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    mountd: Delay starting mountd until after mountlate · f72926ea
    Rick Macklem authored
    PR#254282 reports a problem where nullfs mounts cannot be
    exported via mountd for FreeBSD 13.0.
    The problem seems to be that, to do the nullfs mounts in
    /etc/fstab, they require the "late" mount option, so that the
    underlying filesystem is mounted (ZFS for the PR).
    Adding "mountlate" to the REQUIRE list in /etc/rc.d/mountd
    fixes the problem, but that results in a dependency cycle
    because /etc/rc.d/lockd specifies:
    REQUIRE: nfsd
    --> which forces mountd to preceed DAEMON.
    This patch removes "nfsd" from REQUIRE for lockd and statd,
    then adds mountlate to REQUIRE for mountd, to fix this
    problem.  Having lockd REQUIRE nfsd was done in the NetBSD
    code when it was pulled into FreeBSD and there does not
    seem to be a need for this.
    In case this causes problems, a long MFC has been specified.
    PR:	254282
    Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D33256
    MFC after:	3 months