Commit d040e3bb authored by Brad Davis's avatar Brad Davis
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Remove this check since it means no matter what we fail to pkg a config file

if it has a hardlink.

It might make sense to add a more in-depth version of this check later on,
but I can't image so and it actively breaks pkging the base system.
parent a54c511e
......@@ -353,13 +353,6 @@ meta_file(struct plist *p, char *line, struct file_attr *a, bool is_config)
pkg_addconfig_file(p->pkg, path, content);
} else {
if (is_config) {
pkg_emit_error("Plist error, @config %s: not a regular "
"file", line);
return (EPKG_FATAL);
if (S_ISDIR(st.st_mode) &&
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