Commit 8ec36ae8 authored by Mario Limonciello's avatar Mario Limonciello Committed by Mario Limonciello
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trivial: dell-dock: reverse MST update order for I2C

This mirrors the update process over DP aux to run the ESM update

The thought process is as follows:
The "version" displayed doesn't show ESM version, only standard
bank version.
So if the update fails for the ESM then because the update of the
standard happening first it would never be flashed.
parent d73fbe08
......@@ -771,7 +771,7 @@ fu_dell_dock_mst_write_fw (FuDevice *device,
MSTBank bank_in_use = 0;
guint retries = 2;
gboolean checksum = FALSE;
guint8 order[3] = {Bank0, ESM};
guint8 order[2] = {ESM, Bank0};
guint16 chip_id;
const guint8* data = g_bytes_get_data (blob_fw, NULL);
g_autofree gchar *dynamic_version = NULL;
......@@ -791,7 +791,7 @@ fu_dell_dock_mst_write_fw (FuDevice *device,
return FALSE;
if (bank_in_use == Bank0)
order[0] = Bank1;
order[1] = Bank1;
/* enable remote control */
if (!fu_dell_dock_mst_enable_remote_control (self->symbiote, error))
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