Commit f519834b authored by Chris Lee's avatar Chris Lee Committed by Richard Hughes
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Make flashing ebitdo devices actually work

When my SNES30 controller was in bootloader mode, it wouldn't update,
and when it was in controller mode, it tried and failed. Now, it prints
out the instructions on how to reset the device if it's in controller
mode, and if it's in bootloader mode, it successfully installs the
firmware update from the .DAT file.
parent cef8042e
......@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ main (int argc, char **argv)
g_print ("\t%u = 0x%08x\n", i, fu_device_ebitdo_get_serial(dev)[i]);
/* not in bootloader mode, so print what to do */
if (!fu_device_has_flag (dev, FWUPD_DEVICE_FLAG_NEEDS_BOOTLOADER)) {
if (fu_device_has_flag (dev, FWUPD_DEVICE_FLAG_NEEDS_BOOTLOADER)) {
g_print ("1. Disconnect the controller\n");
switch (fu_device_ebitdo_get_kind (dev)) {
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