Commit 0c63909a authored by Ian Chesal's avatar Ian Chesal Committed by Marc Cornellà
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Fix default location of the virtualenvwrapper script (#6348)

The `virtualenvwrapper` script has been relocated to
`/usr/local/bin/`. Update the
plugin to look in the new location first. See:

to confirm the change in location for this script.

This addresses issue #3047 where the solution was to source this file
from your zshrc.
parent d02d0085
......@@ -6,6 +6,13 @@ if (( $+commands[$virtualenvwrapper] )); then
unsetopt equals
source ${${virtualenvwrapper}:c}
elif [[ -f "/usr/local/bin/" ]]; then
function {
setopt local_options
unsetopt equals
source "/usr/local/bin/"
elif [[ -f "/etc/bash_completion.d/virtualenvwrapper" ]]; then
function {
setopt local_options
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