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Release fwupd 0.9.7

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Version 0.9.7
Released: 2017-09-01
New Features:
- Add a configure switch for the LVFS remotes (Richard Hughes)
- Add a FirmwareBaseURI parameter to the remote config (Richard Hughes)
- Add a firmware builder that uses bubblewrap (Richard Hughes)
- Add a python script to create fwupd compatible cab files from Microsoft .exe files (Max Ehrlich)
- Add a thunderbolt plugin for new kernel interface (Christian Kellner, Yehezkel Bernat)
- Allow plugins to get DMI data from the hardware in a safe way (Richard Hughes)
- Allow plugins to set metadata on devices created by other plugins (Richard Hughes, Mario Limonciello)
- Optionally install the LVFS PKCS7 root certificate (Richard Hughes)
- Optionally use GnuTLS to verify PKCS7 certificates (Richard Hughes)
- Add back options for HAVE_SYNAPTICS and HAVE_THUNDERBOLT (Mario Limonciello)
- Allow configuring systemd and udev directories (Mario Limonciello)
- Enable C99 support in (Philip Withnall)
- Fix an incomplete cipher when using XTEA on data not in 4 byte chunks (Richard Hughes)
- Fix minor const-correctness issues (Philip Withnall)
- Implement thunderbolt image validation (Yehezkel Bernat, Christian Kellner)
- Remove the confusing ALLOW_OFFLINE and ALLOW_ONLINE flags (Richard Hughes)
- Show a bouncing progress bar if the percentage remains at zero (Richard Hughes)
- Use a hwid to match supported systems for synapticsmst (Mario Limonciello)
- Use the new bootloader PIDs for Unifying pico receivers (Richard Hughes)
- When thunderbolt is in safe mode on a Dell recover using SMBIOS (Mario Limonciello)
Version 0.9.6
Released: 2017-08-03
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