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Add note to the README about not using Snap or Flatpak versions

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[![Build Status](](
[![Coverity Scan Build Status](](
[![Get it from the Snap Store](](
This project aims to make updating firmware on Linux automatic, safe and reliable.
Additional information is available at the website:
......@@ -13,6 +11,21 @@ Additional information is available at the website:
The most up to date compilation instructions are available in the [Wiki](
**NOTE:** In most cases end users should never compile fwupd from scratch; it's a
complicated project with dozens of dependencies (and as many configuration options)
and there's just too many things that can go wrong.
Users should just have fwupd installed and updated by their distro, managed and
tested by the package maintainer.
The distribution will have also done some testing with how fwupd interacts with
other software on your system, for instance using GNOME Software.
Installing fwupd using [Snap](
or using [Flatpak]( might be
useful to update a specific device on the command line that needs a bleeding
edge fwupd version, but it should not be considered as a replacement to the
distro-provided system version.
This project is configured by default to download firmware from the [Linux Vendor
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