Commit 308fc7e5 authored by John Baldwin's avatar John Baldwin
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user_getpeername: Use 'bool' for the compat argument.

This matches user_getsockname.

Reviewed by:	brooks, kib
Sponsored by:	The University of Cambridge, Google Inc.
Differential Revision:
parent 08a2504a
......@@ -1419,7 +1419,7 @@ ogetsockname(struct thread *td, struct ogetsockname_args *uap)
static int
user_getpeername(struct thread *td, int fdes, struct sockaddr *asa,
socklen_t *alen, int compat)
socklen_t *alen, bool compat)
struct sockaddr *sa;
socklen_t len;
......@@ -1493,14 +1493,14 @@ kern_getpeername(struct thread *td, int fd, struct sockaddr **sa,
sys_getpeername(struct thread *td, struct getpeername_args *uap)
return (user_getpeername(td, uap->fdes, uap->asa, uap->alen, 0));
return (user_getpeername(td, uap->fdes, uap->asa, uap->alen, false));
ogetpeername(struct thread *td, struct ogetpeername_args *uap)
return (user_getpeername(td, uap->fdes, uap->asa, uap->alen, 1));
return (user_getpeername(td, uap->fdes, uap->asa, uap->alen, true));
#endif /* COMPAT_OLDSOCK */
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