Commit 394e0f4f authored by Baptiste Daroussin's avatar Baptiste Daroussin
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Also skip deinstall failures on pkg upgrade

parent e6731130
......@@ -818,8 +818,10 @@ pkg_add_cleanup_old(struct pkgdb *db, struct pkg *old, struct pkg *new, int flag
ret = pkg_script_run(old, PKG_SCRIPT_PRE_UPGRADE);
ret = pkg_script_run(old, PKG_SCRIPT_PRE_DEINSTALL);
if (ret != EPKG_OK)
if (ret != EPKG_OK && pkg_object_bool(pkg_config_get("DEVELOPER_MODE")))
return (ret);
ret = EPKG_OK;
/* Now remove files that no longer exist in the new package */
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