Commit 63687ad1 authored by Mirco Tischler's avatar Mirco Tischler Committed by Richard Hughes
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Remove 'lib' prefix when looking for libraries

ld will prepend the lib prefix itself and will actually look for
liblibgpg-error and liblibm if called with -llibgpg-error and -llibm. Let's
get rid of the prefix.
parent df1f5700
......@@ -125,8 +125,8 @@ libarchive = dependency('libarchive')
valgrind = dependency('valgrindXXX', required: false)
soup = dependency('libsoup-2.4', version : '>= 2.51.92')
gpgme = cc.find_library('gpgme')
gpgerror = cc.find_library('libgpg-error')
libm = cc.find_library('libm', required: false)
gpgerror = cc.find_library('gpg-error')
libm = cc.find_library('m', required: false)
systemd = dependency('systemd', version : '>= 231')
udev = dependency('udev')
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