Commit 6876d9c5 authored by Varun Patro's avatar Varun Patro Committed by Marc Cornellà
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Update fasd.plugin.zsh (#6822)

If `EDITOR` variable contains arguments to an editor such as mine:
`export EDITOR=emacsclient -t -c --alternate-editor=''`
Then, the editor's arguments are passed on to `fasd`. To fix this, pass the EDITOR program in quotes.
parent 0608bb76
......@@ -6,6 +6,6 @@ if [ $commands[fasd] ]; then # check if fasd is installed
source "$fasd_cache"
unset fasd_cache
alias v="f -e $EDITOR"
alias v="f -e \"$EDITOR\""
alias o='a -e open_command'
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