Commit 493c3095 authored by Oliver Baumann's avatar Oliver Baumann Committed by Marc Cornellà
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Parse branch-name for fresh repo (#6302)

Inside a fresh git repo, i.e. immediately after a `git init`, usually no
commit template exists yet. In this case, git renders a different
status message than "Initial commit on". We should consider this message
when attempting to parse out the branch name.

Fixes #6301
parent 32952ec7
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ ahead, behind = 0, 0
status = [(line[0], line[1], line[2:]) for line in stdout.decode('utf-8').splitlines()]
for st in status:
if st[0] == '#' and st[1] == '#':
if'Initial commit on', st[2]):
if'Initial commit on', st[2]) or'No commits yet on', st[2]):
branch = st[2].split(' ')[-1]
elif'no branch', st[2]): # detached status
branch = get_tagname_or_hash()
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