2198 Commits (hardened/current/master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  kib 47566a8355 ufs: do not leave non-reclaimed vnodes with zero i_mode around. 7 months ago
  imp b401f8a4a8 Drop a sleepable lock when we plan on sleeping 8 months ago
  imp bd63c694b1 Add BIO_SPEEDUP signalling to UFS 8 months ago
  mjg 048a894ebc vfs: flatten vop vectors 8 months ago
  kib cce802c999 UFS: implement VOP_INACTIVE() 8 months ago
  mjg bcfa67ab8b vfs: introduce v_irflag and make v_type smaller 8 months ago
  mckusick d137f58263 Currently the breadn_flags() and getblkx() interfaces are passed 8 months ago
  chs 7f22eeb5ab As part of creating a snapshot, set fs->fs_fmod to 0 in the snapshot image 8 months ago
  chs c7d2541ea9 In ffs_freefile(), use a separate variable to hold the inode number within 8 months ago
  mckusick 5576e8cf8c Add some KASSERTs. Reacquire a mutex after a kernel printf rather 8 months ago
  chs ee979c9c45 In ufs_dir_dd_ino(), always initialize *dd_vp since the caller expects it. 9 months ago
  jeff bff69757f0 Replace OBJ_MIGHTBEDIRTY with a system using atomics. Remove the TMPFS_DIRTY 9 months ago
  mckusick cc5bcc5d49 After the unlink() of one name of a file with multiple links, a 9 months ago
  mckusick 97c391a761 Soft updates needs to keep an on-disk linked list of inodes that 9 months ago
  markj 6304690b84 Abbreviate softdep lock names. 10 months ago
  mjg 890710f9ba ufs: add root vnode caching 10 months ago
  vangyzen 4956f72e24 Add CTLFLAG_STATS to several debug.softdep sysctl OIDs 10 months ago
  mckusick 0fa5277732 Update ffs_getcg() function to accept a flags parameter to be passed 10 months ago
  mjg 6090f91124 vfs: convert struct mount counters to per-cpu 11 months ago
  mjg 099eed319c vfs: manage mnt_writeopcount with atomics 11 months ago
  kib 479eaba412 Remove some unneeded vfs_busy() calls in SU code. 11 months ago
  kib e09c8a69d2 Properly check for writers when fetching quotas for writeable vnodes 11 months ago
  cem 3a2c285092 ufs: Remove redundant brelse() after r294954 11 months ago
  kib 54ba4b35c0 Rework v_object lifecycle for vnodes. 11 months ago
  kib ec472b577f UFS: stop reusing the vnode for reallocated inode. 11 months ago
  kib 8b8c10ee6c De-commision the MNTK_NOINSMNTQ kernel mount flag. 11 months ago
  mckusick bcd2f1418a Clarify comment that describes how the FS_METACKHASH is managed. 1 year ago
  mckusick de7c6145de A race condition existed between the time a UFS/FFS superblock check 1 year ago
  mckusick 7f0988ede6 When updating the user or group disk quotas for the return of inodes or 1 year ago
  rmacklem 577fca0e20 Lock the vnode before calling ufs_bmap_seekdata(). 1 year ago
  mckusick eb5503c168 The error reported in FS-14-UFS-3 can only happen on UFS/FFS 1 year ago
  mckusick 895b89d33b Style. 1 year ago
  mckusick 654c8c5036 When a process attempts to allocate space on a full filesystem, a 1 year ago
  mckusick 0a19651018 Add a new "untrusted" option to the mount command. Its purpose 1 year ago
  markj 944c67f6c1 Remove references to splbio in ffs_softdep.c. 1 year ago
  asomers 2672f1ee16 Add FIOBMAP2 ioctl 1 year ago
  delphij 8581c5bfb9 Separate kernel crc32() implementation to its own header (gsb_crc32.h) and 1 year ago
  mckusick 0d342021e5 Add a missing bresle() in seldom-used error return. 1 year ago
  mckusick 447eec25c7 Convert use of UFS-specific #ifdef DEBUG to DIAGNOSTIC or INVARIANTS 1 year ago
  mckusick 0776148e01 Add function name and line number debugging information to softupdates 1 year ago
  asomers 6798617f6d Remove "struct ucred*" argument from vtruncbuf 1 year ago
  cem 3038f1af7b Include ktr.h in more compilation units 1 year ago
  markj e346003b41 Ensure that error is initialized in ufs_bmap_seekdata(). 1 year ago
  kib 2dc0d9edaa Switch to use shared vnode locks for text files during image activation. 1 year ago
  mckusick 54d65ae934 Zero out the file directory entry metadata to reduce disk 1 year ago
  mckusick c4824e67f5 This update eliminates a kernel stack disclosure bug in UFS/FFS 1 year ago
  mckusick e28330c77b Simplify calculation of DIRECTSIZ. No functional change intended. 1 year ago
  markj a7a455c299 Optimize lseek(SEEK_DATA) on UFS. 1 year ago
  kib aeecbe07e1 Handle races when remounting UFS volume from ro to rw. 1 year ago
  oshogbo 20d273b44b Introduce funlinkat syscall that always us to check if we are removing 1 year ago