Commit 68459d3e authored by Baptiste Daroussin's avatar Baptiste Daroussin
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Fix variable collision due to bad cherry-pick

parent bf36bad2
......@@ -349,9 +349,9 @@ pkg_load_metadata(struct pkg *pkg, const char *mfile, const char *md_dir,
/* if no arch autodetermine it */
if (pkg->abi == NULL) {
#ifdef __FreeBSD__
char *osversion;
xasprintf(&osversion, "%d", osversion);
pkg_kv_add(&pkg->annotations, "FreeBSD_version", osversion, "annotation");
char *str_osversion;
xasprintf(&str_osversion, "%d", osversion);
pkg_kv_add(&pkg->annotations, "FreeBSD_version", str_osversion, "annotation");
arch = pkg_object_string(pkg_config_get("ABI"));
pkg->abi = xstrdup(arch);
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