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Release fwupd 0.9.8

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Version 0.9.8
Released: 2017-10-23
New Features:
- Add a command 'clear-offline' to fwupdmgr (Richard Hughes)
- Disable unifying support if the kernel has no CONFIG_HIDRAW (Richard Hughes)
- Do not fail to load the daemon if cached metadata is invalid (Richard Hughes)
- Do not set the UEFI release version (Richard Hughes)
- Do not try to verify the DFU write if upload is unsupported (Richard Hughes)
- Fix a crash when using fu_plugin_device_add_delay() (Richard Hughes)
- Fix the libdfu self test failure on s390 and ppc64 (Richard Hughes)
- Fix thunderbolt tests with newer umockdev (Mario Limonciello)
- Fix uploading large firmware files using DFU (Richard Hughes)
- Format the BCD USB revision numbers correctly (Richard Hughes)
- Include the reset timeout as DFU wValue to fix some hardware (Richard Hughes)
- Never fallback to an offline update from client code (Richard Hughes)
- Prevent fwupd from mounting filesystems (Richard Hughes)
Version 0.9.7
Released: 2017-09-01
......@@ -11,13 +11,6 @@ Released: 2017-xx-xx
New Features:
Update translations:
ninja-build fwupd-pot
tx push --source
tx pull --all --minimum-perc=5
git add ../po/*.po
2. Commit changes to git:
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