Commit ea8a7d7a authored by Richard Hughes's avatar Richard Hughes
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Never include release checksums for older firmware versions

Clear the list of checksums before appending the latest value.

Note: fwupd version 1.0.0+ doesn't have this issue as the FwupdRelease is
created each time rather being part of the FuDeviceItem struct.
parent 0947d8de
......@@ -271,6 +271,7 @@ fu_engine_set_release_from_appstream (FuEngine *self, FwupdRelease *rel,
csum = as_release_get_checksum_by_target (release, AS_CHECKSUM_TARGET_CONTAINER);
if (csum != NULL) {
g_ptr_array_set_size (fwupd_release_get_checksums (rel), 0);
tmp = as_checksum_get_value (csum);
if (tmp != NULL)
fwupd_release_add_checksum (rel, tmp);
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