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Merge pull request #25 from CTurt/patch-1

HBSD: Correct example path
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......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ To load the secadm kernel module:
# kldload secadm
Copy the sample ruleset to the right spot:
# cp etc/secadm.rules.example /usr/local/etc/secadm.rules
# cp etc/secadm-desktop.rules.example /usr/local/etc/secadm.rules
Edit your rules:
# vi /usr/local/etc/secadm.rules
......@@ -185,4 +185,4 @@ mind, the API and ABI are not stable and may change from release to
release. If you plan to develop third-party applications that consume
libsecadm, please do so at your own risk. If you feel you need added
features or a change to an existing feature, please file a bug report
at secadm's issue tracker on github.
at secadm's issue tracker on GitHub.
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