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Document older net-snmp DoS vulnerability

Security:	CVE-2014-3565
parent 71a1569d
......@@ -58,6 +58,41 @@ Notes:
<vuxml xmlns="">
<vuln vid="4622635f-37a1-11e5-9970-14dae9d210b8">
<topic>net-snmp -- snmptrapd crash</topic>
<body xmlns="">
<p>Murray McAllister reports:</p>
<blockquote cite="">
<p>A remote denial-of-service flaw was found in the way
snmptrapd handled certain SNMP traps when started with the
"-OQ" option. If an attacker sent an SNMP trap containing a
variable with a NULL type where an integer variable type was
expected, it would cause snmptrapd to crash.</p>
<vuln vid="381183e8-3798-11e5-9970-14dae9d210b8">
<topic>net-snmp -- snmp_pdu_parse() function incomplete initialization</topic>
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