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Updating the README for support scripts

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......@@ -19,6 +19,11 @@ FreeBSD 13.0-ALPHA1 source code or later
/tmp/occambsd/root The optional virtual machine kernel directory
/tmp/occambsd/occambsd.raw The virtual machine disk image
/tmp/occambsd/mnt A mount point used during VM image creation
/tmp/occambsd/load-vmm-module.sh A script to load the vmm.ko kernel module
/tmp/occambsd/load-from-directory.sh A script to load the VM kernel from the directory
/tmp/occambsd/load-from-disk-image.sh A script to load thd VM from disk image (pick one)
/tmp/occambsd/boot-occam-vm.sh A script to boot the occam VM
/tmp/occambsd/destroy-occam-vm.sh A script to destroy/clean-up the occam VM
bhyve load, boot, and destroy commands will be printed after build completion.
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