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Release fwupd 0.9.4

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Version 0.9.4
Released: 2017-06-15
New Features:
- Add installed tests that use the daemon (Richard Hughes)
- Add the ability to restrict firmware to specific vendors (Richard Hughes)
- Enable Travis CI for Fedora and Debian (Richard Hughes, Mario Limonciello)
- Export some more API for dealing with checksums (Richard Hughes)
- Generate a images for status messages during system firmware update (Peter Jones)
- Show progress download when refreshing metadata (Richard Hughes)
- Compile with newer versions of meson (Richard Hughes, Mario Limonciello)
- Ensure that firmware provides are legal GUIDs (Richard Hughes)
- Fix a common crash when refreshing metadata (Richard Hughes)
- Use the correct type signature in the D-Bus introspection file (Richard Hughes)
Version 0.9.3
Released: 2017-06-07
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