Commit 701d8543 authored by Jan Beich's avatar Jan Beich
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games/gnome-mines: unbreak build with Meson 0.61.0

data/ ERROR: Function does not take positional arguments.

PR:		260943
Reported by:	antoine (via exp-run)
Regressed by:
parent 683aee27
......@@ -6,6 +6,9 @@ CATEGORIES= games gnome
MASTER_SITES= GNOME/sources/${PORTNAME}/${PORTVERSION:C/^([0-9]+)\..*/\1/}
PATCHFILES+= 0a10c3a8ae43.patch:-p1 #
COMMENT= Gnome minesweeper
TIMESTAMP = 1622413500
SHA256 (gnome/gnome-mines-40.0.tar.xz) = 1f79ba6c2ae4a56e5a0c23668d40f05cfcac68a2d848db1a1cf9920c779bc669
SIZE (gnome/gnome-mines-40.0.tar.xz) = 283016
SHA256 (gnome/0a10c3a8ae43.patch) = c4e786769b40ffe7b6795c2597a9afda68776e6e86ac33733330692c773d0a9b
SIZE (gnome/0a10c3a8ae43.patch) = 1288
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