGS if OPT is 'on'
  1251. ${OPT}_CONFIGURE_ENV will append the specified variables to CONFIGURE_ENV if
  1252. OPT is 'on'
  1253. ${OPT}_MAKE_ENV will append the specified variables to MAKE_ENV if OPT is 'on'
  1254. ${OPT}_USES will append the speficied uses to USES if OPT is 'on'
  1255. ${OPT}_DISTFILES will append the specified distiles to DISTFILES if OPT in 'on'
  1256. ${OPT}_CMAKE_ON=<something> will automatically add:
  1257. CMAKE_ARGS+=<something> in case OPT is activated
  1258. ${OPT}_CMAKE_OFF=<something> will automatically add:
  1259. CMAKE_ARGS+=<something> in case OPT is deactivated
  1260. ${OPT}_${TYPE}_DEPENDS=<something> will automatically add:
  1261. ${TYPE_DEPENDS}+=<something> in case OPT is 'on'
  1262. 20130614:
  1263. AUTHOR:
  1264. * New 'display' USES macro to handle building ports that may require a
  1265. a display to build.
  1266. USES= display[:install] will start Xvfb and set the DISPLAY environment
  1267. variable before the installation phase and stop it at the end. (install is
  1268. the implicit value)
  1269. USES= display:build will start Xvfb and set the DISPLAY environment variable
  1270. before the build phase and stop it at the end.
  1271. 20130607:
  1272. AUTHOR:
  1273. * Checks were added to block GH_TAGNAME=master as this is not a valid
  1274. setup. A known hash or tag should be used for GH_TAGNAME instead of
  1275. a branch name. As soon as a branch is updated, the known checksum
  1276. in the distinfo would then be invalid.
  1277. 20130606:
  1278. AUTHOR:
  1279. * WRKSRC_SUBDIR has been added to simplify overriding WRKSRC
  1280. to use a subdirectory:
  1281. WRKSRC= ${WRKDIR}/${DISTNAME}/src
  1282. Becomes:
  1283. WRKSRC_SUBDIR= src
  1284. 20130606:
  1285. AUTHOR:
  1286. The OPTIONS macro is no longer recognized, please use the new options
  1287. framework.
  1288. 20130509:
  1289. AUTHOR:
  1290. * Two new USES macros to handle mime data of ports.
  1291. USES= desktop-file-utils
  1292. Handles MimeType in .desktop files that are installed in
  1293. share/applications.
  1294. USES= shared-mime-info
  1295. For supporting mime xml files installed in
  1296. share/mime/packages.
  1297. The desktop-file-utils USES is only needed if the .desktop files
  1298. installed by the port has a MimeType field.
  1299. USE_GNOME=desktopfileutils is deprecated.
  1300. The shared-mime-info USES handles mime types xml files.
  1301. Please note that only the packages/${NAME}.xml file should be listed in
  1302. the plist. The shared-mime-info port will clean up the share/mime/*
  1303. directories and generated files.
  1304. Both USES have there own post-install and code that adds @exec/@unexec
  1305. lines to the pkg-plist. This means that when a port switches to the
  1306. USES macro, the related post-install command and @exec/@unexec
  1307. lines can be removed from the prot.
  1308. 20130507:
  1309. AUTHOR:
  1310. * New USES macro to handle setting correct shebang to scripts
  1311. By default it will fix bash, perl, php, ruby and python on all files specified
  1312. in the SHEBANG_FILES macro (glob pattern relative to ${WRKSRC})
  1313. Paths can be customized, and number of languages supported can be extended.
  1314. * USE_GETTEXT, USE_NCURSES, USE_READLINE are no longer recognized
  1315. 20130506:
  1316. AUTHOR:
  1317. * New USES macro to handle linking on ncurses and on readline
  1318. USES= ncurses will set env and make the port link to base version of ncurses
  1319. if no port version is installed otherwise it will link against port version
  1320. USES= ncurses:port will for the port to link against the ports version of
  1321. ncurses
  1322. USES= ncurses:base will force to link against base version of ncurses.
  1323. USES= readline will make the port link against base version of readline except
  1324. on 10+ where it will force dependency on the port version of readline
  1325. USES= readline:port will anyway force dependency on the port version of
  1326. readline.
  1327. 20130426:
  1328. AUTHOR:
  1329. * USE_ICONV has been deprecated and converted into the iconv USE
  1330. feature
  1331. USES= iconv
  1332. 20130425:
  1333. AUTHOR:
  1334. * USE_CDRTOOLS is no longer recognized
  1335. * USE_FREETYPE is no longer recognized
  1336. 20130423:
  1337. AUTHOR:
  1338. * New USES macro to handle support for gettext dependency:
  1339. USES= gettext:build will add gettext into BUILD_DEPENDS
  1340. USES= gettext:run will add gettext into RUN_DEPENDS
  1341. USES= gettext:lib will add gettext into LIB_DEPENDS
  1342. It deprecates USE_GETTEXT which will be removed as soon as it is not
  1343. used anymore
  1344. 20130422:
  1345. AUTHOR:
  1346. * The entry for 20120830 to change CCACHE_DIR was not fully supported
  1347. by all ports. There is now a CCACHE_DIR variable that can be used
  1348. in /etc/make.conf for more complete coverage:
  1349. CCACHE_DIR=/var/cache/ccache
  1350. 20130422:
  1351. AUTHOR:
  1352. * New USES macro to handle support for pkgconf (pkg-config) dependency:
  1353. USES= pkgconfig[:build] will add pkgconf into BUILD_DEPENDS
  1354. USES= pkgconfig:run will add pkgconf into RUN_DEPENDS
  1355. USES= pkgconfig:both will add pkgconf into both RUN and BUILD DEPENDS
  1356. It deprecates USE_PKGCONFIG which will be removed as soon as it is not
  1357. used anymore
  1358. 20130320:
  1359. AUTHOR:
  1360. * New USES macro to handle support for Zenoss ports and Zenpacks:
  1361. USES= zenoss
  1362. 20130319:
  1363. AUTHOR:
  1364. * New USES macro should be used instead of deprecated USE_CMAKE and
  1366. USES= cmake:outsource
  1367. to perform out-of-source build (equivalent to former pair usage of
  1369. USES= cmake
  1370. In-source build (equivalent to plain USE_CMAKE=yes) can be used if
  1371. project doesn't support out-of-source build.
  1372. 20130319:
  1373. AUTHOR:
  1374. * The options framework now uses ports-mgmt/dialog4ports contributed by
  1375. Ilya A. Arkhipov. It boostraps it if not present when one calls
  1376. make config.
  1377. dialog4ports provides a new UI able to represent all the features
  1378. provided by the new options framework.
  1379. 20130315:
  1380. AUTHOR:
  1381. * USE_QMAIL_RUN, USE_QMAIL_BUILD and WANT_QMAIL have been removed
  1382. and converted into the qmail USE feature
  1383. USES= qmail:run will add qmail into RUN_DEPENDS
  1384. USES= qmail:build will add qmail into BUILD_DEPENDS
  1385. USES= qmail[:both] will add qmail into both RUN and BUILD DEPENDS
  1386. USES= qmail:vars will set QMAIL_PREFIX
  1387. 20130315:
  1388. AUTHOR:
  1389. * Add new Keywords directory and first info.yaml keyword (@info).
  1390. Keywords directory will contain all the custom plist keywords allowing to
  1391. extend pkg-plist with new keywords. Only works with pkgng.
  1392. 20130307:
  1393. AUTHOR:
  1394. * New USES macro to handle on demand features, 2 examples has been added to
  1395. the ports tree:
  1396. pathfix: to replace USE_GNOME= gnomehack
  1397. fuse: to replace USE_FUSE= yes
  1398. 20130207:
  1399. AUTHOR:
  1400. * Use of PTHREAD_CFLAGS and PTHREAD_LIBS is unsupported. The former
  1401. expands to the empty string, while the second is simply -pthread.
  1402. Please use -pthread directly in your LDFLAGS, if needed.
  1403. 20121214:
  1404. AUTHOR:
  1405. * Add a USE_FUSE macro to handle fuse dependencies. It makes
  1406. sure sysutils/fusefs-libs gets installed and depending on
  1407. fuse being in base or not it installs sysutils/fusefs-kmod.
  1408. 20121210:
  1409. AUTHOR:
  1410. * OPTIONS has been extended 2 new macros are available:
  1411. OPTIONS_RADIO - allows only 0 or 1 options to be selected
  1412. OPTIONS_GROUP - allows 0 or N options among to be selected
  1413. 20121010:
  1414. AUTHOR:
  1415. * IPV6 option is now activated by default for the whole ports tree
  1416. 20121010:
  1417. AUTHOR:
  1418. * The ports tree is now using pkgng as the default package manager
  1419. for HEAD. This only affects users of CURRENT -- users of other
  1420. branches need not take any action.
  1421. To keep pkg_install as the default package manager, use the new
  1422. WITHOUT_PKGNG knob in make.conf
  1423. 20120830:
  1424. AUTHOR:
  1425. * CCACHE support for building ports has been added (depends on
  1426. devel/ccache). Therefore new user settable variables are available:
  1427. WITH_CCACHE_BUILD - Enable CCACHE support (Default off)
  1428. NO_CCACHE - Disable CCACHE support for example for certain
  1429. ports if CCACHE is enabled.
  1430. By default CCACHE uses $HOME/.ccache as cache directory. To use
  1431. a non-default cache directory this could be overwritten like:
  1432. MAKE_ENV+= CCACHE_DIR=/var/cache/ccache
  1433. 20120820:
  1434. AUTHOR:
  1435. * GitHub support has been integrated into In order to
  1436. fetch distfiles from GitHub, a port must define USE_GITHUB along
  1437. with the following variables:
  1438. GH_ACCOUNT - account name of the GitHub user hosting the project
  1439. default: not set, mandatory
  1440. GH_PROJECT - name of the project on GitHub
  1441. default: ${PORTNAME}
  1442. GH_TAGNAME - name of the tag to download (master, 2.0.1, ...)
  1443. default: ${DISTVERSION}
  1444. GH_COMMIT - first 7 digits of the commit that generated GH_TAGNAME
  1445. (man git-describe(1))
  1446. default: not set, mandatory
  1447. The port www/tivoka is an example how to use this mechanism.
  1448. 20120726:
  1449. AUTHOR:
  1450. * new macro USE_PKGCONFIG has been introduce in place of
  1451. USE_GNOME= pkgconfig
  1452. USE_PKGCONFIG= yes and USE_PKGCONFIG= build
  1453. for build only dependency
  1454. USE_PKGCONFIG= run
  1455. for run only dependency
  1456. USE_PKGCONFIG= both
  1457. for both build and run dependency
  1458. 20120715:
  1459. AUTHOR:
  1460. * The ports tree moved from CVS to Subversion. A Subversion to
  1461. CVS exporter is in place to continue the support of CVSup but
  1462. do not commit to pcvs directly.
  1463. All commits have to be done in the new port Subversion repository
  1464. on You will find more information about
  1465. Subversion in the Ports Subversion Primer in the FreeBSD wiki,
  1466. in the "Committer's Guide" and the "Porter's Handbook".
  1467. If you are in doubt or unsure about a Subversion operation
  1468. please contact
  1469. 20120529:
  1470. AUTHOR:
  1471. * OPTIONS has been updated with many changes and improvements.
  1472. Old-style OPTIONS declarations will continue to work for a while,
  1473. but do not introduce any into existing or new ports.
  1474. For further information, see the Porter's Handbook section on
  1475. Makefile Options.
  1476. 20110923:
  1477. AUTHOR:
  1478. * LDFLAGS is now passed to both the configure and make environments,
  1479. and should be handled just like CPPFLAGS (see previous entry).
  1480. Summarizing both LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS changes, where you would
  1481. have used
  1483. LDFLAGS="-L${LOCALBASE}/lib"
  1484. MAKE_ENV= CPPFLAGS="-I${LOCALBASE}/include" \
  1485. LDFLAGS="-L${LOCALBASE}/lib"
  1486. now just use
  1487. CPPFLAGS+= "-I${LOCALBASE}/include"
  1488. LDFLAGS+= "-L${LOCALBASE}/lib"
  1489. Note that it's advised to append these variables (+=) instead
  1490. of overriding (=) to allow customization by user.
  1491. 20110320:
  1492. AUTHOR:
  1493. * CPPFLAGS is now passed to both the configure and make environments,
  1494. so this no longer needs to happen in individual ports by adding this
  1495. to CONFIGURE_ENV or MAKE_ENV. Rather, just set CPPFLAGS in the port
  1496. Makefile (if necessary).
  1497. For example, where you would have used
  1500. now just use
  1501. CPPFLAGS= "-I${LOCALBASE}/include"
  1503. 20100831:
  1504. AUTHOR:
  1505. * USE_GETTEXT has been cleaned up.
  1506. 'build' BUILD time dependency only
  1507. 'run' RUN time dependency only
  1508. 'yes' LIBRARY dependency
  1509. 20100606:
  1510. AUTHOR:
  1511. * USE_GCC=4.3 is deprecated (and no port uses it anymore). USE_GCC=4.3+
  1512. is transparently rewritten to USE_GCC=4.4+ and lang/gcc43 will be
  1513. disconnected from the USE_GCC infrastructure soon.
  1514. 20100524:
  1515. AUTHOR:
  1516. * The license support files ( and from
  1517. GSoc 2008/2009 have been committed. A new PH entry will be available
  1518. soon, but for the moment look at:
  1520. Or, alternatively, the comments at the beginning of the mentioned files.
  1521. 20090906:
  1522. AUTHOR:
  1523. * There is now a unified way to create users and groups
  1524. in your ports. First, make sure they are added to both
  1525. ports/GIDs and ports/UIDs, then add the following in
  1526. your port:
  1527. USERS= foo
  1528. GROUPS= foo
  1529. ... if you want your port to create the foo user and
  1530. group.
  1531. 20090812:
  1532. AUTHOR:
  1533. * has changed their URL layout to be more
  1534. flexible for their users. A new macro SFP
  1535. has been added for projects that moved from
  1536. http://${mirror}/sourceforge/%SUBDIR%/
  1537. to
  1538. http://${mirror}/project/%SUBDIR%/
  1539. Note that %SUBDIR% is now highly individual for each
  1540. project and might need changing as well.
  1541. 20090521:
  1542. AUTHOR:
  1543. * is now clear to be widely used.
  1544. 20090516:
  1545. AUTHOR:
  1546. * APACHE_COMPAT is dead!
  1547. * USE_APACHE=yes is dead!
  1548. * WITH_APACHE13, WITH_APACHE2, WITH_APACHE20, and WITH_APACHE22 are dead
  1549. You should set USE_APACHE=13|20|22+. WITH_APACHE option can
  1550. be used to conditional include support for ANY version of
  1551. Apache based on APACHE_PORT. Currently www/apache13
  1552. 20090207:
  1553. AUTHOR:
  1554. * devel/libslang dropped in favor of devel/libslang2
  1555. * WITH_SLANG2 has been removed. WITH_SLANG now implies
  1556. devel/libslang2.
  1557. 20080905:
  1558. AUTHOR:
  1559. * print/ghostscript-* and related ports have been renamed in the
  1560. following way:
  1561. print/ghostscript-gnu -> print/ghostscript7
  1562. print/ghostscript-gnu-nox11 -> print/ghostscript7-nox11
  1563. print/ghostscript-gnu-commfont -> print/ghostscript7-commfont
  1564. print/ghostscript-gpl -> print/ghostscript8
  1565. print/ghostscript-gpl-nox11 -> print/ghostscript8-nox11
  1566. japanese/ghostscript-gnu-jpnfont -> print/ghostscript7-jpnfont
  1567. korean/ghostscript-gnu-korfont -> print/ghostscript7-korfont
  1568. * USE_GHOSTSCRIPT now supports a version number which the port
  1569. requires. The valid value is "7" or "8". If other value is
  1570. specified, value of WITH_GHOSTSCRIPT_VER is used.
  1571. * WITH_GHOSTSCRIPT_GNU has been removed in favor of
  1573. "7" or "8", and the default value is "8".
  1574. 20080821:
  1575. AUTHOR:
  1576. * CONFIGURE_ARGS is updated to use correct syntax for newer autoconf
  1577. on the configure target. Individual ports no longer need to change
  1578. CONFIGURE_TARGET to have the '--build=' prefix.
  1579. 20080721:
  1580. AUTHOR:
  1581. * Default OpenLDAP version was changed from 2.3 to 2.4.
  1582. * USE_GTK and USE_XPM variables are no longer recognized.
  1583. 20080523:
  1584. AUTHOR:
  1585. * By default, ports-mgmt/pkg_install now sets up a wrapper to use ports
  1586. pkg_install (when installed) instead of base when the former is more
  1587. recent. This can be disabled in the options menu, or with the
  1588. WITHOUT_WRAPPER knob.
  1589. 20080414:
  1590. AUTHOR:
  1591. * @rmtry is now supported in pkg-plist.
  1592. * USE_DISPLAY made more powerful, see comments in for details.
  1593. * ${PW} is now defined.
  1594. * LIB_DEPENDS can now be used with libraries with + sign in their name
  1595. without the need for escaping.
  1596. 20080312:
  1597. AUTHOR:
  1598. * USE_XPM no longer implies USE_XLIB.
  1599. * USE_LDCONFIG can now be used to Linux binary ports that install shared
  1600. libraries instead of INSTALLS_SHLIB.
  1601. 20070908:
  1602. AUTHOR:,
  1603. * The Perl-related code parts have been extracted from to
  1604. This includes the user-settable knobs (e.g. USE_PERL5)
  1605. and infrastructure parts of the code, like default targets. The new
  1606. code is designed to be conditionally included based on either
  1607. USE_PERL5_*, PERL_CONFIGURE, or PERL_MODBUILD being set. However,
  1608. some of the default settings remain in while we make
  1609. sure that all ports comply with this.
  1610. * A convenient version handling has been implemented for Perl-related
  1611. knobs. With this new feature one can require a minimal, a maximal or an
  1612. exact version, that the given port needs. For the full description and
  1613. some examples, please see the documentation in
  1614. 20070804:
  1615. AUTHOR:
  1616. The following functional changes were made to bsd.*.mk and to
  1617. Tools/scripts/security-check.awk:
  1618. * The variable definitions that cover command line tools, e.g. MKDIR, were
  1619. extracted from into, so that we can
  1620. reuse them within the infrastructure later.
  1621. * The old DESTDIR implementation was removed both from the infrastructure,
  1622. and from the individual ports. Variables like TARGETDIR should not longer
  1623. be used.
  1624. * A new DESTDIR implementation has been added, implemented in
  1625. The new implementation puts no requirements on the individual ports.
  1626. 20070730:
  1627. AUTHOR:
  1628. * The default Python version has been changed from 2.4.x to 2.5.x.
  1629. * A number of variables have been added to to support
  1630. the more integrated support for Python eggs, including:
  1633. * More detailed descriptions of the variables can be found in the comments
  1634. in
  1635. 20070723:
  1636. AUTHOR:
  1637. * The default CONFIGURE_ARGS when GNU_CONFIGURE is set now contains
  1638. --mandir and --infodir if configure script supports them.
  1639. 20070712:
  1640. AUTHOR:
  1641. * Add knob USE_FORTRAN for ports which uses FORTRAN. All ports uses
  1642. FORTRAN compiler should use this knob. Usages are: USE_FORTRAN=yes
  1643. (default;gfortran42), USE_FORTRAN=ifc (Intel FORTRAN compiler)
  1644. and USE_FORTRAN=g77 (/usr/bin/f77 or g77-34).
  1645. 20070701:
  1646. AUTHOR:
  1647. The following change was made to the ports infrastructure:
  1648. * Virtual category 'kld' was added. If the port installs kernel loadable
  1649. modules, it should be included in this category.
  1650. 20070524:
  1651. AUTHOR:
  1652. The following changes were made to the ports infrastructure:
  1653. * The 'make-deinstall-all' target now checks for moved ports.
  1654. * The installation directories PORTEXAMPLES and PORTDATA are now defined.
  1655. * The USE_MAKESELF knob is added for ports that use the makeself archiver.
  1656. * The description of fetch-list was updated. The targets fetch-required-list,
  1657. fetch-url-list, and fetch-urlall-list were added.
  1658. * 'make search' will also now search in ports/MOVED.
  1659. * The default method for 'make update' is now portsnap. Previously,
  1660. you had to manually select one of 3 methods: SUP_UPDATE, CVS_UPDATE,
  1661. or PORTSNAP_UPDATE. The latter is now obsolete.
  1662. * Several Makevar definitions have been moved to the pre-makefile section:
  1664. 20070403:
  1665. AUTHOR:
  1666. The following changes were made to the ports infrastructure:
  1667. * The default dependency of USE_GHOSTSCRIPT has been changed from
  1668. ghostscript-gnu to ghostscript-gpl. The WITH_GHOSTSCRIPT_GPL variable is
  1669. now no-op. New WITH_GHOSTSCRIPT_GNU variable was added.
  1670. * was overhauled. Most importantly, the semantics of USE_TCL* and
  1671. USE_TK* variables was changed. USE_TCL and USE_TK now implies both build
  1672. and run dependencies, USE_TCL_RUN and USE_TK_BUILD variables were
  1673. introduced. Existing ports in the tree were modified.
  1674. * Unused category 'tcl81' was removed, and new categories 'tcl' and 'tk'
  1675. were added.
  1676. 20070324:
  1677. AUTHOR:
  1678. The following changes were made to the ports infrastructure:
  1679. * Default LIBTOOLFILES value was changed from literal `configure'
  1680. to ${CONFIGURE_SCRIPT}.
  1681. * was moved to ports/Mk. USE_EFL family of macros is now
  1682. generally available to all ports.
  1683. * New macros COPYTREE_BIN and COPYTREE_SHARE were added, to allow
  1684. for easy installation of a tree hierarchy, either with executable (bin)
  1685. or read-only (share) permissions on files.
  1686. * A new variable WWWDIR was added, with default value of
  1687. ${PREFIX}/www/${PORTNAME}.
  1689. added for porter's convenience. They contain the values of their
  1690. respective non-REL variables, except relative to installation PREFIX.
  1691. 20070313:
  1692. AUTHOR:
  1693. The following changes were made to the ports infrastructure:
  1694. * and were added.
  1695. * The FETCH_CMD was refactored so that ports can override the command,
  1696. the arguments, or both.
  1697. 20070306:
  1698. AUTHOR:
  1699. The following changes were made to the ports infrastructure:
  1700. * The remaining vestiges of FreeBSD 4.X support were removed. Any
  1701. remaining users of 4.X should have stayed with the RELEASE_4_EOL tag.
  1702. * It is now possible to include USE_PHP after
  1703. * 'make search' should now work with non-default ${PORTSDIR}.
  1704. 20070130:
  1705. AUTHOR:
  1706. The following changes were made to the ports infrastructure:
  1707. * DEPENDS variable was removed, please use other *_DEPENDS variables instead.
  1708. * A new pkg-plist keyword is available, @stopdaemon. It will call forcestop
  1709. on all rc.subr scripts installed by the port on deinstall, effectively
  1710. stopping services on deinstall/upgrade.
  1711. * rc.subr script suffix is now available in Makefile as RC_SUBR_SUFFIX.
  1712. * New variable USE_CDRTOOLS was introduced. It replaced direct dependencies
  1713. on sysutils/cdrtools port. It now automatically support switching to
  1714. cdrtools-cjk port when user specified WITH_CJK. All ports were converted.
  1715. * USE_DOS2UNIX, infrastructure for converting DOS to UNIX line feeds, was
  1716. enhanced by a new variable DOS2UNIX_REGEX. It allows to specify a find
  1717. -iregex parameter to limit touched files by file extensions.
  1718. * Support for partially translated manpages was added. For examples of
  1719. usage, please refer to Porter's Handbook.
  1720. * USE_TCL/USE_TK variables were changed to provide runtime dependency. New
  1721. variables USE_TCL_BUILD and USE_TK_BUILD were added. All unintuitive
  1722. quirks of these variables were fixed.
  1723. * USE_LDCONFIG was fixed to work properly for ports, that specify @cwd in the
  1724. pkg-plists.
  1725. * Old version 1.0 macros were removed.
  1726. * New category: ports-mgmt
  1727. * New virtual category: gnustep
  1728. * Unused 'picobsd' category was removed.
  1729. 20070118:
  1730. AUTHOR:
  1731. We'd like to ask all ports maintainers, who are using Fortran77 (f77 in base),
  1732. to switch to Fortran90/95 (gfortran42, lang/gcc42). Please refer to
  1734. for details.
  1735. 20061014:
  1736. AUTHOR:
  1737. The following changes have been introduced to the GNOME porting process
  1738. during the GNOME 2.16 update:
  1739. * GNOME is now installed into LOCALBASE. Any port which makes use of the
  1740. gnomeprefix component will have its PREFIX forced to LOCALBASE
  1741. 20060930:
  1742. AUTHOR:
  1743. The following functional changes were made to
  1744. * The pre and post includes have been split into 3 pieces
  1745. instead of 2, to allow OPTIONS to be able to influence dependencies.
  1746. This is still experimental and not yet enabled by any port. This adds
  1747. the file ''.
  1748. * has been updated to understand gfortran.
  1749. * emulators/linux_base is now removed. linux_base-fc4 has been the default
  1750. for some time.
  1751. * The USE_FIREBIRD macro was added to
  1752. 20060914:
  1753. AUTHOR:
  1754. The following functional changes were made to
  1755. * PKGVERSION was introduced as an intermediate variable refactored out of
  1756. PKGNAME.
  1757. * was added to support lua-related ports.
  1758. * DESTDIR was removed from because it was problematic.
  1759. * Some quotes were added to the 'missing' target to improve handling of
  1760. duplicate origins.
  1761. 20060903:
  1762. AUTHOR:
  1763. The following functional changes were made to
  1764. * MASTER_SITES variable can now look like MACRO1/subdir1 MACRO2/subdir2, and
  1765. be expanded in a way that you expect it to, that is apply different subdirs
  1766. to different sites. You can safely replace ${M_S_FOO:S/%SUBDIR%/bar/} with
  1767. FOO/bar.
  1768. * If M_S_SUBDIR is unset, a macro in M_S won't set it anymore, but rather
  1769. substitute %SUBDIR% all by itself. Now it's possible to use macros with
  1770. different default subdirs and they will expand in a proper way.
  1771. 20060805:
  1772. AUTHOR:
  1773. The following functional changes were made to
  1774. * MASTER_SITES variable can now contain special macros which are expanded into
  1775. traditional URL[:group] syntax and cause some convenient effects, e.g. set a
  1776. default M_S_SUBDIR.
  1777. * A macro is any space-delimited word in MASTER_SITES without a forward slash.
  1778. * If MASTER_SITE_<macro> is defined, then the macro is expanded to its value.
  1779. * Abbreviated macros are provided for extremely popular locations, e.g. CPAN
  1780. and SF. To avoid further obfuscation their unabbreviated equivalents should
  1781. be avoided.
  1782. * Popular macros can trigger M_S_SUBDIR to default to a predefined value, e.g.
  1783. ${PORTNAME:L} for SF and ${PORTNAME:C/-.*//} for CPAN.
  1784. * Abbreviations and M_S_SUBDIR defaults are defined by MASTER_SITES_ABBREVS
  1785. and MASTER_SITES_SUBDIRS, both set in
  1786. * If a macro belongs to a group (e.g. SF:source1), all the sites it expands
  1787. into also belong to the same group.
  1788. * Macros and traditional URL's can be mixed safely, their order stays intact.
  1789. 20060804:
  1790. AUTHOR:
  1791. The following functional changes were made to bsd.*.mk and to
  1792. Tools/scripts/security-check.awk:
  1793. * Add DESTDIR support to let one install ports into a jail from outside.
  1794. A package is installed under ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX} now and registered under
  1795. ${DESTDIR}/var/db/pkg.
  1796. * TARGETDIR variable has been added for referencing ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}.
  1797. * LOCALBASE, LINUXBASE and X11BASE variables point to the final destination
  1798. now, LOCALBASE_REL, LINUXBASE_REL and X11BASE_REL can be used for the
  1799. old behavior. The behavior has not been changed in PLIST_SUB.
  1800. Note, that the three variables are still overridable with a hack, so this
  1801. change doesn't affect POLA, but necessary for DESTDIR support.
  1802. * OSVERSION is now determined from the userland, not from the kernel.
  1803. Cross-compiling between releases is still not supported, but this
  1804. behavior is more correct for jails with differing userland from
  1805. the kernel version.
  1806. * Add some sanity check for PREFIX and DESTDIR. This can be skipped by
  1807. defining IGNORE_PATH_CHECKS, but very discouraged.
  1808. * Deinstalling from DESTDIR, determining if a port is already installed in
  1809. DESTDIR, etc. are implemented by chrooting those specific commands.
  1810. * Text changes to reflect that we are installing to DESTDIR, removing from
  1811. DESTDIR, etc.
  1812. Note, that this change implements only the infrastructure support. Ports should
  1813. also be implemented to respect DESTDIR.
  1814. 20060717:
  1815. AUTHOR:
  1816. The following functional changes were made to
  1817. * Introduces IA32_BINARY_PORT for certain cases where a given port fetches
  1818. and installs compiled i386 binaries.
  1819. * Adds some infrastructure for support of 32-bit i386 apps on amd64.
  1820. * Again fix USE_LDCONFIG logic to make it work with non-default PREFIX to
  1821. fix bug introduced in previous revision.
  1822. 20060705:
  1823. AUTHOR:
  1824. The following functional changes were made to
  1825. * Change all bogus uses of BROKEN to IGNORE. (Note: the BROKEN_WITH_*
  1826. forms are retained for compatibility but deprecated.) Internally,
  1827. these variables all had already set IGNORE, not BROKEN, so they
  1828. were really misnomers.
  1829. * Fix USE_LDCONFIG with non-default PREFIX.
  1830. * Fix DESKTOP_ENTRIES processing on 4.x.
  1831. * Add 'make missing' to show missing dependencies.
  1832. * Add and
  1833. 20060616:
  1834. AUTHOR:
  1835. The patch in ports/95841 to get rid of remnants of FORCE_PKG_REGISTER
  1836. was backed out because it broke kdelibs3*.
  1837. 20060616:
  1838. AUTHOR:
  1839. The following functional changes were made to
  1840. * Update default MySQL version from 4.1 to 5.0 [1]
  1841. * Update default PHP version from 4 to 5 [2]
  1842. * Update default LDAP version from 2.2 to 2.3 [3]
  1843. * Add support for LDAP version 2.4 [4]
  1844. * Update default linux_base from '8' (Redhat 8) to 'fc4' (Fedora Core 4) [5]
  1845. * Switch default Linux X implementation from XFree86 to to track the
  1846. above [5]
  1847. * Deprecate INSTALLS_SHLIB and replace it by USE_LDCONFIG. If set to "yes",
  1848. the old behavior is preserved. Otherwise, it can be set to a list of
  1849. directories to be added to ${PREFIX}/libdata/ldconfig/${UNIQUENAME}.
  1850. Note that this directory is used by ldconfig startup script, it is meant
  1851. to replace ldconfig scripts installed by some ports as (sometimes
  1852. 000.${UNQUENAME}.sh) [6]
  1853. * Adds USE_LDCONFIG32 which is like USE_LDCONFIG but the target file is
  1854. ${PREFIX}/libdata/ldconfig32/${UNIQUENAME} instead. (Note: this should
  1855. only be used on 64-bit architectures) [6]
  1856. * Set the default LANG for tr to be C to avoid some build problems [7]
  1857. * Include in both pre and post sections [8]
  1858. * Get rid of remnants of FORCE_PKG_REGISTER [9]
  1859. * Always print options with make showconfig [10]
  1860. PR: 92805 [1], 92806 [2], 96793 [3], 97515 [4], 96849 [5],
  1861. 91933 [6], 91381 [7], 97020 [8], 95841 [9], 97133 [10]
  1862. 20060523:
  1863. AUTHOR:
  1864. The following functional changes were made to
  1865. * include only when USE_EMACS is set [5]
  1866. * Correct the implementation of pretty-print-run-depends-list [8]
  1867. * Use a consistent name for the cookies file when PKGNAMEPREFIX/SUFFIX
  1868. are set after [9]
  1869. * Include if USE_TCL_BUILD is defined [10]
  1870. * Set PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT in BATCH mode [11]
  1871. * Add the {ONLY,NOT}_FOR_ARCH_REASON and
  1872. {ONLY,NOT}_FOR_ARCH_REASON_${ARCH} variables to allow better
  1873. customization of the error string reported to users when they
  1874. attempt a build on an unsupported architecture. [12]
  1875. * Avoid errors from duplicated targets when parsing MLINKS on ports
  1876. without a default value set. [13]
  1877. * Fix handling of MLINKS when invalid entries are listed [14]
  1878. * Enforce sanity of DESKTOP_ENTRIES. If the Categories field is
  1879. omitted, try to map ports categories to their
  1880. counterpart [15]
  1881. PR: 95238 [5], 94164 [8], 94219 [9], 92355 [10],
  1882. 95579 [11], 94675 [12], 66109 [13], 66110 [14], 95603 [15]
  1883. 20060121:
  1884. AUTHOR:
  1885. The following changes affecting ports developers were introduced:
  1886. * Gamin is a default FAM system
  1887. * New virtual categories: hamradio and rubygems
  1888. * Virtual category 'offix' was removed
  1889. * New USE_DOS2UNIX variable for converting DOS linefeeds to UNIX
  1890. * Variables like BROKEN and FORBIDDEN should no longer be quoted
  1891. * New NOFETCHFILES variable to prevent downloading from MASTER_SITES
  1892. while still allowing MASTER_SITE_OVERRIDE
  1893. * New plist macro @dirrmtry with functionality of @unexec rmdir || true
  1894. * USE_REINPLACE no longer needs to be defined, REINPLACE_CMD is always
  1895. available
  1896. Detailed documentation of new features is available in Porter's Handbook.
  1897. 20051108:
  1898. AUTHOR:
  1899. The following changes were introduced:
  1900. * Add
  1901. - move out from USE_MYSQL and USE_PGSQL.
  1902. - add support for Berkeley DB and SQLite (via USE_BDB and USE_SQLITE
  1903. knobs).
  1904. * Escape '+' in make search
  1905. * Add "makepatch" target to simplify creation of patches during porting
  1906. * Replace deprecated MACHINE_ARCH with ARCH
  1907. * Remove support of OpenLDAP 2.1
  1908. * Add
  1909. It introduces USE_TCL/USE_TCL_BUILD knobs to support various
  1910. version of tcl (8.0 -> 8.4)
  1911. * Fix cosmetic bugs in security-check target
  1912. * Add support for INDEX-7 and above (up to INDEX-9 actually)
  1913. * Add "package-recursive" to
  1914. * Remove check for FreeBSD version < 460101
  1915. * New category: net-im
  1916. * Add .desktop file facilities
  1917. It introduces DESKTOPDIR and DESKTOP_ENTRIES knobs
  1918. * Add SHA256 support to "*checksum" targets
  1919. * Fix USE_PYTHON with OPTIONS
  1920. * Force NO_LINT to MAKE_ENV to avoid library breaks
  1921. * Fix typo: s/RC_ORDER/USE_RCORDER/g
  1922. * Add support for PostgreSQL 8.1
  1923. * Add
  1924. USE_APACHE knob enhancements
  1925. 20051105:
  1926. AUTHOR:
  1927. GNOME has been upgraded from 2.10.2 to 2.12.1. This update brings with
  1928. it many important porting changes:
  1929. - gtk20's pkg-config file no longer contains the X11 pango modules.
  1930. Therefore, if your port requires these modules, you may have to
  1931. manually patch them in to your port's Makefiles. Contact
  1932. if you have questions on this.
  1933. - A new USE_GNOME component, ltverhack, has been added. This
  1934. pseudo-component hacks libtool so that shared library versions are
  1935. more consistent with other operating systems. Using this component
  1936. can prevent unnecessary shared library version changes.
  1937. - A new macro, INSTALLS_ICONS, has been added. If your port installs
  1938. Freedesktop-style icons to ${LOCALBASE}/share/icons or
  1939. ${X11BASE}/share/icons, then you should use this macro. NOTE:
  1940. use of this macro requires your port to set either USE_GNOME or
  1941. WANT_GNOME.
  1942. 20050618:
  1943. AUTHOR:
  1944. - USE_LINUX now implies NO_FILTER_SHLIBS=yes. It also doesn't use FreeBSD
  1945. tools to strip binaries anymore, so it's not necessary anymore to override
  1946. STRIP and STRIP_CMD.
  1947. - USE_LINUX_PREFIX implies NO_MTREE now.
  1948. - In the USE_LINUX case, USE_XLIB now depends upon the Linux X11 libraries
  1949. instead upon the native FreeBSD libraries.
  1950. - The variable LINUX_BASE_PORT contains a string which is suitable as an
  1951. item in *_DEPENDS, so if a port BATCH_DEPENDS or FETCH_DEPENDS upon the
  1952. default (or overridden) Linux base, ${LINUX_BASE_PORT} should be used
  1953. instead of a hardcoded reference.
  1954. - If USE_LINUX or OVERRIDE_LINUX_BASE doesn't point to an existing linux_base
  1955. port and if USE_LINUX isn't set to "yes" (case insensitive), the port will
  1956. be marked as IGNORE.
  1957. 20050609:
  1958. AUTHOR:
  1959. The following changes were introduced:
  1960. * Improve documentation of CONFLICTS.
  1961. * Fix add-plist-docs target to work correctly with wildcards.
  1962. * Fix USE_MYSQL and USE_PGSQL knobs to work in partial ports
  1963. tree.
  1964. * Introduce 2 new variables: USE_FAM and WANT_FAM_SYSTEM.
  1965. * Suppress "Vulnerability check disabled" message if
  1967. * Switch default MySQL version to 4.1
  1968. * Add support for OpenLDAP v.23
  1969. * Fix add-plist-info and add-plist-post targets to avoid warnings
  1970. from ports which redefine them.
  1971. * Fix add-plist-docs target to handle NOPORTDOCS knob properly.
  1972. * Use INSTALLDIRS="site" in configure for perl ports.
  1974. defined.
  1975. * Add an ability to depend on versioned installed package.
  1976. Example:
  1977. BUILD_DEPENDS=p5-Tree-Simple>=1.12:${PORTSDIR}/devel/p5-Tree-Simple
  1978. Please note, it's experimental feature, work is currently in
  1979. progress.
  1980. 20050325:
  1981. AUTHOR:
  1982. The CVSup port has been upgraded with a patch to correct the
  1983. handling of the "refuse" file for files that are in the CVS Attic.
  1984. This solves a problem some people were having, where CVSup would
  1985. delete their ports/INDEX* files even though the files were listed
  1986. in the "refuse" file. The bug fix is in the cvsupd server, so
  1987. mirror sites must upgrade their servers in order for this fix to
  1988. help. Meanwhile, adding "ports/Attic/INDEX*" to the refuse file
  1989. serves as a work-around.
  1990. 20050321:
  1991. AUTHOR:
  1992. The gstreamer-plugins gconf dependency moved to its own port in devel.
  1993. When your application needs gstreamer-plug-gconf, just add
  1994. USE_GSTREAMER=gconf to you Makefile
  1995. 20050319:
  1996. AUTHOR:
  1997. New GNOME components have been added to See
  1998. for the complete
  1999. list of available GNOME 2 components.
  2000. Py-gnome2 lost many of its GNOME dependencies to a new port,
  2001. py-gnome-extras. Therefore, ports that used to depend on
  2002. the pygnome2 component for modules such as gtkhtml2, gnomepanel, etc.
  2003. should replace the pygnome2 dependency with pygnomeextras.
  2004. 20050314:
  2005. AUTHOR:
  2006. New variable for in /etc/make.conf: IGNORE_MASTER_SITE_xxx
  2007. If you prefer a certain mastersite for a collection of master-sites,
  2008. set this in your /etc/make.conf:
  2009. MASTER_SITE_xxx=http://z.x.y/%SUBDIR%/
  2010. If you insist on only using the ones you specify, set this in
  2011. your /etc/make.conf:
  2012. IGNORE_MASTER_SITE_xxx=yes
  2013. MASTER_SITE_xxx=http://z.x.y/%SUBDIR%/
  2014. Use "make -V MASTER_SITES" to see the differences.
  2015. 20050313:
  2016. AUTHOR:,
  2017. The following changes were committed:
  2018. * USE_GNOME=gstreamerplugins has been deprecated.
  2019. The new method which uses is:
  2020. USE_GSTREAMER=plugin-name
  2021. Example:
  2022. USE_GSTREAMER= dvd
  2023. or
  2024. WANT_GSTREAMER= yes
  2025. .include <>
  2026. .if defined(WITH_DVD)
  2027. USE_GSTREAMER= dvd
  2028. .endif
  2029. * misc/gnomehier now creates a mtree file and each port
  2030. using USE_GNOME=gnomehier or gnomeprefix now use the
  2031. BSD.gnome-x11.dist mtree file to help "keep" directories
  2032. and not accidentally add gnome directories to a port.
  2033. 20050207:
  2034. AUTHOR:
  2035. The following changes were committed:
  2036. * Change bento to pointyhat names in comments.
  2037. * Document DISABLE_VULNERABILITIES variable.
  2038. * Add WWW: line for 'search' target.
  2039. * Speedup check-vulnerable invocation, if portaudit is installed.
  2040. * Run install-info for all .info files.
  2041. * Run add-plist-docs more strictly and prevent some situations
  2042. with leftover files in the future.
  2043. * Introduce two new variables: MASTER_PORT and SLAVE_PORT.
  2044. The results from these variables is only used as information for
  2045. users.
  2046. * Honor OPTIONS if PACKAGE_BUILDING or BATCH are defined.
  2047. * Move all USE_GCC entries to new file - 'test-gcc'
  2048. target allows users to check gcc version if USE_GCC is used.
  2049. Give maintainers opportunity to add '+' character to USE_GCC version
  2050. for using specified and higher versions.
  2051. Example:
  2052. USE_GCC=3.3+
  2053. builds ports with gcc version 3.3 and higher (3.4, 4.0).
  2054. * Install startup scripts with the help of USE_RC_SUBR variable.
  2055. * Add three new targets: config-recursive, rmconfig-recursive and
  2056. config-conditional. You can set or delete OPTIONS for all
  2057. dependencies before every build. config-conditional target is
  2058. used to skip configuring ports which have already been
  2059. configured.
  2060. * Fix using of WANT_PGSQL_VER variable if PostgreSQL is already
  2061. installed.
  2062. 20041231:
  2063. AUTHOR:
  2064. USE_LINUX_PREFIX doesn't implies USE_LINUX anymore.
  2065. 20041209:
  2066. AUTHOR:
  2067. The following changes were committed:
  2068. * Define new macros: DATE, FMT, MKTEMP, OBJDUMP, and use
  2069. command macro SORT.
  2070. * Change layout of comments to 4 column tabs, remove lots
  2071. of spaces and eight-column-tabs.
  2072. * Introduce 2 new variables: SUB_FILES and SUB_LIST:
  2073. Example:
  2074. SUB_FILES= pkg-message pkg-install
  2076. This looks for ${FILESDIR}/ and ${FILESDIR}/
  2077. Substitutions in SUB_LIST are applied to these files and the
  2078. output is redirected to ${WRKDIR}.
  2079. PKGMESSAGE will be set to ${WRKDIR}/pkg-message.
  2080. PKGINSTALL will be set to ${WRKDIR}/pkg-install.
  2081. * Document DEPRECATED and EXPIRATION_DATE variables.
  2082. * Sanitize the intermittent output by the build infrastructure
  2083. so that cutting and pasting from it no longer interferes
  2084. with GNATS-tags.
  2085. * Honor configure arguments for USE_XLIB if USE/WITH_LIBTOOL_ is
  2086. used.
  2087. * Properly document 'describe' target.
  2088. * Properly remove directories at deinstallation time if ports sets
  2089. a non-standard PREFIX.
  2090. * Defaults INDEXFILE to INDEX-6 on 6-CURRENT.
  2091. 20041119:
  2092. AUTHOR:
  2093. The following changes were committed:
  2094. * Fix INDEX build if MAINTAINER is not defined.
  2095. * Remove USE_QT2 option, since qt2 is obsolete.
  2096. * Better define and explain ARCH option.
  2097. * Add new script Tools/make_readmes, to speedup 'readmes'
  2098. target. Avoid recursing into individual port directories and run
  2099. it at top level, after the category README.html files have been
  2100. created.
  2101. * Fix 'search' target and enable a case-insensitive search on 5-x.
  2102. * Extend 'search' target and enable search by categories.
  2103. * Remove 'tk42' and 'tcl76' categories since they're obsolete.
  2104. * Introduce DISTVERSION variable, that can be set instead of
  2105. PORTVERSION and is automatically converted in a conforming PORTVERSION.
  2106. Example:
  2107. DISTVERSION= 10Alpha3
  2108. extends 10Alpha3 to 10.a3
  2109. DISTVERSION= 3Beta7-pre2
  2110. extends 3Beta7-pre2 to 3.b7.p2
  2111. * Use --suffix option instead of -b for patch(1), to make it
  2112. compatible with BSD patch(1).
  2113. * Fix {WANT,WITH}_MYSQL_VER behavior, to deal with conflicting
  2114. versions.
  2115. 20041116:
  2116. AUTHOR:
  2117. The way OMF files are handled has been changed to use the new INSTALLS_OMF
  2118. macro (similar to INSTALLS_SHLIB). Details about the new macro can be found
  2119. at and
  2120. 20041113:
  2121. AUTHOR:
  2122. Since INDEX version in CVS is always too old, portmgr decided to
  2123. remove it. You will still be able to build your own INDEX or use
  2124. 'fetchindex' target in /usr/ports/.
  2125. 20041109:
  2126. AUTHOR:
  2127. The way GConf schema files are handled has been changed to use the new
  2128. GCONF_SCHEMAS macro (similar to MAN). Details about the new macro can be
  2129. found at and
  2130. 20040803:
  2131. AUTHOR:
  2132. As part of the ongoing autotools cleanup, devel/autoconf has been
  2133. replaced with devel/autoconf253, and devel/automake with devel/automake15.
  2134. Consumers of the various autotools knobs from should not
  2135. notice any differences. This update completes the transition of autotools
  2136. to true versioned packages (cf: tcl/tk)
  2137. 20040723:
  2138. AUTHOR:
  2139. The XFREE86_VERSION variable is replaced by the X_WINDOW_SYSTEM variable.
  2140. XFREE86_VERSION may no longer be used by ports Makefiles. X_WINDOW_SYSTEM may
  2141. currently be set to xorg, xfree86-4, and xfree86-3 (please use :L in checking
  2142. it). Several X_*_PORT variables are provided by which map to the
  2143. appropriate port for the X_WINDOW_SYSTEM chosen.
  2144. 20040719:
  2145. AUTHOR:
  2146. There has been a big update to PHP ports and to add more
  2147. flexibility and new features.
  2148. Now a port may depend on a specific set of PHP extensions. To do so,
  2149. simply replace:
  2150. USE_PHP= yes
  2151. with:
  2152. USE_PHP= ext1 ext2 ext3 ...
  2153. in the port Makefile. A list of all PHP extensions is included in
  2154. If the requirement is a build dependency too, the port should also define:
  2155. USE_PHP_BUILD=yes
  2156. Moreover, the new knob WANT_PHP_SCR has been added to indicate that the port
  2157. requires the 'php' binary to run.
  2158. Last but not least, many common operations to build/install/register a
  2159. PHP extension can now be omitted from the port Makefile if it defines:
  2160. USE_PHPEXT= yes
  2161. For more information on this point and on additional variables, see
  2163. 20040717:
  2164. AUTHOR:
  2165. OpenLDAP version 2.2 is now the default.
  2166. When your port links against the openldap client libraries use
  2167. USE_OPENLDAP= yes
  2168. and do not depend on a particular version. A user (or package
  2169. building cluster) can select the desired flavor with
  2170. WANT_OPENLDAP_VER and WANT_OPENLDAP_SASL, but these must not
  2171. be used in ports Makefiles.
  2172. 20040709:
  2173. AUTHOR:
  2174. USE_LIBTOOL_VER now configures a port to use the ports version of libtool
  2175. instead of its included version. This was put in place to reduce the
  2176. number of ad hoc patches to individual ports' libtools to prevent .la
  2177. file installation as well as fix various threading problems.
  2178. To restore the previous libtool behavior, use the new macro,
  2179. USE_INC_LIBTOOL_VER. It works the exact same way as USE_LIBTOOL_VER
  2180. in that it takes a libtool version as its argument.
  2181. For example, to use the included version of libtool with extra hacks
  2182. provided by libtool-1.5, add the following to your Makefile:
  2184. To use the ports version of libtool-1.5, add the following to
  2185. your Makefile:
  2186. USE_LIBTOOL_VER= 15
  2187. Note: these macros are mutually exclusive. Your port should only include
  2188. one or the other if it needs to make use of libtool.
  2189. 20040707:
  2190. AUTHOR:
  2191. The way GConf schema files are installed has changed to support the upcoming
  2192. GNOME 2.8 GConf. Details about the change can be found at
  2193. All existing ports have
  2194. been converted to the new style, and portlint has been updated to flag
  2195. old-style GConf schema installation.
  2196. 20040610:
  2197. AUTHOR:
  2198. The following behavioral or feature changes were committed:
  2199. * Support verbose index builds with INDEX_VERBOSE
  2200. * Support glob expressions in USE_GETTEXT to allow more flexibility
  2201. in the face of future gratuitous library version bumps by the gettext
  2202. developers:
  2203. USE_GETTEXT=yEs # Works as before (case-insensitive)
  2204. USE_GETTEXT=[5-7] # Accepts any of those versions
  2205. # in the LIB_DEPENDS
  2206. * Extend 'make search' support to allow much more flexible searching
  2207. From the PR:
  2208. Besides the good old key and name variables, this patch adds
  2209. support for path, info, maint, cat, bdeps, and rdeps, which match
  2210. on the appropriate fields, plus their exclusion counterparts: xkey,
  2211. xname, etc.
  2212. Examples:
  2213. Find all ports whose names contain "pear-" but not "html" or "http":
  2214. make search name=pear- xname='ht(tp|ml)'
  2215. Find ports whose names contain "pear-" and which don't have apache
  2216. listed in build-time dependencies:
  2217. make search name=pear- xbdeps=apache
  2218. The positive variables (name, key, maint, etc) are AND-ed, their
  2219. negative versions are OR-ed; in other words, matching any x-
  2220. variable will cause the port to be skipped, mismatch on any non-x-
  2221. variable will cause it to be skipped.
  2222. Examples:
  2223. Find ports that are both in the 'www' category and maintained by
  2224. Thierry Thomas:
  2225. make search maint=thierry@ path=/www/
  2226. Find ports in the 'archivers' category that are either not orphaned
  2227. or don't have "zip" in their names (contrived):
  2228. make search cat=archivers xmaint=ports@freebsd xname=zip
  2229. It is possible to select fields to display.
  2230. Example:
  2231. Find PEAR ports that don't build-depend on apache, displaying only
  2232. Port:, Path:, and Info: lines:
  2233. make search name=pear- xbdeps=apache display=name,path,info
  2234. Case-sensitivity can now be turned of with icase=1.
  2235. Example:
  2236. Find ports with maintainer addresses without the
  2237. "proper" capitalization (, display their paths and
  2238. maintainer addresses:
  2239. make search maint=@freebsd\\.org icase=0 display=maint,path
  2240. The key and xkey variables can be limited in scope to displayed fields
  2241. by setting keylim to 1.
  2242. Example:
  2243. Find ports that contain "apache" in either of the name, path, info
  2244. fields, ignore the rest of the record (dependencies, maintainer
  2245. address, etc):
  2246. make search key=apache display=name,path,info keylim=1
  2247. The following variables can be set e.g. in /etc/make.conf to
  2248. control default search behavior:
  2249. PORTSEARCH_DISPLAY_FIELDS?=name,path,info,maint,index,bdeps,rdeps
  2253. * Extend USE_PERL5_BUILD and USE_PERL5 to add EXTRACT and PATCH
  2254. dependencies
  2255. * While building index, treat non-existent dependencies as fatal.
  2256. Previously the error was being hidden by the stderr
  2257. redirection.
  2258. * Don't always retry BROKEN ports when package building (it is taking
  2259. too much time to continually rebuild ports that are usually going
  2260. to really be broken). Set TRYBROKEN if you want to attempt a
  2261. build of a BROKEN port.
  2262. 20040604:
  2263. AUTHOR:
  2264. Over the past few weeks, we have been testing the next
  2265. incarnation of ports/Mk/ on the road to bringing
  2266. at least some semblance of sanity back to this corner of the
  2267. ports collection.
  2268. By far and away the easiest way to see the changes will be to
  2269. view the new file once committed, but here is a summary of the
  2270. changes:
  2272. been fully deprecated. Ports attempting to use these variables
  2273. after the commit will error out, and most obviously break INDEX
  2274. generation, with a helpful error message. Instead, ports must
  2275. now specifically choose the version of any of these tools that
  2276. they need with the corresponding USE_*_VER variables. Note that
  2277. these variables understand any and all versions of autotools ports
  2278. in the tree, there is no longer a need to have specific version
  2279. numbers hardcoded in the infrastructure of
  2280. (as there is now). In particular, this will immediately open up
  2281. automake18 and autoconf259 for general use and beating.
  2282. 2. Similarly for WANT_LIBTOOL, WANT_AUTOCONF, and WANT_AUTOMAKE.
  2283. Again, these have been fully deprecated, and the equivalent
  2284. WANT_*_VER versions should be used.
  2285. In order to preserve existing behavior for these variables, please
  2286. note the 20040314 entry in ports/CHANGES for the appropriate
  2287. version numbers to use for any ports in the GNATS queue.
  2288. Both WANT_* and USE_* bring in the relevant tool as a build
  2289. dependency, and set up a reasonably large number of variables
  2290. pointing to the right programs to be using in the port. The
  2291. only difference at the moment, is that USE_* will run an extra
  2292. autotools-related configuration step, whereas WANT_* merely
  2293. requests the environment.
  2294. 3. The helper knob USE_LIBLTDL has been added which currently
  2295. simply adds a LIB dependency on the libltdl port.
  2296. 4. Three new variables have been introduced,
  2297. WANT_{LIBTOOL,AUTOCONF,AUTOMAKE}_RUN=yes. These variables will
  2298. do nothing by themselves (a Work-In-Progress), but if the
  2299. appropriate autotool version is defined (either through
  2300. WANT_*_VER or USE_*_VER), this will add the relevant dependency
  2301. to RUN_DEPENDS.
  2302. Steps 3 and 4 now essentially negate the need for any kind of
  2303. direct dependency within a non-autotools port Makefile on
  2304. devel/autoconf*, devel/automake*, devel/libtool*, and devel/libltdl.
  2305. 20040416:
  2306. AUTHOR:
  2307. There has been a couple of tweaks and fixes.
  2308. . Features from Stage 2 has been removed. A port can no
  2309. longer use the JDK dependency features by setting JAVA_HOME.
  2310. Use JAVA_PREFERRED_PORT instead (see below).
  2311. . The default JDK port now depends on OS version:
  2312. java/diablo-jdk13 for 4.x, and java/jdk14 for 5.x
  2313. . It is now possible for the user (and the porters) to
  2314. define a list of preferred JDK ports to build and run ports.
  2315. The port will use the first JDK port from the list that
  2316. matches the requirements specified in the Makefile.
  2317. JAVA_PREFERRED_PORT contains a list of suitable JDK ports
  2318. (sorted by preference). Names for JDKs may be found in
  2319., listed in ${_JAVA_PORTS_ALL} (e.g.
  2321. . JAVA_PORT_VERSION is now set to the full version number
  2322. of the chosen JDK (e.g. "1.4.2"). Porters will find hints
  2323. regarding how to obtain the same behavior as before in the
  2324. header of
  2325. 20040414:
  2326. AUTHOR:
  2327. When writing a port that uses GTK+ 2.X, you can now list the dependency
  2328. with "USE_GNOME=gtk20" which is preferable to LIB_DEPENDS because the
  2329. GTK+ library version only needs to be changed in
  2330. Please see for all
  2331. the available GNOME components as well as detailed instructions on
  2332. creating ports that use the GNOME infrastructure.
  2333. 20040404:
  2334. AUTHOR:
  2335. The glib20 and gtk20 ports were updated to 2.4.0. This new version
  2336. is completely source and binary compatible with the previous 2.2.x
  2337. series. However, certain API calls have been deprecated. If your
  2338. port defines the following macros, they may refuse to build with
  2339. the new versions of glib20 and gtk20:
  2343. The temporary solution is to either patch your port's Makefiles to,
  2344. or use an in-place regular expression to remove these macros. The
  2345. more permanent solution is to wait until the port's authors update
  2346. their code to use current API calls.
  2347. 20040402:
  2348. AUTHOR:
  2349. There has been a big update to However, this update
  2350. is mostly backwards compatible, so it shouldn't affect most java
  2351. port maintainers. There is some new functionality and minor
  2352. changes worth documenting here though.
  2353. now provides a new set of macros to be used by ports that
  2354. require a JDK. When USE_JAVA is set, the following variables may be set
  2355. in order to give to precision regarding the requirements of the port:
  2356. . JAVA_VERSION
  2357. A list of space-separated suitable java versions for the
  2358. port. An optional "+" allows you to specify a range of versions.
  2359. (allowed values: 1.1[+] 1.2[+] 1.3[+] 1.4[+])
  2360. (NOTE: Used to be set by
  2361. . JAVA_OS
  2362. A list of space-separated suitable JDK port operating systems
  2363. for the port. (allowed values: native linux)
  2364. (NOTE: Used to be set by
  2365. . JAVA_VENDOR
  2366. A list of space-separated suitable JDK port vendors for
  2367. the port. (allowed values: freebsd bsdjava sun ibm blackdown)
  2368. (NOTE: Used to be set by
  2369. . JAVA_BUILD
  2370. When set, it means that the selected JDK port should be
  2371. added to build dependencies for the port.
  2372. . JAVA_RUN
  2373. This variable works exactly the same as JAVA_BUILD but
  2374. regarding run dependencies.
  2375. Here are some of the macros defined after setting USE_JAVA:
  2376. . JAVA_PORT
  2377. The name of the JDK port (e.g. java/jdk14)
  2378. . JAVA_HOME
  2379. The home of the JDK port in the local base
  2381. The version of the JDK port.
  2382. (NOTE: Used to be JAVA_VERSION, see above)
  2383. . JAVA_PORT_OS
  2384. The operating system used by the JDK port.
  2385. (NOTE: Used to be JAVA_OS, see above)
  2387. The vendor of the JDK port.
  2388. (NOTE: Used to be JAVA_VENDOR, see above)
  2389. Plus many macros for the commonly used java executables:
  2393. 2.0 is mostly backward compatible with the previous
  2394. version, save for the notes above and changed internal variables.
  2395. Using the new features is strongly encouraged, since the old
  2396. 1.0 features will be deprecated and may be removed in
  2397. the future.
  2398. You will find more detailed info (as well as a quick tutorial) at:
  2400. 20040316:
  2401. AUTHOR:
  2402. The print/freetype2 port has been updated to 2.1.7. This update
  2403. changes some of the internal FreeType API. Applications may need
  2404. to be patched to support this new API. If a source files includes
  2405. freetype/freetype.h, make sure ft2build.h is included before
  2406. freetype/freetype.h. The proper way to do this is:
  2407. #include <ft2build.h>
  2408. #include FT_FREETYPE_H
  2409. However, the following will work as well, but is deprecated:
  2410. #include <ft2build.h>
  2411. #include <freetype/freetype.h>
  2412. 20040314:
  2413. AUTHOR:
  2414. USE_LIBTOOL, USE_AUTOCONF, and USE_AUTOMAKE are now considered
  2415. deprecated, and will be removed on or around June 1st 2004.
  2416. All ports should now choose the specific version of the tool,
  2418. The old "system default" behavior can be written as follows:
  2419. Old New
  2423. 20040304:
  2424. AUTHOR:
  2425. New variable MASTER_SITE_SOURCEFORGE_EXTENDED. It has the
  2426. ten official download mirrors, whereas
  2427. MASTER_SITE_SOURCEFORGE only has five. To check if your
  2428. port is mirrored there, go to
  2429. <${MASTER_SITE_SUBDIR}/>
  2430. click on ${DISTFILES} and you'll see five or ten mirrors,
  2431. corresponding to the variables above.
  2432. 20040226:
  2433. AUTHOR:
  2434. The default version of Ruby is now 1.8 on all platforms
  2435. including the i386.
  2436. Users on the i386 platform need to follow the instructions
  2437. described in the UPDATING file to cope with this upgrade.
  2438. Next time ruby is major upgraded, you won't need to do this
  2439. kind of messy work because some subtle changes have been made
  2440. to the ruby port infrastructure to make it easier to handle
  2441. multiple versions of ruby.
  2442. 20040217:
  2443. AUTHOR:
  2444. Mozilla will now default to using GTK2, and will only compile
  2445. against Gtk+-1.2 if explicitly requested. This is in exact
  2446. opposite to the old behavior.
  2447. The valid values of WITH_MOZILLA are now:
  2448. mozilla (www/mozilla, GTK2)
  2449. mozilla-devel (www/mozilla-devel, GTK2)
  2450. mozilla-gtk1 (www/mozilla-gtk1, GTK1)
  2451. mozilla-devel-gtk1 (www/mozilla-devel-gtk1, GTK1)
  2452. As before, WITH_MOZILLA can be set in /etc/make.conf, but doing
  2453. so is not advised unless you desire the development versions.
  2454. GTK2 browsers will automatically compile against GTK2 mozilla,
  2455. and GTK1 browsers (galeon1, galeon1, and galeon1) will
  2456. automatically compile against GTK1.
  2457. Again, the only people who will need to take action are those
  2458. who desire development versions (which are inactive at this time
  2459. anyway). Those who want GTK1 mozilla-devel must set
  2460. WITH_MOZILLA=mozilla-devel-gtk1 or they will be pleasantly
  2461. surprised with their very own GTK2 installation on the next
  2462. update.
  2463. WITH_MOZILLA=mozilla-gtk2 and WITH_MOZILLA=mozilla-devel-gtk2
  2464. are still honored for the time being, but their use is
  2465. now deprecated. Any new ports are not required to consider
  2466. their values, and so eventually WITH_MOZILLA _will_ have to
  2467. be changed.
  2468. Hopefully galeon2 can catch up to peoples' expectations from
  2469. galeon1 soon, and we can remove the GTK1 ports altogether.
  2470. 20040204:
  2471. AUTHOR:
  2472. The file has been moved out of the lang/php4 port
  2473. into the Mk directory. This will make it much easier to include
  2474. PHP support in PHP-dependent ports. Instead of including
  2475. directly, a port can simply set USE_PHP=yes, and the
  2476. ports system with Do the Right Thing.
  2477. All trailing whitespace has been removed from
  2478. Enhance the new OPTIONS code by only including saved options if
  2479. the port defines OPTIONS, attempt to use LATEST_LINK as the
  2480. unique name for a port (fall back to ${PKGNAMEPREFIX}${PORTNAME}
  2481. otherwise), bring the ===> messages in line with the existing
  2482. ones by using PKGNAME instead of PORTNAME, use PKGNAME in the
  2483. dialog, use ECHO_CMD instead of ECHO_MSG to write the
  2484. OPTIONSFILE, display a message during compilation indicating
  2485. that user-specified options have been found, and make the output
  2486. of the showconfig target a little more user-friendly.
  2487. A new USE_ICONV macro has been added that takes the place of an
  2488. explicit LIB_DEPENDS on converters/libiconv. This will help
  2489. with future shared lib version bumps.
  2490. A new USE_GETTEXT macro has been added that takes the place of
  2491. an explicit LIB_DEPENDS on devel/gettext. This will help with
  2492. future shared lib version bumps.
  2493. Module::Build is a system for building, testing, and installing
  2494. Perl modules. It will eventually replace the obsoleted
  2495. ExtUtils::MakeMaker. Many new Perl modules have already
  2496. switched to using Build.PL instead of Makefile.PL. To
  2497. facilitate building those modules, a new PERL_MODBUILD macro has
  2498. been added. Use that in place of PERL_CONFIGURE when porting
  2499. Perl modules that make use of the Module::Build framework.
  2500. Certain ports want to check for the availability of SDL
  2501. libraries before including them. This change adds a new
  2502. WANT_SDL macro similar to WANT_GNOME. By setting this, the
  2503. porter indicates that her port can optional use SDL if present
  2504. on the system. WANT_SDL should be defined _before_
  2505. is included. After including,
  2506. the list of available SDL components will be returned in the
  2507. HAVE_SDL macro. For details on how to process this component
  2508. list, refer to
  2509. The OpenBSD and NetBSD projects diverged from the FreeBSD ports
  2510. tree years ago, and it no longer make sense to include obsolete
  2511. references to incorrect paths in the FreeBSD ports system. This
  2512. change removes the NetBSD and OpenBSD PORTSDIR compatibility
  2513. bits from
  2514. The comment for PKGDIR read, ``A direction containing any
  2515. package creating file.'' The word ``direction'' should be
  2516. ``directory.'' This has been fixed.
  2517. A new DIRNAME macro has been added that points to
  2518. /usr/bin/dirname. All direct use of dirname in ports can be
  2519. switched to this macro.
  2520. Direct use of commands dirname, id, and rm have been corrected
  2521. to use their macro equivalents instead. Some useless ${HEAD}
  2522. -n 1 statements have been removed. A strange comment in the
  2523. do-install target and an out of place ``fi'' have been fixed as
  2524. well.
  2525. On 5-CURRENT after the 5.2-RELEASE split, the default Perl
  2526. version has been updated from 5.6.1 to 5.8.2. As well, some
  2527. Perl definitions in have been moved to their correct
  2528. locations which corrects the PERL_LEVEL definition.
  2529. The following optimizations have been added to the ports system
  2530. to speed up recursive operations such as make describe, make
  2531. index, make ignorelist, etc. is now only included
  2532. if a port defines USE_GNOME, WANT_GNOME, and/or USE_GTK. More
  2533. variables are cached and passed down through
  2534. Perl is no longer invoked when a simple ``echo'' will do. More
  2535. subshell variable assignments have been hidden behind
  2536. conditionals so that the commands are not spawned every time.
  2537. Finally, dependency lists are only constructed if ports actually
  2538. declare dependencies. These optimizations give make index
  2539. approximately a 43% speedup.
  2540. If CPUFLAGS is not defined (this _CPUCFLAGS is empty), trying
  2541. to remove _CPUCFLAGS from CFLAGS will result in an error. This
  2542. change fixes that.
  2543. On recent versions of 5.X, /etc/rc.subr exists, and there is no
  2544. reason to install another copy in ${LOCALBASE}/etc. The reason
  2545. this was ever done was to workaround some build issues on bento.
  2546. However, testing OSVERSION seems to work in spite of those build
  2547. issues.
  2548. The ports system now supports MySQL 3.23, 4.0, 4.1, and 5.0.
  2549. Also, the ability to scale to newer versions was also but in
  2550. place.
  2551. An .endif comment indicated that the .if block checked
  2552. WANT_MYSQL when, in fact, it was checking WANT_MYSQL_VER. This
  2553. has been corrected.
  2554. The PTHREAD{CFLAGS,LIBS} macros have been made overridable on
  2555. all versions of FreeBSD to allow for alternate threading
  2556. implementations (e.g. -lc_r, -lthr, -mt, etc.). The default
  2557. threading library has been changed to -lpthread from -lc_r on
  2558. -CURRENT.
  2559. The new SIZE support broke distfiles fetching on FreeBSD < 4.8.
  2560. On those versions of FreeBSD, the SIZE distfile attribute is now
  2561. ignored. Also, defining DISABLE_SIZE in, for example,
  2562. /etc/make.conf, will ignore the SIZE attribute on all versions
  2563. of FreeBSD. This is useful with alternate values for FETCH_CMD.
  2564. A new vulnerabilities database has been added to the ports
  2565. system in order to keep more accurate, up-to-date, track of
  2566. security vulnerabilities. The ports system now knows how to
  2567. query that database and dynamically prevents the installation
  2568. of vulnerable ports.
  2569. In order to allow for more rapid development of the package
  2570. tools, the ports system will prefer to use pkg_* tools found in
  2571. ${LOCALBASE} over those in the base system. However, all PKG_*
  2572. macros are still overridable.
  2573. A new physical category, net-mgmt, has been created to house
  2574. network management ports.
  2575. The /var/db/port.mkversion file never really took off, and is
  2576. now very obsolete. Replace the code used to generate and check
  2577. this file with a simple OSVERSION check. The ports system now
  2578. requires FreeBSD 4.3 or higher.
  2579. The last round of bsd.*.mk changes broke ports that had
  2580. duplicate distinfo entries (e.g. linux_base). This is now
  2581. fixed. Along with this fix, only distfiles with a bad checksum
  2582. will be refetched, where as distfiles missing from distinfo will
  2583. not be refetched.
  2584. The PLIST_{DIRS,FILES} macros were passed to the final package
  2585. list unchanged by PLIST_SUB. This is not always desirable.
  2586. Now, those macros are passed through PLIST_SUB.
  2587. The previous OPTIONS code assumed users would be running port
  2588. build as root. If this was not the case, OPTIONS configuration
  2589. would fail. Now, the bits of the config and rmconfig targets
  2590. that require write access to system directories are run under
  2591. SU_CMD.
  2592. The makesum target will now add a SIZE attribute for each
  2593. distfile by default. This can be overridden by defining NO_SIZE
  2594. in a port's Makefile. Note: this could probably be expanded to
  2595. omit SIZE attributes for specific distfiles in the future.
  2596. 20040129:
  2597. AUTHOR:
  2598. SIZE lines in distinfo files: if you set USE_SIZE when you do "make
  2599. makesum", the byte sizes of the distfiles will be listed in the
  2600. distinfo file. Then, if a distfile is replaced on its master site with
  2601. one of a different size than that listed, "make fetch" will fail with a
  2602. "size mismatch" error before downloading the file and the user will be
  2603. asked to fetch the file by hand. Also, a user will know the size of
  2604. the distfiles before fetching and decide to fetch later.
  2605. 20040129:
  2606. AUTHOR:
  2607. Start of CHANGES file.
  2608. FORMAT:
  2609. This file contains a list, in reverse chronological order, of major
  2610. breakages or added features in tracking ports. Not all things will be
  2611. listed here, and it only starts on January 29, 2004.
  2612. Copyright information:
  2613. Copyright 2004-2019 FreeBSD Foundation All Rights Reserved.
  2614. Redistribution, publication, translation and use, with or without
  2615. modification, in full or in part, in any form or format of this
  2616. document are permitted without further permission from the author.
  2628. Contact if you have any questions about your use of
  2629. this document.
  2630. $FreeBSD$