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    devel/got: update to 0.73 · 40eba94b
    Christian Weisgerber authored
    User-visible changes:
    - got patch: use diff3 to merge changes if possible
    - tog: alias C-b/C-f to scroll page back/forward with b/f
    - tog: make SPACE page down in all views
    - tog: allow prefixing movement keys with count modifier
    - always show commit or tree IDs in diff header, in order to help 'got patch'
    - tog: implement support for horizontal splitscreens
    - switch 'tog diff' and 'tog blame' to Myers diff by default for speed
    - make the diff algorithm used by 'tog diff' and 'tog blame' configurable
    - got patch: handle mangled whitespace
    - fix "imsg_add TREE_ENTRY: Result too large" error on i386
    - create and verify tags signed by SSH keys
    - tog: add C-g/backspace key map to abort compound commands
    - rename got.conf(5) fetch-all-branches to fetch_all_branches for consistency
    - rename got.conf(5) mirror-references to mirror_references for consistency