Commit 53de7e25 authored by Richard Hughes's avatar Richard Hughes
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trivial: Only allow verify-update for plugins that support _CAN_VERIFY

If the user explicitly specifies the device-id then we do not do the front-end
filtering. If the device detaches without being able to attach then the hardware
could be left in the bootloader state.

parent 01e87896
......@@ -2212,6 +2212,14 @@ fu_plugin_runner_verify (FuPlugin *self,
/* optional */
g_module_symbol (priv->module, "fu_plugin_verify", (gpointer *) &func);
if (func == NULL) {
if (!fu_device_has_flag (device, FWUPD_DEVICE_FLAG_CAN_VERIFY)) {
g_set_error (error,
"device %s does not support verification",
fu_device_get_id (device));
return FALSE;
return fu_plugin_device_read_firmware (self, device, error);
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