Commit ce223b07 authored by Jan Beich's avatar Jan Beich
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irc/polari: unbreak build with Meson 0.61.0

data/appdata/ ERROR: Function does not take positional arguments.

PR:		260943
Reported by:	antoine (via exp-run)
Regressed by:
parent 8ba0311e
......@@ -6,6 +6,9 @@ CATEGORIES= irc gnome
MASTER_SITES= GNOME/sources/${PORTNAME}/${PORTVERSION:C/^([0-9]+)\..*/\1/}
PATCHFILES+= 1ec40333a32d.patch:-p1 #
COMMENT= Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client designed for GNOME 3
TIMESTAMP = 1633284255
SHA256 (gnome/polari-41.0.tar.xz) = a3b05f81660370c67c942b6f44b298c7b78816feb38c926ec2212bde22ea40eb
SIZE (gnome/polari-41.0.tar.xz) = 1125016
SHA256 (gnome/1ec40333a32d.patch) = 7b983f068ecedfa9452f8eb9998909addcec2ee9a35c7b012c9dadf56241d7d8
SIZE (gnome/1ec40333a32d.patch) = 1331
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