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ipfw.8: MFC: spell "layer2" consistently throughout the manual page

(cherry picked from commit 9d7cefc2)
parent d5c176ad
......@@ -593,7 +593,7 @@ where the body of the rule specifies which information is used
for filtering packets, among the following:
.Bl -tag -width "Source and dest. addresses and ports" -offset XXX -compact
.It Layer-2 header fields
.It Layer2 header fields
When available
.It IPv4 and IPv6 Protocol
......@@ -911,7 +911,7 @@ the local routing table for that IP.
.Ar fwd
rule will not match layer-2 packets (those received
rule will not match layer2 packets (those received
on ether_input, ether_output, or bridged).
......@@ -4088,7 +4088,7 @@ Limits the number of messages produced by a verbose firewall.
.It Va net.inet6.ip6.fw.deny_unknown_exthdrs : No 1
If enabled packets with unknown IPv6 Extension Headers will be denied.
.It Va : No 0
Controls whether layer-2 packets are passed to
Controls whether layer2 packets are passed to
.Nm .
Default is no.
.It Va : No 0
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