Commit ec32fc2a authored by Bjoern A. Zeeb's avatar Bjoern A. Zeeb
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dwc3: fix from not working

During the review of 09cdf487 we
switched from cached registers to reading them as needed.
One read of the two reads was moved after the softreset got triggered
and as a result returned 0 rather than the proper register value.
Moving the read before the softreset gets initiated seems to make
things work again and xhci.c no longer complains about
"Controller does not support 4K page size.".

MFC after:	10 days
X-MFC with:	09cdf487
Pointy hat to:	bz
parent 03473e8e
......@@ -207,11 +207,12 @@ snps_dwc3_reset(struct snps_dwc3_softc *sc)
if (sc->usb3_phy)
ghwp0 = DWC3_READ(sc, DWC3_GHWPARAMS0);
gctl = DWC3_READ(sc, DWC3_GCTL);
DWC3_WRITE(sc, DWC3_GCTL, gctl);
ghwp0 = DWC3_READ(sc, DWC3_GHWPARAMS0);
phy2 = DWC3_READ(sc, DWC3_GUSB2PHYCFG0);
if ((ghwp0 & DWC3_GHWPARAMS0_MODE_MASK) ==
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