Commit 95301526 authored by Méven Car's avatar Méven Car Committed by Jonah Brüchert
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Track pushed remote branches

parent d71f8e25
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ import sys
from typing import List, Any
from git import Remote, IndexFile
from git import Remote, IndexFile, PushInfo
from gitlab.v4.objects import Project, ProjectMergeRequest
from gitlab.exceptions import GitlabCreateError, GitlabGetError
......@@ -161,12 +161,15 @@ class MergeRequestCreator(RepositoryConnection):
pushes the local repository to the fork remote
remote: Remote
info: PushInfo
if self.__fork:
remote = self._local_repo.remotes.fork
info = remote.push(force=True)[0]
remote = self._local_repo.remotes.origin
remote.push(refspec=self._local_repo.head, force=True)
info = remote.push(refspec=self._local_repo.head, force=True)[0]
def __upload_assets(self, text: str) -> str:
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