Commit 7b2621c3 authored by Richard Hughes's avatar Richard Hughes
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trivial: Incorporate by merging the device flags

If any flags are set in the baseclass (e.g. FuDevice) then incorporating with
a FuUdevDevice or FuUefiDevice is not going to merge the flags.
parent ed4ca92e
......@@ -1402,8 +1402,7 @@ fwupd_device_incorporate (FwupdDevice *self, FwupdDevice *donor)
FwupdDevicePrivate *priv = GET_PRIVATE (self);
FwupdDevicePrivate *priv_donor = GET_PRIVATE (donor);
if (priv->flags == 0)
fwupd_device_add_flag (self, priv_donor->flags);
fwupd_device_add_flag (self, priv_donor->flags);
if (priv->created == 0)
fwupd_device_set_created (self, priv_donor->created);
if (priv->modified == 0)
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