Commit 7feaf238 authored by Richard Hughes's avatar Richard Hughes
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dfu: Use 0x0101 as an alias for 0x0110

If read the specification correctly it's supposed to be 0x0110 i.e. 1.10,
rather than 1.01 -- just work around it as it seems a common enough mistake.
parent a470438f
......@@ -319,6 +319,10 @@ dfu_device_parse_iface_data (DfuDevice *device, GBytes *iface_data)
priv->version == DFU_VERSION_DFU_1_1) {
g_debug ("basic DFU, no DfuSe support");
priv->dfuse_supported = FALSE;
} else if (priv->version == 0x0101) {
g_debug ("basic DFU 1.1 assumed, no DfuSe support");
priv->version = DFU_VERSION_DFU_1_1;
priv->dfuse_supported = FALSE;
} else if (priv->version == DFU_VERSION_DFUSE) {
g_debug ("DfuSe support");
priv->dfuse_supported = TRUE;
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