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synaptics-rmi: Move the fuzzing instructions to the toplevel README

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......@@ -113,3 +113,15 @@ Other frontends
A software suite available on Dell IoT gateways and Wyse thin clients with built-in fwupd support.
The remote administration interface can be used to download and deploy firmware
There are several automated fuzzing tests in fwupd. These take some time to run:
CC=afl-gcc meson --default-library=static ../
AFL_HARDEN=1 ninja
ninja fuzz-synaptics-rmi
ninja fuzz-firmware
ninja fuzz-smbios
......@@ -24,9 +24,3 @@ a proprietary (but docucumented) file format.
This plugin supports the following protocol ID:
* com.synaptics.rmi
CC=afl-gcc meson --default-library=static ../
AFL_HARDEN=1 ninja fuzz-synaptics-rmi
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