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    dns/dnsdist: Update to 1.4.0 · e7e9048f
    Mateusz Piotrowski authored
    - Lint Makefile
    - Some configure switches changed from --enable to --with
    - Rename FSTRM to DNSTAP
    - Add DoH support
    - Switch to LuaJIT-Openresty (when LUAJIT is selected instead of LUA)
    - Remove unnecessary patch (files/patch-dnsdist-lua-vars.cc)
    - Major improvement in the rc script: allowing multiple daemons
    - Start using -C and %%ETCDIR%% causing the default path for dnsdist.conf
      changes to usually /usr/local/etc/dnsdist/ in which you can store single
      or multiple config files, includes, key-files for DNSCrypt, key/certs for
      DoH, etc.
    Also, change maintainer to Ralf van der Enden.
    PR:		242125
    Submitted by:	Jørn Åne de Jong, Ralf van der Enden, Leo Vandewoestijne
    Reviewed by:	cpm@, Sascha Biberhofer, Yann Kerherve
    Approved by:	maintainer