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    • Richard Hughes's avatar
      Be more careful deleting and modifying device history · c0cd023d
      Richard Hughes authored
      If this happens:
      1.2.3 -> 1.2.4 = failure
      1.2.3 -> 1.2.5 = success
      ...we want to preserve both in the history database so they can both be shared
      with the LVFS. Use the device ID and the new and old firmware versions when
      modifying and deleting entries.
      This fix is made slightly more tricky as we have to drop the PRIMARY KEY
      attribute on the device_id, and due to a limitation in SQLite, it means copying
      the old history into a new table.
    • Richard Hughes's avatar
      Always return useful information when calling GetResults() · 65e44cac
      Richard Hughes authored
      Previous to having the history database we could only notify about firmware that
      as installed using the uefi plugin, as that had a few system-wide API calls to
      say 'this update failed' or 'this was the error'.
      Now we have the local history database not only can we report more details about
      the UEFI update (e.g. the old version number) but we can also offer the same
      functionality for all other plugins.
      Although this does rework how the data for GetResults() is populated, it does
      make the FuEngine object quite a lot less confused.
      It also fixes a warning in the fwupd plugin for gnome-software, which was
      expecting the FwupdRelease to be populated for the FwupdDevice.
    • Mario Limonciello's avatar
      synapticsmst: Correct the callback for progress · 1fc8553b
      Mario Limonciello authored
      4a036018 broke the callback progress by putting the wrong device type in.
      23:34:11:0715 GLib-GObject invalid cast from 'SynapticsMSTDevice' to 'FuDevice'
      23:34:11:0715 Fu  fu_device_set_progress: assertion 'FU_IS_DEVICE (device)' failed
    • Mario Limonciello's avatar
      synapticsmst: Fix crasher with MST flashing (#385) · 0ce0558a
      Mario Limonciello authored
      b6f79556 caused the device ID strings to change, which synaptics
      MST plugin was relying upon.
      Update to use metadata instead to communicate this information.
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