Commit ceadb444 authored by Baptiste Daroussin's avatar Baptiste Daroussin
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parent 3cf44795
Changes from to
- allow to execute programs from lua script and triggers
- fetch vuln.xml.xz by default
- triggers detected by pkg -r are now deferred for firstboot
- pkg triggers command can be executed at first boot to run the
deferred triggers
Changes from to
- expose the name of the packages to its scripts lua and shell
- plist: remove internal support for @*exec
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ use cc cc-lib cc-shared pkg-config
set maj_ver 1
set med_ver 16
set min_ver 99
set dev_ver 4
set dev_ver 5
define PKG_API [expr $maj_ver * 1000000 + $med_ver * 1000 + $min_ver]
define VERSION $maj_ver.$med_ver.$min_ver[expr {$dev_ver ? ".$dev_ver" : ""}]
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