Commit 18effd77 authored by Xiao Fan's avatar Xiao Fan Committed by Marc Cornellà
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last-working-dir: disable chpwd_last_working_dir in subshells (#6817)

parent e8c328cb
......@@ -4,8 +4,10 @@ typeset -g ZSH_LAST_WORKING_DIRECTORY
# Updates the last directory once directory is changed
chpwd_last_working_dir() {
local cache_file="$ZSH_CACHE_DIR/last-working-dir"
pwd >| "$cache_file"
if [ "$ZSH_SUBSHELL" = 0 ]; then
local cache_file="$ZSH_CACHE_DIR/last-working-dir"
pwd >| "$cache_file"
# Changes directory to the last working directory
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