Commit c781ac47 authored by sunpoet's avatar sunpoet
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Remove PYTHON_PYOEXTENSION (followup of r500018 and 569588)

PYTHON_PYOEXTENSION is opt-1.pyc for Python 3.5+.
parent 6a7680c5
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ USE_PYTHON= autoplist concurrent distutils
PLIST_FILES= ${PYTHON_SITELIBDIR}/__pycache__/_rinterface_cffi_abi.cpython-${PYTHON_SUFFIX}.${PYTHON_PYOEXTENSION} \
PLIST_FILES= ${PYTHON_SITELIBDIR}/__pycache__/_rinterface_cffi_abi.cpython-${PYTHON_SUFFIX}.opt-1.pyc \
${PYTHON_SITELIBDIR}/__pycache__/_rinterface_cffi_abi.cpython-${PYTHON_SUFFIX}.pyc \
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