Commit f470bff4 authored by Kornel Dulęba's avatar Kornel Dulęba
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lockstat: Fix construction of comparision predicates

Passing "0x%p" to sprintf results in double "0x" being printed.
This causes a dtrace script compilation failure when "-d" flag
is specified.
Fix that by removing the extraneous "0x".

Reviewed by:	markj
Approved by:	mw(mentor)
Obtained from:	Semihalf
Sponsored by:	Alstom
MFC after:	2 weeks
Differential Revision:

(cherry picked from commit 9dbacce2)
parent 0627a69c
......@@ -606,14 +606,14 @@ predicate_add(char **pred, char *what, char *cmp, uintptr_t value)
if (*pred[0] != '\0') {
if (cmp != NULL) {
(void) sprintf(new, "(%s) && (%s %s 0x%p)",
(void) sprintf(new, "(%s) && (%s %s %p)",
*pred, what, cmp, (void *)value);
} else {
(void) sprintf(new, "(%s) && (%s)", *pred, what);
} else {
if (cmp != NULL) {
(void) sprintf(new, "%s %s 0x%p",
(void) sprintf(new, "%s %s %p",
what, cmp, (void *)value);
} else {
(void) sprintf(new, "%s", what);
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