Commit 7ce58d4e authored by Mitchell Horne's avatar Mitchell Horne
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ddb: add _FLAGS command variants

Provide _FLAGS variants of the various command definition macros, in
anticipation of adding a new flag. This can also be used for some
existing commands which require special flag values.

Reviewed by:	markj
MFC after:	3 days
Sponsored by:	Juniper Networks, Inc.
Sponsored by:	Klara, Inc.
Differential Revision:
parent 8a099482
......@@ -164,14 +164,22 @@ _func(db_expr_t addr, bool have_addr, db_expr_t count, char *modif)
#define DB_FUNC(_name, _func, list, _flag, _more) \
_DB_FUNC(_cmd, _name, _func, list, _flag, _more)
#define DB_COMMAND_FLAGS(cmd_name, func_name, flags) \
_DB_FUNC(_cmd, cmd_name, func_name, db_cmd_table, flags, NULL)
#define DB_COMMAND(cmd_name, func_name) \
_DB_FUNC(_cmd, cmd_name, func_name, db_cmd_table, 0, NULL)
DB_COMMAND_FLAGS(cmd_name, func_name, 0)
#define DB_ALIAS_FLAGS(alias_name, func_name, flags) \
_DB_SET(_cmd, alias_name, func_name, db_cmd_table, flags, NULL)
#define DB_ALIAS(alias_name, func_name) \
_DB_SET(_cmd, alias_name, func_name, db_cmd_table, 0, NULL)
DB_ALIAS_FLAGS(alias_name, func_name, 0)
#define DB_SHOW_COMMAND_FLAGS(cmd_name, func_name, flags) \
_DB_FUNC(_show, cmd_name, func_name, db_show_table, flags, NULL)
#define DB_SHOW_COMMAND(cmd_name, func_name) \
_DB_FUNC(_show, cmd_name, func_name, db_show_table, 0, NULL)
DB_SHOW_COMMAND_FLAGS(cmd_name, func_name, 0)
#define DB_SHOW_ALIAS_FLAGS(alias_name, func_name, flags) \
_DB_SET(_show, alias_name, func_name, db_show_table, flags, NULL)
#define DB_SHOW_ALIAS(alias_name, func_name) \
_DB_SET(_show, alias_name, func_name, db_show_table, 0, NULL)
DB_SHOW_ALIAS_FLAGS(alias_name, func_name, 0)
#define DB_SHOW_ALL_COMMAND(cmd_name, func_name) \
_DB_FUNC(_show_all, cmd_name, func_name, db_show_all_table, 0, NULL)
#define DB_SHOW_ALL_ALIAS(alias_name, func_name) \
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