Commit 3f06a03a authored by Johannes Meixner's avatar Johannes Meixner
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Separate build by use-case.

* leave `all` target unchanged
* check if CLI is defined for ports/hardenedbsd/secadm
* check if KMOD is defined for ports/hardenedbsd/secadm-kmod
parent 9291b24e
SUBDIR+= etc \ # Build everything by default
SUBDIR= etc\
kmod \ kmod \
libsecadm \ libsecadm \
secadm secadm
# ports/hardenedbsd/secadm-kmod
.if defined(KMOD)
SUBDIR= kmod
# ports/hardenedbsd/secadm
.if defined(CLI)
SUBDIR= etc \
libsecadm \
.include <> .include <>
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