147413 Commits (hardened/current/master)

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  Shawn Webb a99184ef56
HBSD: Welcome 2020 6 months ago
  cem 21f2ab2f00 vmgenid(4): Integrate as a random(4) source 6 months ago
  dougm a26b60ac01 The map-entry clipping functions modify start and end entries of an 6 months ago
  trasz f870efbd57 Add basic getcpu(2) support to linuxulator. The purpose of this 6 months ago
  mav db39757b73 Relax locking of carp_forus(). 6 months ago
  melifaro a5202d041b Fix NOINET6 build broken by r356236. 6 months ago
  melifaro a8d37c4de1 Split gigantic rtsock route_output() into smaller functions. 6 months ago
  tuexen 6a3394df20 Fix delayed ACK generation for DCTCP. 6 months ago
  trasz 9d75188394 Regen after r356233. 6 months ago
  trasz 27f200bd12 Sigh, add getcpu(2) chunk missed in r356229. 6 months ago
  trasz 0426ee90ee Regen after r356229. 6 months ago
  gjb 87f4f61c1e Happy New Year 2020! 6 months ago
  trasz 08fb04a272 Fix definitions for Linux getcpu(2). 6 months ago
  tuexen 54ee1df2ee Add flags for upcoming patches related to improved ECN handling. 6 months ago
  tuexen 47d1eff6fa Clear the flag indicating that the last received packet was marked CE also 6 months ago
  kevans 5dcc4f2643 psm: properly check for atkbdc_open failure 6 months ago
  tuexen 044a296821 Add curly braces missed in https://svnweb.freebsd.org/changeset/base/354773 6 months ago
  kp 41017fafbb riscv: Remove unused variable 6 months ago
  kp fe779dcdd1 sifive: uart driver 6 months ago
  kp c390d50c04 riscv: Remove pointless loop 6 months ago
  rmacklem ca8fe5f7ad Switch r356210 to use gone_in() instead of printf(). 6 months ago
  mav 290b3a639d Don't spin on cleanup_lock if we are not interrupt. 6 months ago
  mav 1186636054 Avoid few memory accesses in g_disk_done(). 6 months ago
  ian c0930e7be3 Set a "kernbase" symbol in 32-bit arm locore.S and use it with ldscript.arm. 6 months ago
  rmacklem 6c9f71fdad Add warning printf w.r.t. removal of sys/nfs/nfs_lock.c. 6 months ago
  alc e10b156363 Determine whether the MMU hardware is capable of updating a page table 6 months ago
  kaktus 121a4336ab linux(4): implement copy_file_range(2) 6 months ago
  br 8d00ce82bf Don't hard-code field offsets of struct riscv_bootparams. 6 months ago
  br 86dbfb2210 Don't hard-code size of struct riscv_bootparams. 6 months ago
  br fc367c4069 Round the kernel stack allocation up as required. 6 months ago
  hselasky 2b0a7441a9 Fix spelling. 6 months ago
  mav d8a29f9265 Use atomic for start_count in devstat_start_transaction(). 6 months ago
  bdragon b2f792345b [PowerPC] Fix panic when attempting to handle an HMI from an idle thread 6 months ago
  kevans 8274dc2ee2 sc(4) md bits: stop setting sc->kbd entirely 6 months ago
  cem 7c18ef844d virtio_random(4): Drop no longer needed unload kludge 6 months ago
  cem 5533a2632c random(4): Make entropy source deregistration safe 6 months ago
  mav 8929ab40f5 Retire nstart/nend counters. 6 months ago
  markj 0f6f8451bc Add ARMv8 static relocation types used for control flow instructions. 6 months ago
  mav 232f010240 Remove GEOM_SCHED class and gsched tool. 6 months ago
  markj 3bf92db198 Restore a vm_page_wired() check in vm_page_mvqueue() after r356156. 6 months ago
  mav 5b6624baaa Missed part of r356162. 6 months ago
  mav 3c2b74d828 Fix GEOM_VIRSTOR orphanization. 6 months ago
  ian 1f61ba78fc Eliminate the generated ldscript for arm and arm64, and strip $a/$d marker 6 months ago
  mav ee44aee1b1 Fix GEOM_MOUNTVER orphanization. 6 months ago
  trasz 4b3d6ef9bc Implement Linux syslog(2) syscall; just enough to make Linux dmesg(8) 6 months ago
  oshogbo 5af4e2f1be gnop: change the "count until fail" option 6 months ago
  trasz e2c0d08b70 Make linprocfs(5) provide an empty /proc/modules. This should silence 6 months ago
  oshogbo 4c34bbaf2e gnop: allow to change the name of created device 6 months ago
  markj e672242af0 Clear queue op flags in vm_page_mvqueue(). 6 months ago
  trasz 15928a798d Make Linux stat(2) et al distinguish between block and character 6 months ago