Commit d10ec3ad authored by Dawid Gorecki's avatar Dawid Gorecki Committed by Marcin Wojtas
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ena: do not call reset if device is unresponsive

If the device becomes unresponsive, the driver will not be able to
finish the reset process correctly. Timeout during version validation
indicates that the device is currently not responding. In that case
do not perform the reset and instead reschedule timer service. Because
of that the driver will continue trying to reset the device until it
succeeds or is detached.

Submitted by: Dawid Gorecki <>
Obtained from: Semihalf
MFC after: 2 weeks
Sponsored by: Amazon, Inc.
parent 78554d0c
......@@ -3278,6 +3278,18 @@ ena_timer_service(void *data)
ena_update_host_info(host_info, adapter->ifp);
if (unlikely(ENA_FLAG_ISSET(ENA_FLAG_TRIGGER_RESET, adapter))) {
* Timeout when validating version indicates that the device
* became unresponsive. If that happens skip the reset and
* reschedule timer service, so the reset can be retried later.
if (ena_com_validate_version(adapter->ena_dev) ==
ena_log(adapter->pdev, WARN,
"FW unresponsive, skipping reset\n");
ena_log(adapter->pdev, WARN, "Trigger reset is on\n");
taskqueue_enqueue(adapter->reset_tq, &adapter->reset_task);
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