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      Remove the confusing ALLOW_OFFLINE and ALLOW_ONLINE flags · a785a1c2
      Richard Hughes authored
      Over the months the original meaning of ALLOW_OFFLINE and ALLOW_ONLINE have be
      lost, and there is now a confusing mixture of uses in the source tree. With this
      commit we make it clear the UPDATABLE flag is used to specify when the device is
      updatable (e.g. from the desktop live session, or from the systemd offline
      updates mode, or both) and the NEEDS_REBOOT flag lets us know when the update
      is actually going to be done.
      For instance, a UEFI UpdateCapsule can be *scheduled* from either the desktop
      or from the update mode (but the latter would be a bit weird), but does require
      a reboot. Some devices might only be updatable outside the live session, for
      instance a hard drive update or a GPU update -- there's just too much going on
      with a live session and we want to tightly control what's running during the
      firmware flash.
      This also means we don't have to "retry" the update when scheduling an update
      that really can be scheduled whenever, but just requires a reboot to apply.
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