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    Tidy up gitignore file · 54ace41f
    Marc Cornellà authored
    - `custom/example.zshcache` doesn't exist anymore: it's safe to
    - `*.swp` files are ignored for no apparent reason. There's nothing
      in the codebase that generates them. This was introduced by @lepht
      in commit f78218f6 on 24 May 2011.
    - Files `locals.zsh` and `projects.zsh` are no longer supported for
      putting custom configuration there.
      This is since commit 8debd097 where files were put in a lib/
      folder, but failed to modify the .gitignore file as well.
      The init script was modified as well, so those files aren't even
      being sourced: they are safe to be deleted or ported into a custom