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trivial: move compilation instructions to github wiki

New problems will be introduced with software outside of fwupd.
It's better to document compilation difficulties to be expected
in the wiki.
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......@@ -8,41 +8,7 @@ Additional information is available at the website:
## Compiling
fwupd uses the [Meson build system]( for compilation.
All building is done in a temporary directory, and autotools is not required.
### Create the build directory
`# mkdir -p build; pushd build`
### Generate the build script
This is done relative to the location of ``. Any missing dependencies will be mentioned while running `meson`.
By default meson places `/etc` and `/var` under the prefix, which works incorrectly with fwupd.
Unless you have a version of meson with the fix for you will need to build setting *sysconfdir* and *localstatedir* manually.
`# meson --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var ..`
The default compilation options are documented in `meson_options.txt` in the root of the build tree.
If you would like to override any option. you can do so when generating the build rules.
For example to disable the *DELL* plugin you would run meson like this:
`# meson --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var -Denable-dell=false ..`
### Compile using ninja
Compilation is executed by one command:
`# ninja `
#### Common problems
While compiling policykit policy: `/home/user/jhbuild/install/bin/msgfmt: cannot locate ITS rules for`
* This is caused by an older version of polkit (0.113 or older). Some distros have patched polkit 0.113 to contain ITS rules. See for the most up to date information
### Install using `ninja`
`# sudo ninja install`
## Distribution packages
Scripts for generating distribution packages are available in the [contrib]( for popular distributions.
The most up to date compilation instructions are available in the [Wiki](
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