1. 10 Jul, 2017 8 commits
  2. 09 Jul, 2017 2 commits
    • Mark Felder's avatar
      MFH: r445363 · 6e7d3ec8
      Mark Felder authored
      net-mgmt/rancid3: Fix building in jails without networking
      Approved by:	ports-secteam (with hat)
    • Jason Unovitch's avatar
      MFH: r445357 · dbd8e4be
      Jason Unovitch authored
      net/rsync-bpc: update ->
       * An important bug fix - fixed reference counting for a particular case
         in bpc_unlink(). Also fixed two memory leaks that happen on a file open
         error. Upgrading is strongly recommended.
       * Fixed version number (now, which was incorrectly left at
         in the release.
      PR:		218507
      Submitted by:	Alexander Moisseev <moiseev@mezonplus.ru> (maintainer)
      Approved by:	ports-secteam (with hat)
  3. 08 Jul, 2017 4 commits
  4. 07 Jul, 2017 9 commits
  5. 06 Jul, 2017 9 commits
  6. 05 Jul, 2017 1 commit
    • Carlos J. Puga Medina's avatar
      MFH: r445060 · da680b9f
      Carlos J. Puga Medina authored
      devel/codesearch-py: fix AssertionError in test_file_cache.py
      - Update to latest commit
      Approved by:	ports-secteam (blanket)
  7. 03 Jul, 2017 6 commits
    • Cy Schubert's avatar
      MFH: r444977 · 02c9f15c
      Cy Schubert authored
      Fix broken plist.
      PR:		220446
      Submitted by:	i.dani@outlook.com
      Reviewed by:	cy
      Differential Revision:	D11456
      Approved by:	portmgr (adamw)
    • Jan Beich's avatar
      MFH: r444827 · 4af50a0c
      Jan Beich authored
      graphics/mesa-{libs,dri}: update to 17.1.4
      Changes:	https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/mesa-announce/2017-June/000337.html
      Changes:	https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/mesa-announce/2017-June/000339.html
      Approved by:	ports-secteam (feld)
    • Dmitry Marakasov's avatar
      MFH: r444956 · c346c574
      Dmitry Marakasov authored
      Commit the patch forgotten in the previous commit:
      "- Modify the port to never send data to fbsdmon.org, bump PORTREVISION"
      PR:             217099
      Submitted by:   asomers
      Approved by:	ports-secteam (with hat)
    • Kubilay Kocak's avatar
      MFH: r444937 net/py-rainbowstream: Make pocket (really) optional · 99ceb320
      Kubilay Kocak authored
      rainbowstream has configurable Pocket support (via settings) but declares
      the dependency in install_requires, making it a compulsory run-time dependency
      checked/varified by setuptools.
      When first committed, given the pocket Python package had not yet been ported,
      it was (obviously) not included in RUN_DEPENDS, but it was not removed from
      setup.py:install_requires, resulting in the following runtime error:
        pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The 'pocket' distribution was not found
        and is required by rainbowstream
      This could be rectified by the user by installing the package from pip, which
      is convenient, but which we explicitly recommend against [1].
      This commit patches setup.py moving pocket to setup.py:extras_require and the
      main module to conditionally import pocket, instead of failing as follows:
          from pocket import Pocket
        ImportError: No module named pocket
      While I'm here:
      - Remove upper bound/limit on 3.x version support
      [1] See devel/py-pip/pkg-message
      PR:		220312
      Reported by:	Petr Fischer <petr.fischer me com>
      Approved by:	ports-secteam (blanket)
    • Kubilay Kocak's avatar
      MFH: r444912 security/zeronet: Limit to Python 2.7 · 4e5e0e49
      Kubilay Kocak authored
      Zeronet doesn't support Python 3 [1]. Limit to compatible version(s) (2.7)
      [1] https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet/issues/149
      PR:		220302
      Reported by:	Peter Zuidema <peter icebear net>
      Submitted by:	Yuri Victorovich <yuri rawbw com> (maintainer)
      Approved by:	ports-secteam (blanket)
    • Kubilay Kocak's avatar
      MFH: r444910 www/speedtest-mini: Set DEPRECATED (2017-06-30, Discontinued) · be8a11a1
      Kubilay Kocak authored
      Upstream has announced [1] the discontinuation of speedtest-mini:
      	As of June 30, 2017 Speedtest Mini will no longer be available, and all
      	current licenses will expire. We encourage you to upgrade to Speedtest
      	Custom for free at your earliest convenience.
      Accordingly, set DEPRECATED and mark port EXPIRATION_DATE 2 months from
      discontinuation date (30th August, 2017).
      [1] http://www.speedtest.net/mini.php
      PR:		220029
      Submitted by:	Koichiro IWAO <meta+ports vmeta jp> (maintainer)
      Approved by:	ports-secteam (blanket)
  8. 02 Jul, 2017 1 commit
    • Jan Beich's avatar
      MFH: r444907 · 86d451ac
      Jan Beich authored
      devel/android-tools-fastboot-devel: drop unused file after r422901
      Approved by:	ports-secteam blanket